Person:John Gilmore (18)

John Gilmore
b.ABT 1723 Northern Ireland
d.BET 25 APR AND 7 AUG 1781 Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. 11 JAN 1721/22
  1. James Gilmore, of Borden Tract and Rockbridge County, VAAbt 1722 - bef 1783
  2. John GilmoreABT 1723 - BET 1781
  3. William Gilmoreabt 1724 - aft 1776
  4. Thomas Gilmoreabt 1725 - 1763
  5. Isabella Gilmoreabt 1730/31 - 1793
  6. Agnes Gilmoreabt 1731 -
m. bef. 1743
  1. Col. John C. Gilmore1743 - 1789
  2. Elizabeth 'Betsy' GilmoreBET 1750 AND 1760 -
  3. Eleanor Gilmore1753 - bef 1796
  4. James Gilmore1754 - 1817
  5. Margaret Gilmoreabt 1754/55 - abt 1784-1786
  6. Nancy Gilmore
  7. Polly 'Margaret' Gilmore
Facts and Events
Name John Gilmore
Alt Name John Gilmer
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1723 Northern Ireland
Marriage bef. 1743 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Eleanor Cunningham
Death? BET 25 APR AND 7 AUG 1781 Rockbridge County, Virginia

John Gilmore was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Gilmore's land (Borden Tract, SW, 250 acres, 1748) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 53.—16th August, 1748. Benj. Borden to John Gilmer, in 92,100; John Carr's line. Delivered: James Gilmore, 10th August, 1750. (Note: this grant from Benjamin Borden in the "Borden Tract" is the 250 acre tract shown on map above).

Advisory on John Gilmore

Note: Some sources claim that John Gilmore married Elizabeth Wallace, but it was his son John, Jr. that married Elizabeth Wallace.

Will of John Gilmore

In the name of God Amen the Twenty fifth Day of April one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty on I John Gillmer of Rockbridge County in the Colony of Virginia being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all I Recommend my soul to God who gave it and for my body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian and Decent like manner at the discretion of my Executors. And as concerning what Worldly Estate it hath Pleased God to Bless me with in this life I dispose of the same in the following manner.
In primis I Give & Bequeath to Elinor Gillmer my beloved Wife her bed and bed close and all her wearing apperrill and she is to have the Mullata wench named Pheb during her Natural life and at her decease if said Wench be alive she is to fall to my son James Gillmore and my wife is to have one third part of all my moveable Estate excepting one Bay Horse and one black Mare Benney and one bay colt of two years old that belongs to my son James Gillmer and order that my son James Gillmer give his Mother Elinor Gillmer one horse for her a good maintainance during her Natural life.
I bequest to my beloved son James Gillmer the plantation I now live on containing four hundred and forty acres and all the remainder of my moveable Estate after my just debts are paid and after that I give to my wife and likewise bequeath to my son James Gillmer three of my Negroe children one named Thurze and one named Sam and one named Will.
My son James Gillmer is to have the land I bequeathe to him his to have and to him and his heirs. ...I give and bequeath to my beloved son John Gillmer two of my negroe Children one named Lucius and the other named Soloman.
I order that if my son James Gillmer deceases without issue that the land I bequeathed to him to be sold after his decease the price of it divided equally amongs my five Daughters and I make and ordain Elinor Gillmer my beloved Wife and James Gillmer my beloved son whole and Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I revoke make Void and Disanul all former and other Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made and Ordain this only as my last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the Day and Year above.
(signed) John Gilmer (Seal)
Signed Sealed in the presence of Robert Erwin, Robert Erwin, Jr., George Caldwell
At a Court held for Rockbridge County August the 7th 1781 this last Will & Testament of John Gilmore Deceased was Presented in Court by James Gilmor one of the Executors herein Named and proved by the oath of Geo. Caldwell one of the Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be for further proof. Anderson Ried, Clk. At a Court held for Rockbridge County September the 9th 1781 this Last Will & Testament was further proven by the Oath of Robert Erwin a second Witness thereto and Ordered to be Recorded. Teste
[Source: Rockbridge County, Virginia Will Book 1, p. 126, 1781]

Processioning List of 1760 & 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 290.--1760: Processioned by _____ ? _____: For Robert Hamilton, for John Collier, for James Davis, for James Moore, for John Hanna, for Henry Kirkham, for Robert Young, for David Wallace, for Robert Erwm, for John McKey, for Hugh Cunningham, for John Gilmer, for Wm. McChime (McCune), for John Beatty, for Francis McCown, for John McCown, for Anne Long, for William Gilmer, for Adam Thompson, for Samuel Kinkead, for John Campbell, for Thomas Piery, for Maj. John Brown, for Robert Young, for James Young, for Samuel Young, for Hugh Young, for Robert Allen, for William Martain, for John Jamison, for Samuel Wallace, for Maurice Ofreel, for Robert Philips, for John Trimble.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 385.--1765: Processioned by Collier and McCampbell, viz: For William McCamey, for Jno. Beatty (Samuel Norrad present), for Solomon Whitley, for Wm. Gilmore, for Robt. Erwin, for Jno. McKee, for Andw. McCampbell, for Henry Kirkham, for Edward Fairies, for James Campbell, for Alex. Deal, for John Gilmore, for Moses Cunningham for Robt. Hamilton, for James McCalster, for Hugh Cunningham, for George McConne; for Wm. Moore, Michael Kirkham present; for James Young, for Robert McKelhenny, for Margery Crawford, for Saml. Todd, for Rob. Young, for James Hutton, for James Todd, for George Gibson for Alex. Collier, for Jno. Hanna, for Robt. Talford, for Robt. McHenry, for David Talford, for William Hall, for John McMurtrey, for James Davies, for Robt. McKee, for Jno. Somers, for Jno. Huston, for Jno. Wylie, for Jno. McConne, for Archd. Buchanan, for Wm. Porter, for Jno. Wieley.

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • Vol. 2 - Page 428.--Processioners appointed, viz: Hugh Crockett and Isaac Taylor, from head of Roanoke to Fort Lewis. Edward Carvin and Nathaniel Evans, from Fort Lewis down on Waters of Roanoke. Thomas McFerran, James Moore, Jr., James Alcorn, Wm. Rolands, on waters of Cuttawba and James River on South Side. James Simpson, John Maxwell, John Mitchell, Jonathan Whitley, between Buffelow and James River. Joseph Lapsley, Wm. Hall, Wm. Paxton, Saml. McClure, John Gilmer, Jonathan Cunningham, between Buffelow and North River to the North Mountain. John Lyle, David Gray, Wm. Caruthers, John Paul, from North River to Beveriey's Line on South Side of Burden's land road that leads to John Paxton's.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 15, 1768. - (493) Hemp certificates: John Gilmer, John Walker, Peter Wallace, David McGee, John McClung, Andrew Larney.
  • Page 6.—19th August, 1772. John Gillmore and John Thompson's bond (with Robert Thompson and Alex. Thompson) as guardians to John Gilmore, orphan of Thomas Gilmore. (Note: Thomas Gilmore was John's brother).
  • Vol. 2 - Colston vs. Greenwell, &c.--O. S. 54; N. S. 18--Bill, 3d August, 1795. In 1767 a grant issued from Fairfax to Philip Martin for Patterson's Creek Manor in Hampshire County which was conveyed to Rawleigh Colston in 1794. Lot No. 6 is tenanted by Thomas Greenwell, Isaac Good, Nicholas Sinzer, George Ellyfritz, George Hill and Rodham James. Gabriel Jones, aged 73, deposes November, 1796. He was attorney for Fairfax from 1746, when he came to this country. Sarah Park, aged 50 years, deposes November, 1796, in Hampshire that 28 years ago she moved with her husband, Richard Boyce, to Patterson's Creek Manor. Previously she had known John Gilmore and his family, who lived in the neighborhood with her on Opcckon Creek in Frederick County and who had moved to Patterson's Manor Creek before Sarah. Gilmore had at least five daughters, viz: Eleanor, Margaret, Nancy, Betsey and Polly. Gilmore died two or three years after he obtained a lease. Eleanor married William Howel. Two or three years after her father's death Margaret died and afterwards the daughter named Polly called herself Margaret. Eleanor is dead at date of deposition. John Vandever, aged 40, deposes as above; he is son of William Vandever. William Vandever, aged over 70 years, deposes as above; he has lived in the Manor 26 years. Gilmore obtained his lease about 14th May, 1771, when Eleanor was about 17-18 years old and Margaret about 16-17. Benjamin Rutherford, aged 18, deposes in Winchester, 6th November, 1796. He moved to the Manor about four years before Braddock's defeat. Isaac Free had already settled there with others. Answer of George Hill says in 1740 Fairfax issued a proclamation inviting persons to settle in the Manor and Isaac Free was one of the first. He sold to John Gilmore, now deceased.


From: <> Subject: Re: John and Magdaline Gilmore Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 14:22:51 EDT

The John Gilmore who married Elizabeth Wallace was the son of [this] John Gilmore who was the brother of Thomas Gilmore who was killed by Indians in 1763.