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The Walker surname is the tenthmost common in the United States. As a result, it should not be surprising to find persons bearing that surname thoughout the states and counties of Colonial America. Indeed, it is unusual NOT to find a least two independent lines of Walkers in any given county. As might be expected, there are numerous independent lines of Walkers throughout the area covered by the Tapestry. Many of these lines include persons who came to the Tapestry area from elsewhere in Colonial America. it has been necessary to examine many of these outlying areas to help understand the Walker genealogy of the Tapestry.

Old Chester

There are several lineages of Walkers in Old Chester County prior to the Revolution. The earliest in appears at this time to be Person:John Walker (239) who settled in the DelMarva Peninsula on Appoquimink Creek sometime before 1683. The next earliest line was founded by Person:Lewis Walker (3) who settled outside of Philadelphia about 1700.


Register:Walkers of Old Chester for a summary of individuals.
Graphic:Walkers, Houston's and McClintocks on the Lower Conodoguinet, Cumberland County, PA

Old Augusta

See: Walkers of Old Augusta


There was at least one Walker family, that of a William Walker (1725-1810)=Mary, in Botetourt County prior to the Revolution. A descendant's YDNA test results place this line in Group 5 of the Walker YDNA project.

Walker Family in Botetourt, VA
Notebook:Walker Family in Botetourt, VA


There are numerous records for persons bearing the Walker Surname in Goochland county in the 18th century. There appear to have been at least two lines of Walkers in the area. The most commonly represented line in the area is commonly known as the Sylvanus-Tandy Walker lineage. It corresponds to Group 2 of the Walker YDNA project, and seems to have its origin in New Kent County, VA. The second line is that of a William Walker born 1725 and died in Goochland County in 1806, and corresponds to Group 26.

There may have been additional lines of Walkers in the area. Evidence for this currently very limited. Around 1780 Joseph Walker, son of Samuel Walker of Natural Bridge in Rockbridge County, married a Susan Willis whose family lived in Goochland County. After marriage the couple lived not in Rockbridge, but in Goochland County, until the immigrated to Roane county TN about 1792. Given the substantial separation between the parents of the couple, it has been speculated that perhaps Joseph's family originally came to Rockbridge County from Goochland County.

Walker Family in Goochland County, VA
Notebook:Walker Family of Goochland County, VA.

Southwest Virginia

There are three or four independent lines of Walkers in Southwestern Virginia during the 18th century. An overview of these families is found at:

Walker Family in Southwest Virginia

Carolina Craddle

Walker Family in the Carolina Cradle

Robertson TN

There is evidence that Person:Samuel Walker (55) has been shown through YDNA analysis to be a close kin of John Walker III of the Walkers Creek line of Wigton Walkers, aquired land in Robertson's County TN, shortly before his death in Caswell County, NC. Mary Ann Hubbell has provided a summary of the Early Settlement History of Robertson's County, TN, based on Source:Goodspeed's history of Tennessee. Included is a summary of the early settlers of this area, organized by watershed. Samuel Walker appears on this list, as do persons of other surnames commonly associated with the Walker family: Kilgore, and Bell in particular are present in Robertson County at an early date.

Walker Family in Robertson County, TN

Madison AL

Notebook:Walkers in Madison County Alabama