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Source The American Genealogist (TAG)
Year range 1922 -
Subject Cemetery records, Church records, Deed/Land records, Family tree, Legal/Court records, Migration records, Vital records, Will/Probate records
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Type Periodical
Publisher Donald Lines Jacobus,
The American Genealogist (TAG). (Donald Lines Jacobus,
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The American Genealogist is "an independent quarterly journal dedicated to the elevation of genealogical scholarship through carefully documented analyses of genealogical problems and through short compiled genealogies."[1] The journal's website provides access to tables of contents for several selected issues (from 2002 to 2005 as of October 2008) and the 75th Anniversary issue.[2]



The journal begun in 1922 by Donald Lines Jacobus as the New Haven Genealogical Magazine. The first eight volumes have been reprinted in three volumes and are more commonly known as Families of Ancient New Haven. In July 1932, commencing with volume 9, it became The American Genealogist and New Haven Genealogical Magazine. In 1937 the subtitle was dropped and the journal became simply The American Genealogist, usually abbreviated as TAG.


All editors have been Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists [FASG][3]

  • Donald Lines Jacobus (1887-1970) from 1922 to 1966, published at New Haven, Connecticut.
  • George E. McCracken (1904-1986) from 1966 to 1984, published at Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Robert Moody Sherman (1914-1984) and
  • Ruth Wilder Sherman (1929 to 1992) from 1984 to 1992, published at Warwick, Rhode Island.
  • Dr. David L. Green from 1993 to 2015, published at Demorest, Georgia.
  • Dr. Nathaniel Lane Taylor from 2015 to present, published at Barrington, Rhode Island.

Notes and References

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  3. FASG is a postnominal indicating status as a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists

Volumes 9-84 (as of July 2017) are available online to members of NEHGS here with more volumes to be added.

Note: Volume numbers were continued from Source:Jacobus, Donald Lines. Families of Ancient New Haven, and volumes 1-8 may be found under that name here.

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   * 1425625 Items 1-2, Items 3-5, Items 6-8
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