Person:Thomas Gilmore (3)

m. 11 Jan 1721/22
  1. James Gilmore, of Borden Tract and Rockbridge County, VAAbt 1722 - Bef 1783
  2. John GilmoreAbt 1723 - 1781
  3. William GilmoreAbt 1724 - Aft 1776
  4. Thomas GilmoreAbt 1725 - 1763
  5. Isabella GilmoreAbt 1730/31 - 1793
  6. Agnes GilmoreAbt 1731 -
m. Bef 1758
  1. John Gilmore1758 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Gilmore
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1725 Northern Ireland
Marriage Bef 1758 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Thompson
Death? 1763 killed by Indians at 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre

Thomas Gilmore was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 322.—20th May, 1760. James Gilmore, eldest son and heir-at-law of John Gilmore, deceased, and Martha, to Thomas Gilmore, £5, 250 acres on Tees', alias Carr's, Creek; corner Jno. and Wm. Gilmore, part of 500 acres conveyed to John Gilmore, deceased, by Samuel Norwood. Sent to Thomas Gilmore, December, 1760. (Note: Thomas Gilmore acquired this land from his brother, James Gilmore just three years prior to his death in 1763).

Estate Records

  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 20, 1763. - (217) James Wordlaw, as greatest creditor, qualified admr. of Thomas Jones. James and John Gilmore qualify admrs. (of) Thomas Gilmore. Wm. Gilmore qualified admr. of Wm. Culberts.
  • Page 298.--16th November, 1763. Thomas Gilmore's appraisement (by Archd. Alexander, Saml. Lyle, Saml. McDowell). Recorded.
  • Page 6.--19th August, 1772. John Gillmore and John Thompson's bond (with Robert Thompson and Alex. Thompson) as guardians to John Gilmore, orphan of Thomas Gilmore.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 19, 1772. Page (404) John Gilmore, aged 14, orphan of Thomas Gilmore, chose John Gilmore and John Thompson guardians.

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 342.--22d November, 1759. Thomas Gilmore's bond (with William Elliott, Jno. Gay) as administrator of John Gilmore.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1761. - (115) Thomas Gilmore vs. George Wilson } Agreed case submitted, viz: During the late war the Indians came to the plantation where plaintiff lived, and after killing his father and mother, robbed them and plaintiff of almost everything they had, and amongst other things, the horse in dispute. Defendant and several others pursued the Indians several days and retook great part of the things belonging to the plaintiff. The inhabitants of Car's Creek, the plaintiff not one of them, offered to any persons that would go after the Indians and redeem the prisoners they should have all plunder belonging to them.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1762 (A). - Thomas Gilmore vs. James Gilmore, eldest son and heir of John Gilmore. Chg. writ, 1760.

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