Person:Robert McKay (9)

m. BEF 1705
  1. Mary McKayABT 1705 - BEF 1742
  2. Robert McKayAbt 1708 - Bef 1796
  3. James McKay1710 - BEF 1797
  4. Margaret McKayBEF 1712 - ABT 1770
  5. Hannah McKayabt 1712 - ABT 1755
  6. Zachariah McKayABT 1714 - 1797
  7. Moses McKayABT 1715 - ABT 1772
  8. Leah McKayABT 1716 - BEF 1797
  9. Elizabeth McKayABT 1719 - ABT 1790
  • HRobert McKayAbt 1708 - Bef 1796
  • WPatience Job1710 - BEF 1762
m. 27 JAN 1734/35
  1. Andrew McKay1736 - 1804
  2. Jacob McKay1738 -
  3. Margaret McKay1740 -
  4. Robert McKay, III1744 - 1800
  5. Alexander Enoch McCoy1744 - 1841
  • HRobert McKayAbt 1708 - Bef 1796
  • WMercy BordenBef 1725 -
m. AFT 1762
Facts and Events
Name Robert McKay
Alt Name Robert McKay, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1708 Freehold (township), Monmouth, New Jersey, United States
Marriage 27 JAN 1734/35 Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvaniato Patience Job
Marriage AFT 1762 to Mercy Borden
Death? Bef 20 Sep 1796 Frederick, Virginia, United States

Robert McKay was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Acquisition of Land:

  • Robert McKay, Jr. received a patent/grant for 828 acres "on the west side Shanandoe River on both side Crooked Run" on 3 October 1734 in Orange County, Virginia, as listed in the disposition below:

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 191-93. 23-24 July 1740. Robert Mackay of Orange County to William Rentfroe of same. Lease and release; for £17 current money. 828 acres on the west side Shanandoe River on both side Crooked Run, granted Robert Mackay 3 Oct. 1734... on the top of Guard Hill... (signed) Robert Mackay Junr. 24 July 1740. Acknowledged by Robert Mackay Junr. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 46].
"Guard Hill" is prominent local landmark near Front Royal, VA.


From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 435.--7th October, 1746. Robert McKay, Sr.'s, Will--Daughter, Margaret; wife of Joshua Job, tract called Joshua's Bottom; sons, Robert, James, Zachary, Moses. (Tract given to Margaret is part of Order Council for 100,000 to testator and Jost Hite, first, and afterwards renewed by testator, Hite, Green, and Duff). Daughter, Hannah, wife of George Hollingsworth; daughter, Leah, wife of Wm. Taylor. Daughter, Mary, wife of George Robinson, of Penna. Daughter, Elizabeth. Son, Zachary plantation known as Nathan Calbreath's Bottom. Executors, Robert, James, and Moses. Teste: Gabriel Jones, David Vance, Abraham Hite, 7th October 1746.--Codicil, wife. Proved 19th August, 1752, by Jones and Vancc. Zacharay McCoy refuses to execute, and other executors qualify (Jones makes oath, but Moses and Robert are Quakers) with sureties, Moses McCoy, David Vance, Chas. Burk.


Robert McKay, Jr. married, first, Patience Job, the daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Job, on January 27, 1736, and, second, Mercy Borden.

(Webmaster's note: My notes have their marriage date as February 27, 1735. MLM)

His children by his first wife, Patience Job, were:

A. Andrew McKay (1736-1804) married Jane Ridgeway, daughter of John and Jane Ridgeway, November 27, 1760.
B. Jacob McKay (1738) married, first, Rachel Ridgeway, daughter of Hannah Brown and John Ridgeway on August 15, 1765, second wife Rebecca (Janney) Gregg, widow.
C. Margaret McKay (1740), married Richard, son of Hannah Brown and John Ridgeway on December 22, 1762, at Crooked Run.
D. Robert McKay (1744-1800), probably son, married Mary __________
E. Job McKay, probably a son.
F. John McKay, probably a son.
There may have been other children

Robert McKay, Jr., was the oldest son of Robert McKay, Sr., as shown by the Court Records June 7, 1797. He resided on a tract of 828 acres, lying on both sides of Crooked Run, which was granted to him by the Crown on October 3, 1734. The home of Robert McKay, Jr., is still standing today in the hamlet of Cedarville, Warren County, Virginia, about three miles north of Front Royal on the Winchester Pike, and is marked with a Virginia Road Marker and is said tobe the oldest house still standing west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the oldest portion being of walnut logs and the new part of native limestone.