Person:Experience Mitchell (1)

Experience Mitchell
b.Abt 1602
m. 15 Apr 1606
  1. Experience MitchellAbt 1602 - Bef 1689
  2. Constant Mitchell1614 - Aft 1663
  • HExperience MitchellAbt 1602 - Bef 1689
  • WJane CookeAbt 1604 - Bef 1640
m. Aft 22 May 1627
  1. Elizabeth MitchellAbt 1629 - Bef 1684
  2. Thomas MitchellEst 1631 - Bef 1687
  3. Mary Mitchell1634 - 1679
  • HExperience MitchellAbt 1602 - Bef 1689
  • WMary UnknownEst 1620 -
m. by abt 1641
  1. Edward Mitchell1638 - 1716/17
  2. Sarah MitchellAbt 1641 - Abt 1731
  3. Jacob MitchellAbt 1643 - 1675
  4. John MutchellAbt 1650 - 1719
  5. Hannah MitchellAbt 1662 - Aft 1701
Facts and Events
Name Experience Mitchell
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1602
Residence[2] 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Immigration[2] 10 Jul 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesaboard the Anne
Marriage Aft 22 May 1627 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesNot yet married at division of land in Plymouth on 22 May 1627.
to Jane Cooke
Residence[2] Bef 1639 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage by abt 1641 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Unknown
Will[1][4] 5 Dec 1684 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[2] Bet 1684 and 1689 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1][4] Bef 14 May 1689 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesestate inventory
Burial[5] Old Graveyard, East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesno grave marker
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Immigrated in 1623 on the Anne from Leiden, Holland. He resided first a Plymouth, before moving to Duxbury by 1639, when he was listed there as a freeman. He was Able to Bear Arms in Duxburrow, August 1643. He was then given liberty to look for land between Bridgewater and the Bay line in 1664. He was eventually granted land on the west side of the Namasskett River, between the Mattapoisett River and Acushena, and at Namassakett, and moved to Bridgewater in the 1680s.

In the 1623 Plymouth land division, George Morton and Experience Mitchell together received eight acres. In 1627 Plymouth cattle division "Experience Michaell" was the tenth person in the first company with Francis Cooke (Plymouth Colony Records 12:6; 12:9)

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    ...Experience Mitchell, born probably about 1602 [assuming he was aged 25 at his marriage in about 1627], died in Bridgewater between 2 June 1685 and 14 May 1689.

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    ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland
    MIGRATION: 1623 on Anne
    REMOVES: Duxbury by 1639, Bridgewater between 1684 and 1689
    BIRTH: By about 1603 based on estimated date of marriage.
    DEATH: By 14 May 1689 when his inventory was taken.

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    EXPERIENCE, Plymouth, a youth, came in the Ann, 1623, had been one of the goodly comp. at Leyden, where he left a br. Thomas, who d. there. Perhaps he was under the care of Francis Cook, at least, he is of his comp. in partak. sh. of cattle 1627, and soon aft. m. his d. Jane, was of Duxbury aft. 1631, and long aft. rem. to Bridgewater, there d. 1689, aged above 80 yrs. His ch. were Elizabeth wh. m. 1645, [[vol. 3, p. 220] John Washburn; Thomas; Mary, m. 24 Dec. 1652, James Shaw, and d. 1679; Edward; Sarah; Jacob; John; and Hannah, but the order of b. is uncert. and so may be the mo. for he had sec. w. Mary. Sarah m. John Hayward; and Hannah m. Joseph Hayward, as his third w.

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    Will of "Experience Mitchell now living in the Town of Bridgwater", dated 5 Dec 1684, inventory 14 May 1689, proved 4 Sep 1689, mentions son Edward [sole executor]; wife Mary; son John; grandson Experience Mitchell the son of my son John; daughters Mary Shaw Sarah Hayward and Hannah Hayward; grandson Thomas Mitchell; grandaughter mary michell [to be cared for by son Edward and Joseph Bartlett].

  5. Latham, Williams. Epitaphs in old Bridgewater, Massachusetts. (Bridgewater, Massachusetts: Henry T. Pratt, 1882)
    185, 186.

    The adult persons living and dying in this part of old Bridgewater previous to 1703, and probably buried in this yard [Old Grave Yard], so far as is known, were N. Byram, 1688, and his wife, 1698; Robert Latham and wife, 1685-1688; Jonathan Gary, of Heaver, 1695; Experience Mitchell, of Elmwood, 1689; Mercy Harris, wife of Issac Harris, about 1682. No other public place of burial is known to have been used; and we find a very few private burying-grounds in the early settlement of the town, here, or elsewhere, in old Bridgewater.

The Anne and The Little James (1623)
The Anne and the Little James left England together, and arrived a week or so apart in Plymouth. Most of the passengers were probably on the Anne, as the Little James was smaller and carried mostly cargo.
Sailed: May(?) 1623 from an unspecified port in England under William Peirce (Master Anne), Emanuel Althan (Captain Little James), and John Bridges (Master Little James).
Arrived: 10 July 1623 (the Anne) and about 10 days later (the Little James) at Plymouth, Massachusetts
Previous Vessel: Weston's ships (Swan, Charity, Sparrow) (1622)
Next Vessel: Jonathan (1623)

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Resources: Primary Sources: Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation - Mourt's Relation - Pilgrim Hall (wills and other contemporary documents)