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I've been into genealogy for a while now, finding it rewarding on many levels to uncover the stories of my ancestors. I am the 9th descendant of Chief Cornstalk, a proud and heroic leader of the Shawnee nation. I am the 26th generational son of King Edward I, 13th century silver-spooner. My surname, and perhaps some of my spirit, comes down from Nathaniel the Settler, one of the '10 Adventurers' who helped carve Connecticut.

Pleased to meet you.


Pedigree of Eric Foote
Eric Foote Arthur James Foote, Sr. George Elvin Foote Calvin Thomas Foote
Rachel Aretta Bedell
Florence Cruse George Washington Cruse
Alta Gilpin
Linda Alice Sneed Raymond Henry Sneed Henry Green Sneed
Sarah Elizabeth Baker
Agnes Elaine Cook Charles Edmund Cook
Roxie Mavis Powell