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Joshua Walker
Facts and Events
Name Joshua Walker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 15 Feb 1757 Loudoun County, Virginia
Death? 16 Jan 1840 Hawkins County, Tennessee


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Transcript:Joshua Walker Pension Application, Hawkins County TN, 1834


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Ancestry Lineages for Joshua Walker b 1757
Joshua Walker, US Census, Hawkins County TN, 1830


Key: Red--Loudon County; Green--Washington County; Blue--Grayson County
Key: Red--Loudon County; Green--Washington County; Blue--Grayson County
According to Joshua's pension application he was born in 1757 in Loudon County Virginia. By 1776 he was in Washington County, where he served in the militia during the Revolution. His pension application notes that he was at the Battle of Long Island Flats on the Holston River. Marriage records cited by some researchers show that he was married to Elizabeth Bunde in 1786 by Baptist minister Thomas Woolsey. Woolsey served at the Baptist Church in St. Clair's bottom, a few miles south of Chilhowie, Va. From this we presume that this is the area where Joshua was living at the time.[2]

Elizabeth apparently died by 1800, as in that year Joshua remarried Amy Williams. His pension application documents this marriage as occurring in Grayson County. [3]

The child lists for Joshua by his two wives are somewhat confused. There are relatively few researchers working on this family, and the child lists provided by the different researchers are not in agreement. In particular, DOB's for different persons believed to be the children of Joshua, vary considerably, such that they could be the children of either Elizabeth or Amy. Additional work is needed to resolve these discrepancies.

Sometime after their marriage Joshua and Amy settled near Bull's Gap, in Hawkins County Tn, where they remained for the remainder of their lives. Joshua's pension records indicate that he died in 1840.

American Revolutionary War Veteran


Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 6, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Walker, Joshua - born 15 February 1757 in Loudoun County, Virginia; entered service 1776 in Washington County, Virginia regiment against Cherokee indians; granted Pension 1834 in Hawkins County, Tennessee; died there 1/16/1840; married 9/17/1800 to Amy Williams, Grayson County, Virginia, by Baptist minister George Keith, soldier then known as Samuel Jones alias Joshua Walker, per certificate 1856 by that County court clerk John Dickenson, & County Justice of the Peace Creed Nuckolls; widow granted Pension age 76 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, 1856; had 11 children of which eldest would now be abt. age 55, if living & youngest now age 32, Henry Williams made affidavit then in Hawkins County, Tennessee, he attended soldier's wedding; Claiborne Walker age 56 & John Walker age 48 (both no kinship given) made affidavit 1856 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, that they were at house of soldier & wife on day they moved to there & they were neighbors to them; widow's Pension restored at age 90 where she had resided since 1861; her attorney in 1848 was James H. Walker (no Kinship Given) of Bulls Gap, Tennessee; query letter in file 1918 from Clara Walker, Morristown, Tennessee; query letter in file 1918 from Thomas S. Walker, Greenville, Tennessee. F-W8301, R24758.

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOB:15 Feb 1757Pension Application
POB:Loudoun Co., VAPension Application
DOD:16 Jan 1840Pension Application; wife Amy is listed as HOH in 1840 census Hawkins County
POD:Hawkins Co., TNPension Application
Father:John Walker, d. 1818 Hawkins Co., TNJohn Walker's Will, Hawkins Co., TN 1818
Spouse 1:Elizabeth Bunde Source:Fleet, 1961:75 (Abstracts of Washington County marriages)
DOM:25 Jan 1786 See Ephemeral Notes
POM:St. Clair’s Bottom, Smythe County, VAPOM based on the fact that the minister was Baptist Thomas Woolsey, who was associated with St. Clair's Bottom.
Spouse 2:Amy WilliamsPension Application
DOM: September 17 1800Pension Application
POM:Grayson County, VAPension Application, wed by Baptist minister George Keith
Children by Elizabeth Bunde (note:child lists shown here are very uncertain. Few researchers, many differences)
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Jessee Walker 10 Oct 1792
John Walker 24 Jul 1794
Nancy Walker 24 Jul 1796 in Moody Creech. Alt DOB 1806
Children by Amy Williams (note:child lists shown here are very uncertain. Few researchers, many differences)
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Mary Walker c1801 John William Berry
Elizabeth Walker 14 Sep 1802 Eli Davis
William Walker Jul 1805 Hawkins County, TN
James H. Walker 6 OCT 1810 Hawkins County, TN
Allen Walker 16 Dec 1813
Louise "Westy" Walker Nov 1815 in Persia, TN
Charles Walker 2 Sep 1817


See Walker Family in Southwest Virginia


  1. Based on Rev. War Pension Application: SeeTranscript:Joshua Walker Pension Application, Hawkins County TN, 1834
  2. The surname "Bunde" suggests that Elizabeth was of German ethnicity; a substantial number of German families settled in this area. It would be useful to see if there were any "Bunde's" in the area.
  3. Grayson is immediately east of Washington County, but on the east side of the Blue Ridge. Details of how Joshua might have met Amy after the death of his first wife, would be useful. Possibly Joshua had moved across the Blue Ridge after his first marriage, settling in Grayson County.