Person:Timothy Hatherly (1)

Timothy Hatherly
m. Bef 1586
  1. Eglin Hatherly1586 - Aft 1653/54
  2. Timothy Hatherly1588 - 1666
  • HTimothy Hatherly1588 - 1666
  • WAlice CollardEst 1594 - Bef 1634
m. 26 Dec 1614
  1. Nathaniel Hatherly1618 -
  • HTimothy Hatherly1588 - 1666
  • WSusan UnknownEst 1604 - Aft 1640/41
m. Bef 11 Jan 1634/35
m. Aft 1641
Facts and Events
Name Timothy Hatherly
Gender Male
Christening[1] 29 Sep 1588 Winkleigh, Devon, England
Marriage 26 Dec 1614 Southwark St. Olave, Surrey, Englandto Alice Collard
Emigration[1] 1623
Residence[1] 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1] 1634 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Bef 11 Jan 1634/35 to Susan Unknown
Other[1] 5 Jan 1635/36 Admitted freeman of Plymouth Colony.
Marriage Aft 1641 to Lydia Huckstep
Will[1] 20 Dec 1664
Occupation[1] Feltmaker (in England). Merchant.
Death[1][2] 24 Oct 1666 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[1] 30 Oct 1666 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[1] 9 Nov 1666 £224 12s. 8d., with no real estate included.

In the reorganization of Plymouth Colony's financial affairs in 1627, Timothy Hatherly became one of the four London Associates, and in the years ensuing figured frequently in colony business. He came first in 1623, returned to England, and came over several more times before settling permanently in 1634. He had a son Nathaniel in 1618 of whom there is no further record, and no other known children. His will leaves property to sister Eglin (Hatherly) (Downe) (Hanford) Sealis, her children and their families, and at least some of the Tilden children of his third wife Lydia.

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    ORIGIN: Southwark St. Olave, Surrey.
    RETURN TRIPS: Returned to England soon after arrival in 1623, then made annual trips to New England in 1631, 1632, 1633 and 1634, settling permanently in New England in 1634.
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Mr. Hetherly and his wife" joined Scituate church on 11 January 1634/5 as members #15 and #16 [NEHGR 9:279]. After Rev. John Lothrop left Scituate and took his church with him, Hatherly was the leader of that faction in Scituate that invited Charles Chauncy to be their minister, in opposition to the faction headed by William Vassall, which invited William Wetherell [GMN 5:12-13]
    FREEMAN: 5 January 1635/6 [PCR 1:4]. In Plymouth list of 7 March 1636/7 (designated "gen[erous]" [PCR 1:52]. In 1639 list of Plymouth colony freemen, both as an Assistant and at the head of the Scituate section [PCR 8:173, 175]. In Scituate section of 1658 list of Plymouth freemen [PCR 8:198]. (Morison states incorrectly that Hatherly, on his trip to New England in 1632, became a freeman of Massachusetts Bay [Bradford 383]).
    BIRTH: Baptized Winkleigh, Devonshire, 29 September 1588, son of Robert and Ellinor (_____) Hatherly [M&JCH 18:74; see also Stevens-Miller 490].

  2. Foster, F. Apthorp. Vital Records of Scituate, Massachusetts to the Year 1850. (Boston, Mass: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1909)

    Hatherlee, Thmothy, Mr., [died] Oct. 24, 1666.

The Anne and The Little James (1623)
The Anne and the Little James left England together, and arrived a week or so apart in Plymouth. Most of the passengers were probably on the Anne, as the Little James was smaller and carried mostly cargo.
Sailed: May(?) 1623 from an unspecified port in England under William Peirce (Master Anne), Emanuel Althan (Captain Little James), and John Bridges (Master Little James).
Arrived: 10 July 1623 (the Anne) and about 10 days later (the Little James) at Plymouth, Massachusetts
Previous Vessel: Weston's ships (Swan, Charity, Sparrow) (1622)
Next Vessel: Jonathan (1623)

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Resources: Primary Sources: Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation - Mourt's Relation - Pilgrim Hall (wills and other contemporary documents)