Person:Walter Newman (13)

Walter Newman
b.abt. 1742
m. ABT 1742
  1. Walter Newmanabt 1742 - 1815
  2. John NewmanABT 1745 -
m. BEF 1768
  1. Jonathan Newman1768 - 1847
Facts and Events
Name Walter Newman
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1742
Marriage BEF 1768 to Catherine Margaretha Lehrer
Alt Marriage ABT 1767 Augusta County, Virginiato Catherine Margaretha Lehrer
Death? 29 JUL 1815 Augusta County, Virginia

Walter Newman was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Walter Newman in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Wilson vs. Simmons--O. S. 226; N. S. 80--Deed 19th August, 1811, by John Simmons and Sarah of Cabell County to Walter Newman, Jr., and Isaac Newman of Mason County, lot in Point Pleasant. Recorded in Mason County, 1812. Deed 6th June, 1810, by James Wilson and Jane of Point Pleasant to John Simmons of Cabell County, lot in Point Pleasant. Recorded in Mason, 6th June, 1810.
  • Vol. 2 - Zechariah Hoy vs. Gordon McWilliams--O. S. 316; N. S. 113--Bill, 1815. Henry Martz deposes, in Rockingham, 25th February, 1820, he is 52 years old 1st of September next. Deed, 16th October, 1810, by Jacob Pickering and Hannah of Rockingham to Zackariah Hoy, 20 acres on Smith's Creek in Rockingham, part of tract patented to Jacob Woodle, 1st August, 1772. Recorded in Rockingham, October, 1810. Patent, 5th September, 1745, to Thomas Lockhar in consideration of importation of William Phillips, James Mills and Thos. Miller, 120 acres in Augusta on Smith's Creek. Deed, 20th October, 1801, by John Vance and Catherine of Rockingham to David Fisher, 27 acres, corner Thos. Lookey. Recorded in Rockingham, October, 1801. John Looker deposes, 6th August, 1819, went to a schoolhouse on the land many years since, kept by Joseph Simpson. Deed, 27th September, 1796, by Wm. Pickering and wife Barbara to Mathias Fry, all of Rockingham, 62 acres part of 89 acres patented to Wm., 22d May, 1789. Recorded Rockingham, September, 1796. Reuben Moore was son-in-law of plaintiff Gordon McWilliams (?). Walter Newman was brother-in-law of Hoy. Patent, 28th April, 1804, to David Fisher, 4-3/4 acres in Rockingham. Corner Pickeron's land. Patent, 22d May, 1789, to Wm. Pickering, assignee of George Keesle, 89 acres on Smith's Creek. Deed, 30th November, 1813, by Wm. Pickering of Kanawha County to Zackariah Hoy of Rockingham, 80 acres part of 89 acres patented to said William. Recorded in Rockingham, February, 1814. Deed, 9th December, 1805, by Jacob Hook and Catherine of Shenandoah to Zackariah Hoy of Rockingham, 62 acres conveyed to Jacob by Mathias Fry by deed recorded. Recorded in Rockingham, 18th March, 1806. Patent, 26th April, 1815, to John Loker, assignee of Abraham Reed, 8 acres in Rockingham. Patent, 20th June, 1817, to Zackariah Hoy, 4 acres in Rockingham.
  • Vol. 2 - Allen vs. Allen--O. S. 370; N. S. 134--In 1779 Reuben Allen, of Shenandoah, died, testate, leaving widow and five children, all infants, viz: Thomas,Aaron, John, Hannah (married George Bird), and Mary (married Benjamin Hawkins). Thomas died infant shortly after his father. Aaron has come of age, married, and has children, but is lunatic through intemperance. John is of age, married, and has children. Will of Reuben Allen, of Shenando County. Sons, Thomas, Aaron, John; daughters, Hannah, Mary; wife, Lydia; legatee, Mary Brinker, daughter of Conrad Brinker; relations, John, Reuben, Joseph Moore, Jackson Joseph, and Reuben Allen, executors. Dated 1st September, 1779. At court held for Shenando, 25th November, 1779. Recorded. 26th February, 1814, Joseph Hawkins deposes at house of Alexander Pollock, in Shenandoah, aged over 60, he married widow of Reuben Allen. John Allen came of age about 1798. Aaron is four years older than John, and Thomas is two years older than Aaron. 26th February, 1814, Balser Hupp, aged over 60, deposes, ditto. 26th February, 1814, Abraham Savage, aged 63, deposes ditto. 26th February 1814, John Bremer, aged over 62, deposes, ditto, 11th September, 1809, John Morgan deposes in Shenandoah; he considers Aaron and John imbecile, 11th September, 1809, Joseph Moore, ditto. Reuben Moore, executor of Reuben Allen, is dead in 1810, leaving widow Betsy (now widow of Daniel McNeil) and six children, viz: Joseph, Charles, James Willis, Daniel L., Marcus W., and Amelia Betsy. March, 1814, Dr. Jacob Neff, aged 70, deposes in Shenandoah. March, 1814, Walter Newman, aged over 70, deposes, ditto. March, 1814, Capt. William Bird, aged 53, deposes, ditto. March, 1814, Solomon Kingree, aged 52, deposes, ditto. March, 1814, William Steenberger, aged 47, deposes, ditto. March, 1814, Benjamin Pennbacker, aged 53, deposes, ditto; was not in Shenandoah County in 1779; he first came in 1783. 12th March, 1814, Samuel Strickler, aged 47, deposes in Shenandoah; did not live in neighborhood in 1779. 12th March, 1814, David Strickler, aged 43, deposes in Shenandoah, brother of Samuel, their father bought "Sulcer's" land. 26th February, 1814, Elizabeth Skeen, aged over 50 years, deposes in Shenandoah; Thomas Allen would be now 42 years old; Aaron is upwards of 40, and John is 36 or 37 years old. 15th April, 1811, James Skeen, aged 51, deposes, in Shenandoah, deponent knew Reuben Allen from deponent's infancy; Aaron Hughes was James's uncle. 15th April, 1811, Reuben Moore, aged 71, deposes. The question in this case was whether legacies of £1,000 each to the daughters were to be paid in hard money or currency. (Note: this record establishes that Walter Newman was born prior to abt. 1744).

Information on Walter Newman

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Married in Augusta Co., Va and had 10 children.