Person:Allen Trimble (1)

Gov. Allen Trimble
m. 29 Mar 1773
  1. John A. Trimble1774-1797 -
  2. Mary Trimble1774-1797 -
  3. Gov. Allen Trimble1783 - 1870
  4. William Allen Trimble1786 - 1821
  5. Margaret Trimble1789 -
m. Jan 1806
  1. Joseph McDowell Trimble1799-1809 - 1836-1898
  • HGov. Allen Trimble1783 - 1870
  • WRachael Woodrow1773-1794 - 1816-1883
m. 10 Jan 1811
Facts and Events
Name Gov. Allen Trimble
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 24 Nov 1783 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage Jan 1806 to Margaret McDowell Trimble
Marriage 10 Jan 1811 Highland, Ohio, United Statesto Rachael Woodrow
Death[1][2] 23 Feb 1870 Hillsboro, Highland, Ohio, United States
Occupation? Governor of Ohio
Religion? Methodist
Burial[2] Hillsboro Cemetery, Hillsboro, Highland, Ohio, United States

Allen Trimble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Allen Trimble (November 24, 1783 – February 3, 1870) was a Federalist and National Republican politician from Ohio. Son of James Trimble and Jane Allen. He served as the eighth and tenth Governor of Ohio, first concurrently as Senate Speaker, later elected twice in his own right.
the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia


  • October 1784 Taken by his parents to their new home in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1801 Visited Ohio with father to select land
  • 1804 Built a cabin with father in Highland County, Ohio
  • circa 1808 Appointed clerk of the common pleas court for Highland County & county recorder
  • circa 1809 Moved to Hillsboro, the county seat of Highland County
  • Served as a colonel in the second war with Great Britian, fought indians
  • 1816 Served in Ohio House of Representatives for two years
  • 1817 Served in Ohio Senate for 8 years, was speaker for 7.
  • 1822 Served as acting governor of Ohio but was defeated in elections of 1822 & 1824
  • 1826 Elected governor over 3 opponents by an overwhelming majority and won in 1828
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