Confusion:Identity of Meadow Creek John Walker


"Meadow Creek" John Walker settled on Meadow Creek shortly after the end of the Revolution. One of his near neighbors was Charles Kilgore, whose daughter married one of John's children. Charles was a known participant at the battle of King's Mountain, and his personal history has been much researched and is well understood. He too arrived on Meadow Creek just after the Revolution. Prior to that he lived in Southwest Virginia very close to John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line. John III's son, John IV left that area about the same time as Charles, and it is often assumed that the John Walker who appears in Green County living near Charles Kilgore is in fact John IV. Recent YDNA analysis, however, has shown that the YDNA of direct male line descendants of MCJW do NOT match that of direct descendants of John III. [insert link to analysis]