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The following Patterson person pages were extracted from the Category:Old Augusta Patterson page, 19 June 2013. If additional Pattersons are added to the Old Augusta Patterson Tapestry the Category page itself will be updated as normal. This listing, however, would have to be updated manually.

The following tabularization are organized by Pattriarch's. Note that the focus here is on traceing the Patterson surname. While the entries show the daughters of each male Patterson, these daughter lines are not continued in this listing, as their descendants would normally bear some other surname.

Note that some entries are "Flagged". While work is probably needed on all entries, some have more pressing needs than others. Large flags indicate significant issues and problems. Smaller flags indicate relatively minor issues that need to be resolved.

Patriarch Key

Major lines William (75); Irish Patriarch
1680-1715; =Margaret
salmon ...........Patterson R1b1-A
William (61), The PA Patriarch
=Janet Erwin
John (86) of Borden's Grant
1690-1749; =Agnes
Minor lines John (93) of Greenbriar
James (65)
1695-c1741; =Ann Cory
James (64)
1725-1810; =Abigail Craddock
James (87)
1725-1807; =Sarah Sproul
James (122)
1733-1810; =Elizabeth
James (74)
1744-1815; =Deborah Givens

William 71

PatriarchGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3NoteIssues
William (75) the Irish PatriarchNever came to Old Augusta
Died in Ireland
William is confirmed as the father of Robert Patterson (51), but his death in Ireland is somewhat conjectural.
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (61)
Person:Robert Patterson (51)
Person:Mary Patterson (72)
Person:Sarah Patterson (24)
Person:Thomas Patterson (34)born Augustapost Augusta residence is somewhat confused. Probably lived in what is now York County, SC, but close to the modern NC/SC border. Boundary changes in this area may result in records for him and his children in both NC and SC, at different times, even thought they might have remained in the same location.
Person:John Patterson (82)born 1765 in the Carolinas
Person:Robert Patterson (50)born c1766 in the Carolinas
Person:James Patterson (89)born c 1771 in the Carolinas
Person:Robert Patterson (19)Early children born York, SC; To TN by c1790
Person:Margaret Patterson (31)
Person:Eda Patterson (1)
Person:Martha Patterson (26)
Person:William Patterson (76)
Person:Robert Patterson (47)
Person:Sarah Patterson (25)
Person:James Patterson (90)
Person:Eunice Patterson (1)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (63)
Person:Mabel Patterson (3)
Person:Anna Patterson (5)
Person:Samuel Patterson (32)
Person:Hannah Patterson (12)

Person:Peter Patterson (3)Probably born in Augusta, children born in York, SC
Person:James Patterson (91)
Person:John Patterson (85)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (62)
Person:Lydia Patterson (8)
Person:William Patterson (77)No information about children. Probably born in Augusta, but out of area c1760

William (61)

PatriarchGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3NoteNeeds
William (61) the PA PatriarchSupposed to have died in Old Chester but not confirmed
Person:James Patterson (69)No reliable Child List
Person:Robert Patterson (39)Died 1774 Augusta
Person:Abigail Patterson (2)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (47) Not listed in her fathers will
Person:Thomas Patterson (20)
Person:Frances Patterson (7)
Person:James Patterson (70)
Person:Mary Patterson (56)
Person:Israel Patterson (1)
Person:Isabella Patterson (3)
Person:John Patterson (58) Identification Parents, and child list is variable in Ancdestry Public Member Trees. Identification of the husband for this couple is often made as "John Robert". This probably indicates a confusion, perhaps suggesting that data from two separate individuals have been conflated.
Person:James Patterson (67)
Person:Samuel Patterson (23)
Person:John Patterson (59)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (45)
Person:George Patterson (22)
Person:Alexander Patterson (8)
Person:Robert Patterson (35)
Person:Thomas Patterson (19)
Person:William Patterson (58)
Person:Frances Patterson (6)
Person:Mary Patterson (37)
Person:Isabel Patterson (1)
Person:John Patterson (61)
Person:James Patterson (68)
Person:John Patterson (60)
Person:Jean Patterson (8)
Person:William Patterson (59)Need Child data
Person:Robert Patterson (37)
Person:John Patterson (62)
Person:Jean Patterson (7)
Person:John Patterson (66)
Person:Adam Patterson (1)
Person:George Patterson (29)
Person:Sarah Patterson (27)
Person:Jane Patterson (33)
Person:Mary Patterson (74)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (46)
Person:Agness Patterson (2)
Person:Rebecca Patterson (12)
Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)
Person:John Patterson (63) Need Child data
Person:Robert Patterson (38)
Person:William Patterson (62)
Person:Robert Patterson (41)
Person:Ann Patterson (16)
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (48)
Person:Catherine Patterson (9)
Person:Martha Patterson (24)
Person:Sarah Patterson (22)
Person:Mathew Patterson (3)Need Child data
Person:Isabella Patterson (4)
Person:Erwin Patterson (1)
Person:Margaret Patterson (34)Only known child
Person:Edward Patterson (4)No child list Weak documentation. Spouse commonly given is Isabella Erwin, but lineages for Nathaniel Patterson (5) also give his wife as Isabella Erwin. Could be two different Isabella Erwin, or a confusion.
Person:Jane Patterson (25)
Person:William Patterson (60)children's data needs to be expanded
Person:Susanna Patterson (1)
Person:John Patterson (64) Note duplicate child
Person:William Patterson (63)
Person:John Patterson (65) Note duplicate child name

John (86)

PatriarchGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3NoteIssues
John (86) Of Borden's GrantDied in Augusta 1745CHild data needs to be expanded. We currently have no information about them
Person:Agness Patterson (1)
Person:George Patterson (28)
Person:John Patterson (87)
Person:Margaret Patterson (33) 1715-1769; =1732 1) Francis McCown; =2) John Taylor


Person:Abigail Patterson (1)1793Jacob Calk Allegedly the daughter of Person:James Patterson (61) and Abigail Craddock, but we have no information to show this couple or their daughter ever came to Old Augusta

Indian Trader

James Patterson (118) is an historical figure in the settlement of wester Pennsylvania. There is no evidence that any of his male line descendants settled in Old Augusta, but a grandaughter (Isabella (8)) may have come to the area with her husband. It may be that some of her male Patterson Kindred, may have come as well, but data for them is incomplete.

PatriarchGeneration 1Generation 2Generation 3NoteNeeds
James (118) The Indian Trader
Capt. James (84)1717-1771, died Juniata PA;
Person:William Patterson (71)1737-1782, died in Juniata, PA
Person:Galbraith Patterson (1) 1764-1801
Person:John Patterson (76) 1767-? No data
Person:Isabella Patterson (8) 1769-1824; married David Hunter, settled in Old AugustaNeed to verifiy presence in Old Augusta
Person:William Patterson (70) 1772-? No Data
Person:Margaret Patterson (29)
Person:James Patterson (83) 1776-? No Data
Person:Mary Patterson (64)
Person:Susanna Patterson (2)
Person:Sarah Patterson (23)
Person:James Patterson (85)1758-?; children all died in PA, so likely that he died there as well
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (58)
Person:George Patterson (24)1762-1814Need spouse and child list
Person:Sarah Patterson (42)
Person:Susannah Patterson (4)
Person:Rebecca Patterson (10)
Person:Thomas Patterson (49)1732-1747Need to document death better

James (65)

Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Corry
Person:Ann Patterson (15)c1725  ?  ?? James Patterson (65)Ann CorryAnn is identified as a daughter of James Patterson in his 1745 will. James wife remarried and moved to Augusta County. James Connection to other Patterson's in Augusta is unclear, but his wife's remarriage to Andrew Erwin suggests a connection to William Patterson (65) the PA Patriarch, as William's line includes numerous marriages with the Erwin's.
Person:James Patterson (66) James (65) Ann Corry
Person:Margaret Patterson (24)c1720 c1790 c1745 Mathew Edmiston James (65) Ann Cory
Person:Robina Patterson (1) James PattersonAnn Corry
Person:Samuel Patterson (22) James PattersonAnn Corry
Person:Mary Patterson (53) James Patterson Ann Corry

James (87)

Person:Isabella Patterson (10)1753 1809 John Dickey James (87) The SaddlerSarah Sproul
James (87) the Saddler c1725bef Sep 1807 Sarah Sproul
Person:James Patterson (92)
Person:James Patterson (121) Person:James Patterson (74) Deboah GivensNo descendant data
Person:Jinny Patterson (1)
Person:Joseph Patterson (26)1752 c1772 Eleanor Henderson James (87) The SaddlerSarah Sproul
Person:Joseph Patterson (29) Joseph (26) Eleanor Henderson
Person:Mathew Patterson (1) may be same person as Mathew (2)
Person:Mathew Patterson (2) James the Saddler Sarah Sproul


Person:Elizabeth Patterson (78) Once attached to James patterson (91). No supporting documentation.

Person:James Patterson (122) Unknown Unknown
Person:Janet Patterson (3)1742 Once considered a dau of John (61) and Jane unknown, direct evidence for her parentage has not been located.
Person:Isabel Patterson (1)1741???Robert Patterson?Isabel Patterson appears in the Tinkling Springs Baptismal records, baptized 2 August 1741. The baptismal record indentifies her father as Robert Patterson. Robert could be Robert (51) and Robert (39), but we have insufficient information to determine which one is really her father
Person:Isabella Patterson (5)
Person:Isabella Patterson (6)
Person:Jacob Patterson (4)
Person:Jacob Patterson (5)
Person:James Patterson (64)1725 1810 Abigail Craddock John (115) of Tinicum Jean Longmuir A confused and unreliable lineage
Person:James Patterson (71) once attached to the tree of Nathaniel Patterson (5) and Isabella Erwin. Evidence for identifying him as their son is currently lacking, but may develop after further research.
Person:James Patterson (74)1744 1815 Deborah Givens Unknown UnkonwnLived on Middle River
Person:James Patterson (120)1758 1738 2) Born in Montgomery County Va per Pension application. Genealogists identify parents as Andrew Patterson=Elizabeth
Person:John Patterson (93)1759 c1844 James of Blue Sulphur Springs
John (116) of Naked Creekbed 1730 Unknown Unknown
Person:John Patterson (117)bef 1725 Unknown UnknownUncertain documentary basis
Person:Samuel Patterson (26) Martha Legerwood No documentation
Samuel of Halifax documented in Old Augusta but no known connections.
Walter (1) The Lawyer No known connections
Person:William Patterson (106)c1760 1840 c1810 Jane Unknown UnknownPension applicaiton documents his adult presence in Augusta in 1775. We have no information about his parents. Moved to Stinking Creek in Knox Co KY by 1801
Person:Joseph Patterson (25) c1755
Person:William Patterson (98) Sarah Steele Samuel Patterson Martha Legerwood
Person:William Patterson (109)1829 Mary Robinson IN Rockbridge on South River District in 1880- census No indication of ancestry. Outside of tapestry Date Range


Person:Abigail Patterson (1)!
Person:Abigail Patterson (2)**
Person:Adam Patterson (1)**
Person:Agness Patterson (1)***
Person:Agness Patterson (2)**
Person:Alexander Patterson (8)**
Person:Ann Patterson (16)**
Person:Catherine Patterson (9)**
Person:Daughter Patterson (1)
Person:Edward Patterson (4)**
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (61)*
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (45)**
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (46)**
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (47)**?
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (48)**
Person:Elizabeth Patterson (62)*
Person:Ellen Patterson (4)? Unknown COnnection, unknown documentation
Person:Erwin Patterson (1)**
Person:Frances Patterson (6)**
Person:Frances Patterson (7)**
Person:George Patterson (22)**
Person:George Patterson (28)***
Person:Frances Patterson (7)**
Person:Isabella Patterson (3)**
Person:Isabella Patterson (4)**
Person:Israel Patterson (1)**
Person:James Patterson (67)**
Person:James Patterson (68)**
Person:James Patterson (69)**
Person:James Patterson (91)*
Person:Jane Patterson (25)**
Person:Jean Patterson (7)**
Person:Jean Patterson (8)**
Person:John Patterson (59)**
Person:John Patterson (60)**
Person:John Patterson (61)**
Person:John Patterson (62)**
Person:John Patterson (63)**
Person:John Patterson (64)**?
Person:John Patterson (65)**?
Person:John Patterson (66)**
Person:John Patterson (87)***
Person:Lydia Patterson (8)*
Person:Margaret Patterson (34)**
Person:Margaret Unknown (1818)
Person:Martha Patterson (24)**
Person:Mary Patterson (56)**
Person:Mary Patterson (72)*
Person:Mathew Patterson (3)**
Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)**
Person:Peter Patterson (3)*
Person:Rebecca Patterson (12)
Person:Rebecca Patterson (5)**
Person:Robert Patterson (19)*
Person:Robert Patterson (35)**
Person:Robert Patterson (37)**
Person:Robert Patterson (38)**
Person:Robert Patterson (39)**
Person:Robert Patterson (41)**
Person:Robert Patterson (51)*

Person:Sarah Patterson (24)*
Person:Sarah Patterson (22)**
Person:Susanna Patterson (1)**
Person:Thomas Patterson (19)**
Person:Thomas Patterson (20)**
Person:Thomas Patterson (34)*
Person:William Patterson (59)**
Person:William Patterson (60)**
Person:William Patterson (62)**
Person:William Patterson (63)**
Person:William Patterson (77)*