Person:Loftus Pullin (2)

Loftus Pullin, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
m. Bef 1720
  1. Loftus Pullin, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1720 - 1801
  2. Thomas Pullin1725 -
  3. Thomas Pullin1727 -
  4. Sarah Pullin1729 -
  5. Ann Pullin1731 -
  6. Mary Pullin1733 -
  7. Elizabeth Pullin1734 -
  8. Betty PullinAbt 1735 - 1788
  9. William Pullin1737 - 1754
  10. Moses Pullin1745 - 1790
  • HLoftus Pullin, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1720 - 1801
  • WAnn 'Ginny' Usher1733 - 1804
m. Est. Abt. 1750
  1. John Pullin1751 - Bef 1805
  2. Jane Pullin1753 - 1815
  3. Jonathan Pullin1755 - 1832
  4. Solomon Pullin1756 -
  5. Thomas Pullin1757 -
  6. Martha 'Patsy' Pullin1761 -
  7. Loftus Pullin1764 - 1838
  8. Sarah Pullin1765 -
  9. Samuel Pullin1770 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name Loftus Pullin, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1720 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Est. Abt. 1750 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Ann 'Ginny' Usher
Death? 1801 Bath County, Virginia

Loftus Pullin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA:

  • Pages 122-124. Indenture 16 July 1745 between James Patton and John Lewis, of Augusta County, and Loftis ulliam of same.. for five shillings.. sells 240 acres in Augusta County lying on both sides of the Great River of Calf Pasture.. beginning.. John Miller's land.. Robt. Bratton's line.... (signed) Jas. Patton (Seal), John Lewis (Seal). Witnesses: David Kindred (Kincaid), Robt. (B) Bratton, Wm. Hodges. Payment of £8.07.6 acknowledged. Recorded Orange County 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 41].
  • Loftus Pullen patented 321 acres on the "Bullpasture", between Estill and Bodkin in 1758 (from "Annals of Bath County, Virginia", by Oren F. Morton, pg. 32, 52, 168).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 394.--19th August, 1760. Loftus Pullen to James Shaw, £9, 240 acres on Great River Calfpasture, conveyed to Pullen by James Patton and Lewis, 17th July, 1745; cor. land formerly in possession of John Miller and now in posession of Jno. Ramsey; cor. Robert Bratton. Delivered: Jno. Bodkin by your order, October, 1765.
  • Loftus Pullen sold 240 acres of his 321 acre tract on the "Bullpasture" to James Shaw in 1760. (from "Annals of Bath County, Virginia", by Oren F. Morton, pg. 32, 52, 168).

Will of Loftus Pullin

From Bath County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 206. - Will of Loftus Pullins of the Bullpasture, dated May 2, 1801.
  • Wit: Thomas Peebles, James Hicklin, and James Tute (?)
  • Probated January 1802 Court
  • Exec: sons Samuel and Jonathan
  • Beq: to wife Nancy, house and furniture, horse, mare and colt, 5 cows, 3 Negroes Dafney, Isibel and London, for life; also land from son Samuel's to Hugh Henry's place.
  • To son John $1 and "wearing apperal of cloths"
  • To son Lof in Kentucky, Negro wench Phillis and her son Peter
  • To son Samuel, Negro boy Bev "that lives with him"
  • To son Jonathan, the land between Hugh Henry and John Peebles and Negro wench London.
  • To son Thomas, part of the home plantation and mulatto boy Joe
  • To daughter Jane Astil (Estil) one gown valued at $10
  • To grandson Lofty Cook, Negro boy Sampson
  • To David Cook, $1
  • To daughter Martha Henry, Negro girl Mima and 10 pounds in specie, also the land Hugh Henry lives on two years hence and Isibel.
  • To son Thomas, Negro boy Jubal
  • Any balance to be sold and equally divided amoung the children.
  • [Bath County Virginia Will Book 1, Bruns, pg. 26].
  • Pg. 221 - Inventory - Loftus Pullin. Submitted Feb. 3, 1802 by Thomas Peebles, Robert Carlisle and Robert Lockridge, before James Hicklin, justice of the peace.
  • hogs, 21, sheep 19, cattle 28, horses 7, tools, household furniture, loom, 2 stills, Bible, slaves Anne, Gafney, Fillis, Peter, Mima, Sampson, Jubal, London, Ben and Joe; notes of Richard Rankin, John Picken and James Tuet (submitted by Samuel Pullin). [Bath County Virginia Will Book 1, Bruns, pg. 28].

Will Abstract of Wife Ann:
  • Pg. 335 - Will of Ann Ginny Pullin(s) (X) of the Bullpasture, dated Sept. 16, 1805
  • Wit: Thomas Pullin, Samuel Pullins, William Pullins and Robert Bolton
  • Probated October 1805 Court
  • Exec: none named
  • Beq: freedom for black woman Dafney. "She is to be clearly set at liberty immediately after my burial and to have her spinning wheel clear of all expenses"
  • to daughter Martha Henry little black girl Amy about four years old
  • to daughter Ginny Astel black child Hannah 10 months
  • to son Thomas young gray mare
  • to grandaughter Eleanor Pullin, daughter of late son John a featherbed, bolster, quilt, 1 blanket and 1 sheet
  • balance to children living at the time of her death
  • [Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 42].

Information on Loftus Pullin

From "Annals of Bath County, Virginia", by Oren F. Morton, pg. 32, 52, 168:

1754 - Loftus PULLIN (son of Loftus PULLIN?) married Ann Jenny USHER, daughter of Edward and --?-- (PERRY) USHER. A petition of 1754 condemns the selling by ordinaries of large quantities of liquor at extravagant rates, whereby money is drained out of the country. The signers expressed their intention of making their own liquor so as to keep their money in the home neighborhood. Among the signers of the petition were Joseph BELL and Loftus PULLEN. Loftus PULLEN patented 321 acres on the Bullpasture between ESTILL and BODKIN, in 1758. Two years later, he sold 240 acres to James SHAW.

Records of Loftus Pullin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • August 21, 1746. - (81) John Bartley and Lofty Pullin ordered immediately before the Court for disturbing it while sitting.
  • SEPTEMBER 1, 1750. (456) Robert Carlile, John Carlile, added to tithables on motion of Ro. Breckinridge; Benjamin Posey, added to tithables on own motion; Wallace Estill, Loftus Pullin, Richard Bodkin, added to list of tithables on motion of Ro. Breckinridge.
  • Undated, appears to be about 1750-1751. Inhabitants of Bull Pasture and head of Cowpasture petition for a road from Walles Asten's Mill to the road on the head of the Calfpasture: Robert Carrolile, Richard Bodkin, Thomas Wright, John Miller, James Hall, Horcklas Willson, John Carrolile, Samuel Forgerson, Michael Harper, Wm. Price, Philip Phegan, William Carrolile, Loftus Pullen, Mathew Harper, Hance Harper, James Anglen, John Shaw, John Carrolile. Wallas Aston to be overseer.
  • MAY 28, 1751. (580) Road ordered to be cleared and kept in repair on the cowpasture by these inhabitants: Wallace Estill, Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Loftus Pullen, Richd. Bodkin, Saml. Ferguson, Mathew Harper, Thomas Wright, Michael Harper, Hance Harper, John Miller, William Price, James Anglen, James Hall, Philip Phegan, John Shaw, Herculus Wilson, William, and John Carlile.
  • Page 438.--27th August, 1751. Jacob Clemence and Mary, to John Campbell, 202 acres on Calf Pasture where Jacob lives; corner Wm. Campbell. Teste: Thomas Gillham, Loftes Pullin.
  • AUGUST, 1756 (B). - Pullin vs. Lewis.-- Loftus Pullin complains of John Lewis. One Thomas Hunt and one George Lewis (father of defendant) was indebted to one John Shaw and gave him their note dated 6th April, 1754.
  • Page 380.--18th October, 1759. John Smith's appraisement, by Loftus Pullen, Jno. Carlile, Richard Bodkin--Shoemaker's tools; cash received of Capt. Preston.
  • Page 314.--17th-May, 1762. Richard ( ) Botkin and Elizabeth ( ) to Samuel Given. £158, 339 acres on Clover Creek now called the Bull Pasture River, a branch of Cow Pasture; cor. to land in possession of Loftus Pullen. Teste: Wm. Stewart. Tames Boadkin. George Woolridge. Delivered: Samuel Givens, August, 1768.
  • APRIL 15, 1765. (337) James Bell, provisions. Wm. Bell, provisions. Wm. McCutcheon, provisions and horse impressed. John Rosemond, provisions. Andrew Cowan, enlisting men to garrison Fort Lewis. Walter Trimble, provisions. Thos. Alexander, provisions. John Francis, provisions. James Kirk, provisions. Rob. Armstrong, provisions. Wm. Christian, self et als., ranging. Loftus Pullen, provisions. Rob. Christian, provisions. Danl. O'Freild, provisions. Thos. Poage, provisions. Charles Kilpatrick, provisions. George Moffett, for Wm. Mann et als. Benj. Estill, horse impressed. Andrew Hamilton, provisions. Wm. McClenachan, provisions. Wm. McKarney, self et als., ranging.
  • Page 366.--31st March, 1768. James Shaw to John Ramsey, £45, 240 acres on Great Calfpasture, conveyed to Loftus Pullen by James Patton and Jno. Lewis, 17th July, 1745. and to James Shaw by Loftus, 19th August, 1760; corner land formerly in possession of John Miller, now in possession of Jno. Ramsey; corner Robert Bratton. Teste: James Crockett, John Stewart. Delivered: John Ramsey, August, 1770.
  • Page 40.--9th November, 1768. Samuel Givens and Martha to John Hicklin. £150, 239 acres on Clover Creek, now commonly called the Bull Pasture, a branch of Cowpasture, part of 339 acres patented to Richard Botkin, and by him conveyed to John, 17th May, 1762, corner land in posssesion of Loftus Pullin, part of said tract in possession of James Burnsides.
  • Page 512.--20th May, 1772. William Gwynn's appraisement (by Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Loftiss Pulland) recorded--1 nursery of peach trees.
  • Page 400.--22d November, 1775. Recorded. John Dunwody's appraisement by Mathew Patton, John Peebles, Loftus Pullen--Samuel Lawrence's note.
  • AUGUST 19, 1778. (354) David Frame appointed road surveyor from his house to William Black's, also from Widow Lewis's to Col. Mathews' plantation in Calf Pasture. John Peebles appointed road surveyor from his house to John Redman's, with tithables from James Montgomery's to Lofty Pullin's. Joseph Gwinn from John Redman's to top of the Calf Pasture Mountain. William Lockridge from top of the Calf Pasture Mountain to the road leading from Staunton to Warm Springs.
  • FEBRUARY 15, 1780. (183) Following allowed certificates for land for military services: John Kinkead, Thomas Hicklin, Robert Gwin, Lofftus Pullin, William Black, Patrick Miller, William Jackson, in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758. Wm. Kinkead, Thomas Kinkead, John Montgomery, of Capt. Lewis's Company, Boquet's Expedition, 1764.