Person:James Walker (126)

James Walker
b.17 MAR 1706/07 County Down, Ireland
m. 7 JAN 1701/02
  1. Elizabeth Walker1703 - 1787
  2. John Walker, III1705 - 1776
  3. James Walker1706/07 - 1793
  4. Thomas Walker1709 - ABT 1710
  5. William Walker1711 - ABT 1712
  6. Jane Walker1712 - 1793
  7. Samuel Walker, of Natural Bridge1714 - 1793
  8. Alexander Walker1716 - ABT 1784
  9. Esther Walker1720 - ABT 1721
  10. Joseph Walker1722 - 1806
  11. Mary Walker1724 - bef 1755
  • HJames Walker1706/07 - 1793
  • WMary GuffyBEF 1720 - 1802
m. JUN 1737
  1. Jane WalkerAFT 1737 -
  2. John WalkerAFT 1737 -
  3. Mary WalkerBet 1738-1740 -
  4. Elizabeth Walker1740 - 1831
Facts and Events
Name James Walker
Gender Male
Birth? 17 MAR 1706/07 County Down, Ireland
Marriage JUN 1737 to Mary Guffy
Death? 17 JUN 1793 Rockbridge County, Virginia

James Walker was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Source:White, 1902
Document. Journal of James Walker=Mary Guffy


John Walker I (191)
Person:Alexander Walker (14) John Walker II (190)
John 217
Alexander 26
John III 81 James 126 Samuel 41 Samuel 55
the Orphan
Alexander 28 Joseph 55 Thomas
(81) X
(177) X

Joseph 79
Alexander 16
James 122
John 220
Samuel 64
Andrew 12
William 176 .

John 249
Joseph 71 X

John IV (149)
Samuel 49 .

John 211 .

Samuel 42
James 114
John 202
Joseph 51
Joel 5

James 164
Samuel 68

John 207
William 172
James 120
Alexander 24 X
Joseph 60
Alexander 27
Joseph 60
David 31

William 198 X
John 258 X
Joseph 50
James 127
Samuel 47

Most, but not all, Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles can be traced to the Wigton Walker line as describe by White 1902. The above is a Summary of Male Descendancy of the Wigton Walker line, based on White, 1902. This includes the Walkers Creek and Natural Bridge lineages. Also included is thethe lines of Samuel the Orphan, known to be related to the Line of John III by YDNA, but also known not to be related to the line of Samuel of Natural Bridge. Not currently shown are the lines of, Alexander the Orphan, and the Letterkenney Walkers, all of which share the Walkers Creek YDNA signature with John III and Samuel the Orphan.) Entries marked "X", indicate individuals who are believed to have "died young", died without children, or about whom nothing is known.

Person LinkDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNotes
Person:James Walker (126) 1706 1793 1737 Mary Guffy John Walker II Katherine Rutherford
Person:James Walker (164) 1746
Person:James Walker (120) 1751 1800 1778 Mary Gray Person:Alexander Walker (28) Jane Hammer
Person:James Walker (122) 1752 1835 1774 Ann Walker Gunstocker John Margaret Culton
Person:James Walker (114) 1752 1791 1786 Jane Thompson Samuel of Natural Bridge Jane Patterson
Person:James Walker (127)176418381)1790;
1) Esther Beard;
2) Esther Alexander
Joseph (55) Nancy McClung
Person:James Walker (XXX)
Person:James Walker (189)175518371783 Catherine Miller Thomas Walker Elizabeth
Person:James Walker (134) 1780 Willliam Walker (128)
Laurel Fork
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A photo of the Stuart home built by Capt. James Walker, m. to Mary Guffey. Picture left to right: Emma Stuart, dau of John H. Stuart; Kate Stuart (Mrs. J.R. Brown) dau of William Walker and Elizabeth Kerr Stuart ; Mrs. Elizabeth Kerr Stuart wife of William Walker Stuart ; William Walker Stuart, owner of the farm in 1893 when picture was made. Mrs. Mary Stuart Brown; John Hopkins Stuart; William Oscar Stuart, son of William Walker Stuart. Photo courtesy of Thomas P. Smith.
Image:WalkerJamesBordenNW321acres.JPG James Walker's land (Borden Tract NW, 321 acres, 1743 (date adjusted from 1773 on map, based upon Orange County, VA records, listed below) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note land of other Walker family members neighboring James Walker's land: John Walker (James' father) 190 acres, 1754 (to the south); John Walker (James' brother) 213 acres, 1743, and Alexander Walker (James' brother) 161 acres, 1743 (to the north); and John Walker, Jr. (James' nephew, son of his brother John) 302 acres, 1753 to the east.

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA:

From Orange County, VA records:

  • Orange County, Virginia, Deeds, Deed Bk 7:280-284, 14 April 1743: Benjamin Borden of Orange County, Va, to James Walker, farmer, of same; 321 acres in Augusta County or that part of Orange County called Augusta on Hays Creek; bounded by land of Alexander Walker and John Walker. Witnesses: John Hart, James Moore, Alexr. Walker, John Walker.

(Note: this is incorrectly dated as 1773 on the J.R. Hildebrand Map)

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 475.--17th November, 1763. James Walker and Mary ( ) to Hugh Kelso, £5, 74 acres, 1 rood, 3 poles, in Borden's tract, patent line. Teste: David Scott, Alex. Walker, Anthony Kelly.
  • Page 157.--19th February, 1771. James Walker and Mary ( ) to Hugh Kelso, £10, 26 acres adjoining land Hugh now lives on, Borden's patent line. Teste: John Hay, Joseph Walker, Michael Coulter, John Walker. Delivered: Hugh Kelso, 30th August, 1785.


  • Page 157.--17th March, 1748-9. David Moore's inventory by James Fulton, John Mountgomery and Patrick Hays. Ro Coulton, due for 2 gallons whiskey at 3 shillings; Jno. Shields, due; Jno. Carr, due; Jas. Aikin, due; Benj. Watson, due; Jonathan Brown, due; James Walker, due; John Lowry, due; Jno. Edmiston, due; Wm. McCreerey, due; James Shields, due; Wm. Worthclaw, due.
  • Page 228.--1st March, 1749. Andrew Martin's appraisement, by Andrew Pickens, James Walker, James Coulter.
  • Page 307.--27th February, 1750-51. Rebecca Hays' bond as executor of John Hays, with sureties James Walker and James Buchanan.
  • Page 308.--27th February, 1750-51. Andrew Hays' bond as executor of Gilbert Campbell, with sureties Charles Hayes, James Walker.
  • Page 456.--19th August, 1752. Joseph Kennedy to John Roseman, 380 acres, 20 poles. Moffett's Creek. Teste: Wm. Wilson, James Walker, Fr. Beatey.
  • Page 331.--21st August, 1754. Joseph Kennedy (his mark), Gent., and Elizabeth, to Samuel Buchanan, James Walker, Robert Reagh, John Logan, Alexander Miller and William Kennedy, trustees appointed and chosen by the Presbyterian Congregation of New Providence in Augusta County for and on behalf of themselves and the rest of the said Congregation and their successors adherents to the Squad of New York of the other part. Consideration: The sincere regard, good will and affectionate love which he beareth unto the said Congregation, and with an eye to encourage the worshipers of the most Blessed and Glorious Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is God over all, and Blessed forever, Amen; and for and in consideration of the sum of six pence sterling; for public use and benefit of the said Congregation for a Presbyterian Meeting House to worship Almighty God in and for a burying place and graveyard to them and such as shall hereafter joyn with them the said Congregation of New Providence a certain moiety piece or parcel of land whereon the said Congregation hath already began to prepare and build a meeting house containing 3 A., 1 R., 27 P., on west side Moffet's Creek in Borden's tract; said Kennedy's and Francis McCown's line being a line of land now in possession of Andrew Duncan. Delivered to Samuel Buchanan, 21st June, 1758.
  • Page 193.--January, 1757. Saml. Paxton's appraisement, by James Walker, Andrew Hays, Alex. Walker.
  • Page 459.--9th November, 1765. Wm. Robertson's estate appraised, by Jno. Moore, Jas. Walker, Alex. Walker.
  • Page 132.--6th July, 1768. William Kelly's estate appraised, by James Walker, Alex. Walker, Sr., Alex. Walker, John Moore.
  • Page 404.--10th October, 1770. John Berry's will--To daughter, Mary; to John Nesbit; to John Berry, son of James Berry, deceased; to John Berry, son of William Berry; to John Berry, son of William Berry; to John Berry, son of Francis Berry; to Francis Berry, wheelwright; to Mary Berry, daughter of Wm. Berry, and her sister Elizabeth; to Elizabeth Berry, daughter of Charles Berry; to daughter, Rebecca Berry. Executors, Alexander Walker, wheelwright, and Wm. Edmastonn. Teste: John Walker, Jr., James Walker, Francis Berry. Proved, 22d March, 1771, by John, John (Jr.), and James Walker. Executors qualify (Edmiston's mark ) with John Walker, Jas. Crawford.
  • Page 446.--9th August, 1771. Estimate of funeral and other charges due Wm. Berry and Alex. Walker, executors from the estate of John Berry, by James Walker, James McCamphell, Alex. Walker, Andrew Hays.
  • Page 244.-- (abt. 12 June 1789) List of book debts due Thomas Stuart--By John Allison (Middle River); James Bates, Jr.; Manis Burgey; James Buchanan (near John Tate's); ditto (Burden's Land); John Bell, son to the widow; Wm. Burbridge; Wm. Barnett (Rockfish); John Caldwell (son Samuel); John Cock (Mason); Jno. Campbell (son to Henry); Robt. Campbell (son to widow); Robt. Cowan (son to James); William Campbell (Sander's son); Robt. Campbell (Smith); Alex. Elliot (son to George); William Fulton (Bigham's son-in-law); James Frazer (Scotchman); ditto (Long Meadow); William Fulton (schoolmaster); James Henry (son to Samuel); Robt. Hamilton (Doctor); John Henderson (shoemaker); Samuel Hays (blacksmith); Wm. Jamison (son to Robert); ditto (Christian's Creek); Wm. Johnston (Brushy (Brusley?) Neck); John Kilpatrick (son to Thomas); James Kilpatrick (Thomas' son); John Lyle (widow's son); Joseph Long (Forks); Edward Long (taylor); John Montgomery (wagonmaker); Jno. Moore (Abney's place); Robert Mitchell (John's son); James McCroscery (John's son); William Moore (D. brother); Alex. Moore (D. brother); James McClung (John's son); James McCown (Frank's son); Alex. Montgomery (son to John); James Moore (son to widow); Wm. McClenachan (Doctor); James McClure (owned A. Reed's place); Mr. _____ Oglebay (son to James Brady); Wm. Poage (Holston); Robert Patterson (carpenter); Wm. Reed (taylor); John Robertson (Providence); James Stuart (Providence); Samuel Steel (Providence); Charles Stuart (millwright); widow Stuart (Burden's Land); John Stuart (taylor); John Sinters (Suinters) (Patrick Martin's son); Robert Stuart (Pastures); John Shields (son to John); William Stuart (schoolmaster); John Thompson (wheelwright); John Thompson (son to James); Thomas Wilson (Caylor's town); John Walker (Forks); Samuel Wilson (James' brother); Thomas Welson (Chesnut Ridge); John Weir (Smith's cousin); Alex. Walker (farmer); John Wilson (Robert's son); James Weir (Jeremiah Teford's father-in-law); Edward Walton; John Weir (Hugh's brother); Hugh Weir (Smith); John Weir (Robert's son); George Taylor (Botetourt); David Steel (Robert's son); James Walker (son to John); David Robertson (Providence); Jno. Starling (Botetourt); Christopher Migrons; Wm. Napper; Jno. Long (Holston).