Person:Thomas Paxton (1)

Thomas Paxton, Sr., of South River and the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VA
b.abt. 1695 Ireland
d.Bef. 16 November 1762 Augusta, Virginia, USA
m. 1720
  1. Nathaniel Paxton1690 - 1781
  2. John Paxton1692 - 1746
  3. Thomas Paxton, Sr., of South River and the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VAabt 1695 - Bef 1762
  4. William Paxton1702 -
  5. Samuel Paxton1705 - 1793
  6. Elizabeth Paxton1730 -
  • HThomas Paxton, Sr., of South River and the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VAabt 1695 - Bef 1762
  • WSarah Unknown
  1. Elizabeth Paxton1715 - 1781
  2. Betty Paxtonest 1716-1725 -
  3. Thomas Paxton, of the Borden Tract, Rockbridge County, VAABT 1720 -
  4. Joseph Paxton1727-1734 -
  5. Samuel Paxton1733 - 1806
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Paxton, Sr., of South River and the Borden Tract, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1695 Ireland
Death[1] Bef. 16 November 1762 Augusta, Virginia, USA

Thomas Paxton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Paxton Sr.'s land (Borden Tract SE, 500 acres, 1748) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note land of Thomas Paxton, Jr. (670 acres, 1748) is adjoining to the southwest.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 493.--16th May, 1748. £30. Benj. Borden, &c., to Thomas Paxton, Sr. (sold in testator's lifetime); 500 acres, part of 92,100, a post in Thomas Paxton, Jr.'s, line; patent line; Archibald Alexander's corner; crossing the river; the Punch Bowle; said Alexander's line. Teste: Mathew Lile, James Trimble, Archibald Alexander. Acknowledged, 18th May, 1748.
  • Page 294.--20th May, 1752. Beverley by Lewis & Madison to Wm. Christian, 180 acres. In Beverley Manor on Christian's Creek; corner Wm. Armstrong; corner Robert Cunningham; Robert Moffett's line.
  • Page 318.---17th June, 1752. Same (Andrew Lewis and Robt. McClenachan ) to Thomas Paxton. Lot No. 11, No. 8, No. 14, in Staunton. Livery by handfull of earth.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 441.--16th August. Thomas Paxton to Francis Beaty, 1750. In Staunton, lot 11 conveyed to Thomas by Andrew Lewis and Robert McClenachan on behalf of County Court, 37th June, 1752. Teste: John Archer, W. Christian, Thomas Boyd, John Shield.
  • Page 443.--16th August, 1753. Same (from Thomas Paxton) to Wm. Christian. Lot 8 in Staunton, conveyed to Thomas as above. Delivered: Israel Christian, 17th February, 1757. Livery by key of the house. (Note: immediately follows record above).

Will of Thomas Paxton

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 188 - - 25th May, 1760. Thomas Paxton's will - - To wife, Sarah; to son, Thomas, executor; to son, Samuel; to son-in-law, Mathew Robinson; to granddaughter, Elizabeth Eakin, to grandson, John Robinson, Teste: Mathew Lyle, Alex. Smiley, Andw. Smiley. Proved, 16th November, 1762, by Lyle and Alex. Smiley. Thos. Paxton qualifies, with Andw. Hays, Mathew Lyle.

Information on Thomas Paxton

When Thomas Paxton, now one of the most substantial land owners on South River, felt the encroachment of physical decay and knew that his years were coming to an end, he made his will, May 25, 1760. In that document, he made tender mention of his wife Sarah – there was a great devotional attachment between the two. He made several small gifts to his son Samuel, to the Robinsons (his son-in-law Matthew Robinson and Matthew’s son John – the wife and mother was apparently dead at this time), and to his granddaughter Elizabeth Eakin, who was undoubtedly and orphan as the names of her parents are lost in the dimness of history. These items being cared for, the testator bequeathed the rest of his estate to his son Thomas, Jr., evidencing a great father-son tie.

The old and cherished friends of Thomas Paxton, Matthew Lyle and Alex. Smiley, signed the will as witnesses. Since the document was probated on November 16, 1792, it is highly probably that the testator had died in either October or the first part of November. Granting that he was born in Ireland prior to 1700, he must have been nearing the century mark at the time of this death. The will, made more than thirty years before, had never been changed, in spite of the changes of time.

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