Notebook:Children of MCJW


This notebook collects information on the Children of Meadow Creek John Walker, and his kin.

From Dan Welch Personal Communication, 29 May 2009

This article reports a Sevier County Tax Sale of Isaiah Walker's 40 Acre track on Waldon's Creek. The article cites a June 18, 1803 Vol 4 No 187 notice with no additional detail to indicate the Title of the Volume. This notice places Isiah as a neighbor of Meadow Creek John Walker's children. Waldon's creek near Sevierville is presumably modern "Walden's Creek". (one wonders if this is a corruption of "Wallen", which might suggest a connection to the family of Elijah Wallen one of the Long Hunters who originally settled in'/near Powell's Valley in modern Lee County. I don't recall either he or his children come down this far into TN, though they did relocate to TN shortly after the revolution.)IN: Genealogical Abstracts for Tennessee Newspapers 1791-1808 edited by Sheridak Eddlemon, pg293
Purple Dot marks approximate location of the home of Indian Killer John Walker. Tom Walker (unrelated to Indian Killer) settled a bit further south in Tuckaleechee Cove (not visible). Tom was the son of MCJW. Blue line trended SW-NE is Walden Creek. Isaiah is believed to be the son of Joseph Walker, probable brother of MCJW.