Person:John Bowen (44)

  1. John Bowen1696 - bef 1761
  2. David Bowen1712 - bef 1802
m. 1730
  1. Nancy BowenABT 1732 - 1759
  2. Agnes Bowen1735 - 1803
  3. John Bowen, Jr.1735 - 1768
  4. Capt. Reece 'Rees' Bowenabt 1737 - 1780
  5. Sgt. Henry Bowen1738 - 1808
  6. Jane Bowen1739 - 1811
  7. Rebecca Bowen1740 - 1826
  8. Robert P. Bowen1740 - 1817
  9. William Rankin Bowen1742 - 1804
  10. Arthur M. Bowen1744 - 1816
  11. Mary Bowen1748 - 1820
  12. Charles Bowen1749 - 1833
  13. Moses Bowen1754 - 1774
Facts and Events
Name John Bowen
Alt Name John Washington Reece Bowen
Gender Male
Birth? 1696 Gwynedd Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1730 Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvaniato Lillian McIlhaney
Death? bef. 19 May 1761 Augusta County, Virginia

John Bowen was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John Bowen acquired at least 230 acres "Glade Creek of Roanoke" prior to 15 November 1762 (when his widow Lillie sold it to their son Reece), possibly as early as 15 April 1748, when John received a bond, likely for the land, from Col. James Patton, who had acquired vast sums of land in the early Augusta County area).
  • Page 80.--28th November, 1751. Same (from James Patton) to John Bowin, 70 acres by patent, 3d November, 1750. Br. of James. Teste as above.
  • Page 480.--8th October, 1754. John Sprout to John Bowen, £_____, 320 acres by deed from Col. Patton, 28th November, 1751, on Broad Spring, a branch of James River. Signed John Sprott.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 499.--15th November, 1757. John Bowen, Sr., and Lilly ( ) to John Bowen, Jr., 10 acres [s/b "70 acres" as listed above]. 3d November, 1750, on a branch of James. Teste: Jno. Mathews, John Poage, Mathew Campbell. Delivered: Jno. Bowen, October, 1761.
  • Page 42.--15th November, 1762. Lillie ( ) Bowin, executor of John Bowin, to Reice (Rees) Bowin, son of said John, £20, 230 acres on Glade Creek of Roanoke.
  • Page 320.--6th September, 1765. Lilley Bowin, widow and executrix of John Bowen to Henry Bowen, son of said John and Lilley, £55, 197 acres, part of 380 acres whereon John formerly dwelt on James River.

Will of John Bowen

  • Page 24.--13th March, 1760.-- John Bowen's will--Wife, Lillis (Lillie), sole executor and guardian; daughter, Mary, 1 malato slave; son, Charles. Teste: Jno. Smith, Margaret Smith, Peter Luney, Walter Crockett, Jonathan Smith, Jno. Buchanan. Proved, May 19th, 1761. by Jno. and Jonathan Smith and Jno. Buchanan. Lillie qualifies (her mark), with Jonathan Whitley, Wm. Buchanan.
  • Page 46.--18th August, 1761. John Bowen's appraisement, by Jno. Dailey, Jno. McClure, (Neaiell) Neal McCluster.
  • Page 47.--11th June, 1761. Moses Bowen's appraisement, by same as above. (Note: listed consecutively with record above).
  • Page 101.--18th November, 1761. John Bowen's additional appraisement by John Dayley, John McClure, Neal McNeal. Recorded.

Records of John Bowen in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 205.-(17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; appraised by Thomas Stewart, John Ramsey, Edward Hall. List of bonds, bills, &c., due the estate:) - John Bowen, 15th April, 1748. (Note: listed among many others, likely the date that John acquired his land on Roakoke from Col. James Patton).
  • Page 363.--20th May, 1760. Jean Cunninghnm's bond (with John Mathews, Jno. Bowen) as administratrix of Isaac Cunningham.
  • Page 495.--14th February, 1761. John ( ) McFall, of Bedford, to David Miller, £25, 141 acres on Glade Creek, branch of Roanoke; cor. John Bowin's land. Teste: John Smith, John Miller, John Thomson, David Luney, Francis Liber. Delivered: Israel Christian, January, 1767.
  • MAY 20, 1761. - (9) Lilley Bowen qualifies admx. of Moses Bowen. Maundling and Philipina Kinsley to be bound out. Rebecca Roberts, a mulatto, given her freedom.
  • Page 42.--15th November, 1762. Lillie ( ) Bowin, executor of John Bowin, to Reice (Rees) Bowin, son of said John, £20, 230 acres on Glade Creek of Roanoke.
  • Page 326.--2d October, 1765. Henry Bowin and Anne to William McAlhany, £50, 107 acres by deed from Lilley Brown, p. 330 (s/b p. 320), supra.
  • Page 243.--10th March, 1767. Same (from David Miller and Hannah) to Israel Christian, £50, 141 acres on Glade Creek of Roanoke; corner John Bowing's land.
  • Page 159.--29th October, 1768. Henry Bowen, heir-at-law of John Bowen, to Lilly Bowen, widow of John--Since John's death the slave left to Lilly had had a child, and, in order to settle the question of the title to that child, Henry conveys the slave's increase to Lilly, who has conveyed to him 400 acres. Teste: Malcom Allen, Robt. Bowen.
  • Page 364.--14th February, 1769. William McIlhenny to Alexander Stuart, £155, 197 acres purchased by Henry Bowen from Lilly Bowen, his mother, 6th September, 1765, and conveyed by Henry Bowen and Ann to William McIlhenny, 2d October, 1765. on James River; corner tract belonging to John Bowen, deceased, of which this 197 acres is a part. Teste: Samuel Walker, James McGavock, James McElhiney. Samuel McDowell.