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Source Fleet, 1949
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Fleet, 1949.

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Fleet, Beverley, 1949. Washington County marriage register, 1782-1820. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol 34. Republished in 1961 by Genealogical Publishing Company of Baltimore.

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Ancestry for the 1961 reprint.

NB: Pagination has been revised in the republication, pp. 1-110. The pagination in original Virginia Colonial records appears to be n the in the 400-500 range. (haven't actually seen the original


Arranged alphabetically by Groom. Brides are listed in the index.

Source:Summers, 1929:1256 et seq. provides a transcription of these same records, but seems be incomplete. In comparison, Fleet gives the marriage records for 92 men whose last name began with "W". Summers gives only 55 such men, indicating that a substantial number of marriages were elided in the Summers transcription. Possibly they were working from different copies, and the version summers was working from was incomplete. However, I've noticed other differences in the Summers transcription, such as dates excluded that were present in the Fleet version, or vice versa. More work on this is needed, but I suspect that the Summers work is in error, and that Fleet's version is the more reliable.