Person:Robert Walker (53)

  1. James Walkerbefore 1710 -
  2. Robert Walker1718 -
  3. William Walker1718 - 1765
  4. Thomas WalkerAbt 1720 -
  • HRobert Walker1718 -
m. C1736
  1. Robert Walker1738 - 1812
  2. Andrew Walker1739 -
  3. Sarah Walker1742 -
  4. Jean Walker1744 -
  5. John Walker1749 -
  6. Samuel Walker1750 -
  7. Elizabeth Walker1750 -
  8. Mary Walker1750 -
  9. James Walker1755 -
  10. Margaret Walker1765 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 1718 Letterkenny, Conwal, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Marriage C1736 Lancaster, Pennsylvaniato


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Source:Egles Notes and Queries
Source:Weiser, 1898


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Source:Sage and Jones, 1934
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McCormicks Fort, Huntingdon County, PA
Analysis. Is the William Walker who died at McCormicks Fort William 186?
Data. Tax Lists for Townships of Cumberland County PA, 1750, 1751
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Robert Walker is said to have been born about 1718 in Letterkenny, Ireland. At an unknown date he migrated to America, but is believed to have married wife Jean about 1735 in Donegal, Lancaster County, PA. He is generally believed to have moved to Cumberland County shortly thereafter. However, the first evidence for his presence in that area is the 1750 tax records for East Pennsboro Township. Robert's presence in East pennsboro may be related to the presence of William Walker, commonly thought to be his brother, who had settled in East Pennsboro, on Conodoguinet Creek in 1736. In anycase, Robert appears the following year in the tax record for West Pennsboro. [1]

At this time he has probably settled on a parcel on Yellow Britches Creek, in West Pennsboro township, for which he secured a warrant in 1752. [2]

The original West Pennsboro Township is depicted by the yellow shaded area.
The original West Pennsboro Township is depicted by the yellow shaded area.

Image:Early Walker Records of Hampshire County, VA.jpg relocated to Hampshire County, VA (now WV). Virginia Land records show that in that year a Robert Walker of Cumberland County, PA, sold a tract of land


  1. The original township boundaries for East and West Pennsboro are separated by Middleton Township; This makes it unlikely that the appearance of Robert in East Pennsboro in 1750, and in West Pennsboro in 1751 could simply be a case of someone living near the boundary of the two townships.
  2. Egles Notes and Queries identifies Robert and William as brothers. Given the 15 year separation between when William acquired land, and when Robert acquired land, one has to wonder if this relationship is correct.