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Researching my families who arrived early in the Connecticut Western Reserve (NE Ohio) and NW Pennsylvania. Surnames include: CHURCHILL, WINANS, GUNN, SHARP, GARDNER, McLEAN, PETERS, HUNTLEY, KILPATRICK, LATIMER, LENNEY, GILLESPIE & GLEASON to Trumbull, Cuyahoga, Ashtabula & Lorain, Medina Cos., Ohio. THOMPSON, ROGERS, FRANTZ, JORDAN, BLOOM, TAYLOR, SWEENEY, LAWYER & WANTZ to Elk, Clearfield and Centre Cos. in Pennsylvania as well as numerous lines originating in colonial Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Amsterdam and Pennsylvania.

I'm a former Genealogical Librarian with the Stark County District Library, Canton, Ohio.

Current Project: Identifying and sourcing early pioneers to Ohio's Connecticut Western Reserve


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