Person:John Walker (193)

John Walker, Meadow Creek John
b.abt. 1740 Prob. Virginia
d.Aft. 18 Feb 1796 Greene County, Tennessee
  • HJohn Walker, Meadow Creek Johnabt 1740 - Aft 1796
  • WMary UnknownEst 1733-1740 - 1803
m. 1758?
  1. John WalkerAbt 1759 -
  2. Daniel J. Walker1761 - 1834
  3. Anderson WalkerAbt 1763 - 1822
  4. Daughter WalkerEst 1764-1774 -
  5. Thomas WalkerAbt 1765 -
Facts and Events
Name John Walker, Meadow Creek John
Alt Name "Meadow Creek" John Walker
Gender Male
Birth[2] abt. 1740 Prob. Virginia
Marriage 1758? to Mary Unknown
Death[1][3] Aft. 18 Feb 1796 Greene County, Tennessee


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Will of John Walker, 1796
Edwards and Frizell, 1978:81
Transcript:Will of John Walker of Meadow Creek, Green County, TN, 1796


Delijim's Notes
Walker Family in Southwest Virginia
Notebook:Children of MCJW
Notebook:Meadow Creek John Walker
Meadow Creek John Walker Line

Vita Summary

Personal Data
Vita Husband Spouse
Name John Walker Mary
DOB by 1740 by 1740
DOD 1796/97 1803
POD Greene County, TN Greene County, TN
DOM by 1760


This article is about "Meadow Creek" John Walker who appears for a brief period (c. 1786 to 1796) living on Meadow Creek, in southern Greene Co, TN. We have no information about where he lived prior to this, though it is suspected that he came to the area from Virginia. He is commonly identified as "Meadow Creek John Walker" or MCJW, to distinguish him from numerous other John Walkers in NW NC, SW VA, and NE TN.

Vista in Southern Greene County, TN
Vista in Southern Greene County, TN

This shows an area  close to the point where Meadow Creek enters the Nolichucky River.  MCJW settled close to this spot.
This shows an area close to the point where Meadow Creek enters the Nolichucky River. MCJW settled close to this spot.

John settled on Meadow Creek shortly after the end of the Revolution. One of his near neighbors was Charles Kilgore, whose daughter married one of John's children. Charles was a known participant at the battle of King's Mountain, and his personal history has been much researched and is well understood. He, too, arrived on Meadow Creek just after the Revolution. Prior to that he lived in Southwest Virginia very close to John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line. John III's son, John IV left that area about the same time as Charles, and it is often assumed that the John Walker who appears in Green County living near Charles Kilgore is in fact John IV. Recent YDNA analysis, however, has shown that the YDNA of direct male line descendants of MCJW do NOT match that of direct descendants of John III. [insert link to analysis].

The parents of MCJW remain unknown. YDNA analysis has revealed that he had near relatives (Joseph and Person:Isaiah Walker (3)) living in Greene and Washington County. Anderson, son of MCJW lived for a time near Joseph on Horse Creek in Washington County TN. About the time of the death of MCJW Anderson moved south to Meadow Creek, apparently to be near his parents. Shortly after this (c.1805) both Joseph and Isaiah left the area settling first in Blount County TN, and later moving to the Kingston area. Thomas Walker (son of MCJW) also moved about this time to Blount County, settling in Tuckaleechee Cove. There were multiple "John Walkers" living in this area about this time. One of these John Walkers, known as "Indian Killer", had previously settled along the Little River, in what is known as the "Long Bottom". Indian Killer also owned property in nearby Tuckaleechee Cove, (insert map). He is believed to have died (or left the area) about 1817, but some of his sons continued in the area. Because of the similarity of names Indian Killer became confused with MCJW father of Thomas Walker. YDNA testing of the Indian Killer line has not been accomplished. There is, however, good reason to believe that he is John Walker IV of the Wigton line.

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOB:before 1740based on DOB's and DOM's of children
DOD:1796based on date of will
POD:Greene County TNbased on will
Spouse:MaryBased on Will of John Walker. Mary is frequently identified as "Mary Anderson". This is probably based on the fact that the couple named one of their children "Anderson", but whether he was named after her family, or was so named for some other reason is not known.
DOM:by 1760 (based on DOB of son Daniel Walker
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Thomas Walker Elizabeth Magill 1787 Children are believed to have settled in Blount County TN c 1800. Tom may have settled there as well, but some place him in Wear Valley, Sevier County. Greene County TN GenWeb This seems to be an interpretational error, confusing Tom son of MCJW with a grandson.
John Walker Rebecca Magill 1788 Probably remained in Greene County, "on the homeplace" sold him by his brothers Anderson and Daniel.[4]
Daniel Walker 1761 1834 Martha Kilgore 1788 LIved in Rhea County, TN
Anderson Walker Remained in Greene County, TN
Un-named Daughter Michael Blew


This needs to be checked and verified


  1. Source:Edwards and Frizell, 1978:81.
  2. MCJW's son Daniel is commonly identified as his eldest son, with a DOB of 1761. This implies that his parents were married by 1760, and that they were born prior to c1740. Direct evidence is needed for Daniels DOB, as well as his parents DOB's and DOM
  3. Source:Edwards and Frizell, 1978 provide a transcript of MCJW will dated 18 Feb 1796. They note that his will was "probated later that year" but given no data on the probate record. The citation for the original will is needed, as well as probate record, etc to confirm DOD
  4. There's an alternative view that the John Walker who received the property of Meadow Creek John, was actually a cousin, probably the son of Joseph Walker who lived on Horse Creek before moving to Blount County.