MySource:Marr794/Mayflower Families in Progress

MySource Mayflower Families in Progress
Author General Society of Mayflower Descendants
Year range -
Publication information
Type Book
Publication 1991
General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Mayflower Families in Progress. (1991).

Comprising multiple volumes, each on different families, with different authors and publication dates.

In 1986, the first in a series of booklets Mayflower Families in Progress (MFIP) was issued as part of the Project (Mayflower Families Through Five Generations.). It contained four generations of the family of Pilgrim Peter Brown. This was done under directorship of former Governor General Cay Lanham. She directed the publication of four more Pilgrim families in this format: Francis Cooke, William Bradford, Edward Fuller and Richard Warren. In 1987, Edith Bates Thomas, Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee, became Director of the Five Generations Project. Thereafter, four generations of Samson, George Soule, William Brewster, Francis Eaton and Robert Bartlett; and five generations of Edward Winslow, Myles Standish, John Billington and Degory Priest were published in MFIP format. Mrs. Thomas also directed publication of second, third and fourth editions of MFIP, containing corrected and additional information.

The goal of the project is to present documentation from primary sources for all information and to make the material available to the general public. With the publication of eight silver volumes in less than six years, the Society has taken a large step towards completion of the Five Generations Project.