Person:Gabriel Coyle (1)

Gabriel Coyle
b.1728 Germany
d.1807 Ohio
m. ABT 1725
  1. Gabriel Coyle1728 - 1807
  2. George CoyleABT 1734 - 1787
  3. Jacob CoyleABT 1736 -
  4. Elizabeth CoyleABT 1738 -
  5. Martin CoyleABT 1740 -
  6. Barbara 'Barbary' CoyleABT 1742 -
m. 1761
  1. Gabriel Coyle, Jr.bef 1766 -
Facts and Events
Name Gabriel Coyle
Alt Name Gabriel Coil
Alt Name Gabriel Kile
Gender Male
Birth? 1728 Germany
Marriage 1761 to Rebecca Skidmore
Death? 1807 Ohio
Alt Death? AFT 1808 Oh

Gabriel Coyle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 539.--20th August, 1761. Joseph ( ) Skidmore, Jr., to Gabriel Coil, £25, 102 acres, part of lot No. 16 above. Delivered: Andrew Johnston, June, 1767. (Note: this record is referencing the preceding record):
Page 536.--20th August, 1761. Joseph ( ) Skidmore, Jr., to his brother John Skidmore, £25, 101 acres on South Branch of Potowmack, part of one of the lots formerly surveyed for Robert Green, gent., No. 16, cor. with part of said tract belonging to Gabriel Coil. Delivered: John Skidmore, February, 1764.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 520.--19th March, 1769. Gabriel Goyle, eldest son and heir of Volintine Goyle, deceased, to Jacob Goyle, on South Branch of Potowmack above Trout Rock, patented to James Trimble MDCCL, and by him conveyed to Volintine Goyle, 1761. Delivered to Jacob Coyle, 16th May, 1774.

Records of Gabriel Coyle in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 30.--28th June, 1758. George Mouse's estate settlement, by Michael Mallow. Allowed 19th May, 1761. Sold to Cateren Moser, Jacob Cutman, Chas. Deavier, Seasor (Caesar) Brown, Henry Banener. Second vendue, 8th November, 1758, to Felty Mack, Jno. Arewen, Thos. Peterson, Robt. Mines, Andrew Arewen. Third vendue, 1st October, 1760, to Geo. Caplinger, Michael Props. Received from Geo. Madison for Providen (provender). Received from Capt. Smith, patterole money. Received from Capt. Smith for provender. Received from Abraham Smith, patterole money. Received from Frank Cartley. Received from Henry Fletcher. Paid Gabriel Gile for horse hunting. Paid John McCoy. Paid Andrew Smith for spinning. Three days driving cows from Trout Rock to Cartley's Fort.
  • Page 469.--29th May, 1761. Same to George Kaplinger, £19.7, at same place, cor. George Hammer, 114 acres, part of 350 acres patented as above. Delivered to same. Teste: Gabriel Coil.
  • Page 75.--19th August. 1761. Daniel Smith's settlement of estate of Jacob Sivers approved--Paid Woolrick Conrod, Gabriel Kyle; paid 1 clerk's note for swearing into your commission; paid Jno. Wright for crying the vendue; paid Henry Pircy for liquor; paid David Rule; paid Christian Lower (Sower?); paid Paul Shaver; paid Horrical Hufman; paid Henry Baninger; paid Sarah Harrison for liquor for vendue; paid Margaret Johnson for appraising the estate. Sale bill, viz: To John McCoy, Valentine Butcher, Henry Smith, Wm. Snodon, Saml. Briggs, Robt. Gragg, Jno. Dunkle, Ludwick Waggoner, Jno. Skidmore, Jonas Friend, Nicholas Havener. Received of Benj. Hagler, Robt. Minnis, Henry Penigar.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 18, 1762. - (211) Following received certificates for naturalization: Henry Stone, Sebastian Hover, Gabriel Kyle, Henry Peninger, Woolrick Coonrod, Mack Swadley, John Dunkle, Michael Mallow, Michael Props, George Hammer, Nicholas Havenor, Henry Pickle, Ludwick Havener, Frederick Easter.
  • Page 437.--24th May, 1763. James Green and Moses Green, of Culpeper, and Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Jacob Conrod, £90, 457 acres on South Branch Potomac, part of 660 acres patented to Robert Green, who devised the same to grantors, 203 acres being sold to Joseph Skidmore and Gabriel Coyle. Teste: Mathew Patton, Postel ( ) Hover and Henry ( ) Pickles. Delivered: Jacob Conrad, January, 1765.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1765 (C). - Evick vs. Gabriel Coile.--Wm. Green deposes, 3d October, 1765, aged 40 years. Michael Reager deposes 3d October, 1765, aged 30 years and upwards. Michael says four or five years ago he lived at John Lemley's, in Winchester, together with plaintiff Evick. The name is also spelled Guile
  • Page 452.--11th October, 1765. Felty Goil's will--(Goil vid Kyle-- Coil--Gile)--To wife, Margaret; eldest son, Gabriel; son, Jacob; son, George; son, Martin, 130 acres; to daughters Barbary and Elizabeth (unmarried). Executors, Geo. Hammer and son George. Teste: Geo. Teter, Paul Teter, George Woldridge. Proved, 19th August, 1766, by Geo. and Paul Teter. Executors qualify (George his mark), with Henry Stone and Sebastian Hover.
  • Page 35.--19th August, 1767. Settlement of Valentine Coil's estate, by Geo. Hammer and Geo. Coile--Cash paid Gabriel Coile, George Caplinger; cash paid Francis Evick, Geo. Tice, Woolrick Conrod; cash paid Colien Havenor, Nicholas Havenor, Jno. Murray, Henry Stone, Mark Swatley, Christian Grod, Barned Lince, Martin Coile.
  • Page 480.---20th May, 1777. Jacob ( ) Goyle and Margaret ( ) to Christian Pickle, 100 acres on South Branch of Potowmack above Trout Rock patented to James Trimble _____, and by him conveyed to Valentine Goyle, deceased 17th November, 1761, and descended to Gabriel Goyle as eldest son and heir. Teste: Valentine Cloninger, Valentine White.
  • Page 107.--16th November, 1779. Recorded. Michael Mallow's sale bill--Sold to, viz: Michael Allgyre, Jacob Bragg, Peter Wineman, Jacob Carpenter, Joseph Bennett, Adam Mallow, Jacob Break, Richard Byrns, Martin Judy, Philip Harper, Jno. Rice; to Nicholas Boucher, Jno. Westfall, Peter Vineman, Jno. Higgins, Jacob Goodman, Jacob Heffenor, Christopher Hoofner, Gasper Bogart, Henry Rule, Abel Griffith, Peter Hald, Peter Segerfoot, widow Moser, Aaron Vanscoy, Thos. Bland, Zachary Retsworth, Sarah Harmon, Ludowick Waggoner, Thos. Wilmot, Adam Lock, Michael Peterson, Geo. Walker, Samuel Morrall, Zachary Retsroth, Henry Judy, Jacob Springstone, Jacob Caplinger, John Server, Eve Moser, Lawrence Causan (Cansen?), Robt. Craigard, Gabriel Cyle (Kile).

Information on Gabriel Coyle

Revolutionary Soldier, received land in Jasper twp, Fayette Co, Oh. 18 May 1762 Naturilized in Augusta Co, Va.