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Name WeRelate DOB DODDOMSpouse FatherMother Notes
James Patterson Person:James Patterson (65) 1741 Ann
Margaret Patterson Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
Mary Patterson Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
Ann Patterson Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
Rebecca Patterson Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
James Patterson Person:James Patterson (66) Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
Samuel Patterson Person:Samuel Patterson (22) Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
Robina Patterson Ann Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory
James Patterson Person:James Patterson (64) Abigail Craddock
Abigail PattersonPerson:Abigail Patterson (1) Jacob Caulk
John Patterson person:John Patterson (86) 1748 Agness
John Patterson John person:John Patterson (86) Agness
George Patterson George person:John Patterson (86) Agness
Agness Patterson Agness person:John Patterson (86) Agness
William PattersonWilliam (61)16751745c1697Janet Erwin
Erwin PattersonPerson:Erwin Patterson (1)William (61)Janet Erwin
William PattersonPerson:William Patterson (60) 1720 >1785 1755 Mary McDonald William (61) Janet Erwin
Nathaniel PattersonPerson:Nathaniel Patterson (5) Isabell
John, (eldest) person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell
Mathew, 2nd eldest person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell
Person:Robert Patterson (39) person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell Of Catheys River
Isabell; person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell
Sarah; person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell
Martha person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabell
William PattersonPerson:William Patterson (75) c1680 c1715 1705 Margaret - - Patterson YDNA Group R1b1-A, Patriarch William Patterson (51), probably died in Ireland. His wife remarried and her compound family moved to Sussex Co Delaware. Her second husband either died in Sussex, or prior to the move. By1738 the family had moved to what would be Augusta County
Son Robert lived in Augusta County from c1738 to c1767; he then relocated to York County SC, dying there in 1775.
Robert PattersonPerson:Robert Patterson (51) c1711 1775 c1756 SarahWilliam Patterson (75)Margaret
Elizabeth PattersonPerson:Elizabeth Patterson (61) 1713 <17441730 Jeremiah Harrison William Patterson (75)Margaret
Mary Patterson Mary Patterson 27 1738-1743 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Sarah Patterson Sarah Patterson 24 -3488 >1775 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Thomas Patterson Thomas Patterson 34 1740-745 1807-1810 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Robert Patterson Robert Patterson 19 1748-1752 1828 1775-1779 Mabel Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Peter Patterson Peter Patterson 3 1752-1754 >1800 married
Name Unknown
Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Elizabeth Patterson Elizabeth Patterson 62 c1755 >1800 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
Lydia Patterson Lydia Patterson 8 c1758 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah
William Patterson William Patterson 77 1759-1762 >1775 - Person:Robert Patterson (51) Sarah

Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5) c17051752Person:William Patterson (60) Janet Erwin.
Person:Robert Patterson (39)170017741) Frances
2) Ann
3) Grace
Person:William Patterson (60) Janet Erwin
Person:William Patterson (60) c1720c1785William Patterson Janet Erwin "William Patterson of South River".
Person:John Patterson (61)
Person:John Patterson (86)
Person:James Patterson (66)
Person:Matthew Patterson (5)
person:John Patterson (93)175918441794Elizabeth CarawayJames PattersonElizabeth
(James, VanMeter, or Kincaid)
Born Bucks, PA
Lived Greenbrier, WV


Patterson's in St. Peters Parish Register, New Kent, VA