Person:Henry Black (8)

Henry Black
b.Est 1737
  • HHenry BlackEst 1737 -
  • W.  Martha (add)
  1. James BlackAbt 1768 -
  2. John BlackAbt 1772 -
  3. Joseph BlackAbt 1776 - Bet 1840 & 1850
  4. Martha Elizabeth BlackAbt 1778 - 1834
  5. Benjamin Bennington Black1780 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name Henry Black
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1737

Henry Black was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Rockbridge County, VA

  • Tithables, 1778: Black, Henry; Black, Mary; Black. Robert
  • Tithables, 1782:
Black. Henry-4h- 15c
Black. Robcrt-2h-?c
Black, Tliomas-Sh-lie

Information on Henry Black

From History of Rockbridge County, Morten, Oren F.:

  • 1779 - August 3, Smith Williamson, Richard Williamson, and Henry Black, having served in Colonel William Byrd's regiment-in French and Indian war-were each given an order for fifty acres of the public land.

From post:

My ggg grandfather, Henry Black, on September 7, 1779,was granted or allowed 50 acres of land for serving as a soldier in the Regular Service in Byrd's Regiment and producing sufficient proof and declaring on oath that he never assigned his rights nor received land, which is ordered to be Certified according to law. This was recorded in Rockbridge County, VA Order Book 1778- 1784 on page 126. Therefore, I would guess that he was in the Revolutionary War. He is also listed as tithable in 1778 and in 1782. He was also granted a parcel of 46 acres of land "on the waters of Colliers Creek, adjoining the lands of Robert, Elijah Forsythe, and his own. He and his wife, Martha (Patrick or Chapman, on sure which) had children:John, James, William, Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, and Jane. James married Nancy Martin and Margaret Moore; William married Ann Acton ; Benjamin Bennington married Jane Clark; Martha Elizabeth married John Banning; and Jane married William Ruth; John, my gg grandfather, married Margaret Ford. [Source:]

- Note: other sources have Joseph Black marrying Ann Acton and his brother William Black marrying Ruth Evans.

From "Reminiscences of Colliers Creek and Its Tributaries 62 Years Ago", Rockbridge County News, 1902:

...Mr. (John) Leech afterward sold his interest to Thos. Scott. His farm he sold to Henry Black and moved West. There was a small farm attached to the mill property. James A. Poague and Saml. Hamilton, already noticed, ran a store here and did a fine business. Mr. Poague was a magistrate and died Jan. 1842. Wm. Agnor was a cooper and furnished barrels for the mill. Saml. Leslie was the miller. Across the creek David Leech, Jr. had a tan yard. On the hill lived David Leech, Sr. He owned large boundary of land. Up the road from the mill was McComb’s hatter shop. At the big spring branch Wm. Draine had a blacksmith shop. Henry Black ran a farm and blacksmith shop. He married three wives and raised children by all of them. Across the creek in front of Black’s was an old Union schoolhouse where more girls and boys were taught the three R’s, and more timber worn out-- world without end!...