Person:Randall Lockhart (1)

Randall "Rondell" Lockhart
m. 1714
  1. Jacob Lockhart1715 - 1785
  2. Margaret LockhartAbt 1718 -
  3. James LockhartAbt 1718 -
  4. John LockhartAbt 1723 -
  5. Charles LockhartAbt 1725 - Bef 1767
  6. William LockhartAbt 1730 - 1795
  7. Patrick LockhartAbt 1733 - Abt 1809
  8. Randall "Rondell" Lockhart1737 - 1776
  9. Mary Lockhartest 1740 - Bef 1782
m. 1760
  1. Sarah Lockhart1769 - 1827
Facts and Events
Name Randall "Rondell" Lockhart
Gender Male
Birth? 1737
Marriage 1760 to Isabella Unknown
Death? 1776 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia

Randall Lockhart was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 418.--__ _____, 1760. Anthony Strother and Mary, of Spottsylvania, to Randal Lockhart, £325, 552 acres purchased by Anthony of John Pickens, 22d March, 1753, beginning at patent Thomas Gordon's, now Rev. Jno. Craig's on Lewis Creek, Wm. Baskin's lines. Delivered: Randal Lockhart, August, 1762.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 15.--20th August, 1762. Randal Lockhart to Sampson and George Mathews, merchants, £410, 550 acres purchased by Randal of Anthony Strother, 1760; cor. Thos. Gordon, now Pey. John Craig's; cor. on Lewis' Creek; cor. land sold by John Pickens to William Baskins.

Records of Randall Lockhart in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 108.--3d January, 1759. William Lusk to James Lockhart, late sheriff, £166.13.0; mortgage of land where William lives, 200 acres, bounded by lands of Isaac Taylor, Daniel Lyle. James McClung, in Borden's tract; also thirds of 400 acres on James River, formerly belonging to Andrew Gahagan; Wm. Lusk, James Lockhart, Robt. Breckinridge obtained a judgment in General Court for lapsed law; also third of one other tract of 400 acres on Roanoke, formerly belonging to James Burk; also obtained by a like judgment in General Court. Teste: Jno. McCampbell, Wm. Tamson, Ronald and William Lockhart. Tomson (Thompson).
  • Page 80.--21st March, 1759. Gawen Leeper to Thos. Tate, £130, 299 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Nicholas Leeper. Teste: Randal Lockhart, Walter Davis, Robt. Steel.
  • Page 251.--16th May, 1761. James Lockhart to his son William Lockhart, £5, 324 acres, part of 624 conveyed to James by Beverley, 17th June. 1748; cor. to part of tract belonging to Patrick Lockhart; cor. David Campbell. Teste: James Hughes, Ranl. Lockhart. Delivered: William Lockhart, April, 1767.
  • Page 420.--15th October, 1765. James Arbuckle to Mathew Arbuckle, £70, on James River below Island Ford, 400 acres patented to James, 5th September, 1744. Teste: Randal Lockhart. Delivered: George Mathews 6th December, 1772.
  • Page 483.--15th July, 1766. Randal Lockhart to Mathew Reed and Hugh Johnston, merchants in Staunton, power attorney to sue for, &c., all sums of money, debts, rents, goods, wares, dues, accounts and other demands from Hugh Allen, Hugh Donahoe, James McDowell, James Ward, John Robertson, Daniel Harrison, John Brown, Walter Daviss and Michael Waring; above claims asigned to secure indebtedness to Reed and Johnston. Teste: William, Jacob, Anthony Rodgers.
  • Page 484.--15th July, 1766. Randal Lockhart to Reed and Johnston, £133, slaves and horses.
  • Page 487.--20th January, 1767. John Colley (Cawley), aged 20 years, deposes, that being in the presence and company of James Hughs, deceased, during the time of his last sickness in the dwelling house of the said James, he heard him say that should will and bequeath by his last testament all his substance that he was possessed of to his wife Euphemia during her natural life, except a house and lot to his daughter Euphemia, as also the wearing apparel of his first wife, mother of Margt. Kennedy, which he should give and bequeath to the said Margaret, together with her mother's riding saddle, and that this conversation was had with the said decedant James about two days before his _____, which happened on Thursday morning, the 18th inst, and further sayeth not. Randolph Lockhart, aged 30 years, deposes to same effect. Proved, 20th January, 1767. Administration granted widow Euphemia and Sampson Mathews. (Note: this record establishes that Randall Lockhart was born in 1737).
  • Page 203.--19th March, 1768. Stephen Loy and Mary ( ) to John Sharp Watkins, 5 shillings, half lot No. 14 in Staunton, formerly leased by Beverley, 22d February, 1749, to Alexander Wright, who conveyed it to said Thomas Fulton, and now conveyed by Stephen Loy. Teste: Randal Lockhart, Michael Weaver, John Cawley. Delivered: Jno. Sharp Watkins, 4th August, 1773.
  • Page 474.--16th May, 1769. David Doack and Mary ( ) to John Alexander, of York County, Pennsylvania, £310, 400 acres. Teste: Randal Lockhart, John Finley, William Doack. Delivered: David Doack, November, 1771.
  • Page 507.--22d June, 1769. Joseph Watson to James Scot, £22, 200 acres on Cowpasture, corner land Hugh Coffey now lives on. Teste: Randal Lockhart, George Marshall, Geo. Rutledge. Sent James Scot by his order, October, 1773.
  • Page 136.--18th October, 1769. James Blair and Jean ( ) to John Graham, mortgage, £44, 220 acres; Hugh Campbell's line; corner Alexander Blair. Teste: Randal Lockhart, Archibald Armstrong, Jos. Ray. Delivered: Wm. Young, 6th March, 1772.
  • Page 388.--6th June, 1770. Randal Lockhart to Joseph Kinkead, £4.15.4, 1 feather bed and furniture, viz., bolster, sheets, blanket and rug and one bedstead, 1 pine table, 1 corner cubbard, 4 chairs, 1 large trunk, 3 pewter dishes, 1 doz. plates, 1 pot and hooks, 1 frying pan. Delivered: Joseph Kinkead, August Court, 1770.