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Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles

Wigton Walker

John Walker I (191)
Person:Alexander Walker (14) John Walker II (190)
John 217
Alexander 26
John III 81 James 126 Samuel 41 Samuel 55
the Orphan
Alexander 28 Joseph 55 Thomas
(81) X
(177) X

Joseph 79
Alexander 16
James 122
John 220
Samuel 64
Andrew 12
William 176 .

John 249
Joseph 71 X

John IV (149)
Samuel 49 .

John 211 .

Samuel 42
James 114
John 202
Joseph 51
Joel 5

James 164
Samuel 68

John 207
William 172
James 120
Alexander 24 X
Joseph 60
Alexander 27
Joseph 60
David 31

William 198 X
John 258 X
Joseph 50
James 127
Samuel 47

Most, but not all, Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles can be traced to the Wigton Walker line as describe by White 1902. The above is a Summary of Male Descendancy of the Wigton Walker line, based on White, 1902. This includes the Walkers Creek and Natural Bridge lineages. Also included is thethe lines of Samuel the Orphan, known to be related to the Line of John III by YDNA, but also known not to be related to the line of Samuel of Natural Bridge. Not currently shown are the lines of, Alexander the Orphan, and the Letterkenney Walkers, all of which share the Walkers Creek YDNA signature with John III and Samuel the Orphan.) Entries marked "X", indicate individuals who are believed to have "died young", died without children, or about whom nothing is known.

Known William's

Person DOBDOD DOM SpouseFatherMother
Person:William Walker (172)17491790 Jane WalkerAlexanderJane Hammer
Person:William Walker (176)17581837 Mary Stewart
Person:William Walker (198)c1770 - - Died Young
Person:William Walker (177)17111712- - Died Young
Person:William Walker (186)
Of the Conodoguinet
1757- Mary This William is believed to have died at McCormicks Fort,
Cumberland County, on the Conodoguinet River.
His wife remarried to James Stuart and the couple relocated to Augusta County.
Person:William Walker (245) Elizabeth ClaytonSometimes IDentified as Person:William Walker (128)
Person:William Walker (128) 1789 Elizabeth Sometimes identified as Person:William Walker (245)
Person:William Walker (167)1745 1816 1765 Mary Weir


Walkers Creek lineage
Walkers of Laurel Fork
Person:Alexander Walker (42)
=Elizabreth Patterson
green yellow
Letterkenny Walkers
Lewis Walker of Radnor PA
Chester Valley Walkers
rosy brown

Natural Bridge lineage

Line of Dr. Thomas Walker
line of Person:Francis Walker (24)
Walkers of Buckingham County
Walkers of Rockingham
and Orange County, VA
medium aquamarine
Walker of Upper Potomac
Unknown or can't be assigned
Prince George County VA
Walkers of Bedford Co
and Albemarle Co
Perhaps multiple lines
Walkers of Ohio
Mixed records


LastFirstWeRelatedVolpageyearRecord Notes
WalkerWm. 1206 Record not foundError in original index.

WalkerWilliam 2284 No Entry Found

WalkerWilliam 2415 1748 Delinquents.... Wm. Walker, twice charged;No known adult William Walker has been identified as living in Augusta during this time period. This represents an unrecognized person.
WalkerWilliam 3319 1753 Page 525.--Patrick Young to Sarah Young, bond 1753. Condition thatbe allowed to use and enjoy part of the profits of the mill and appurtenances for her lifetime, which were conveyed to Patrick by James Young. Teste: Wm. Walker and John Low.
WalkerWilliam 2417 1755 Delinquents.... Wm. Walker, estate;
WalkerWm.William (186) 13281762FEBRUARY, 1762. James Stuart and Mary, late Mary Walker, vs. John Cunningham.--Bond by defendant to plaintiff, Mary Walker, June 7, 1757. Mary Stuart, late Mary Walker, admx. of William Walker, deceased.

This appears to be a record pursuant William Walker (186) who was KBI'd at McCormicks Fort in Cumberland County, PA, on or before 13 May 1757 when his death was reported by newspapers. Mary Stuart is his widow and administrix of his estate. She subsequently remarried to James Stuart. These records indicate that James and Mary came to Augusta from Cumberland County. The dating of the events in the records are consistent with the DOD of William (186).

Note that this can not be William Walker (176) son of Gunstocker John. While William 176 did marry a Mary Stuart, they lived about 20 years later than this. See Record below for the marriage record of William (176) and Mary Stuart below. Apparently after Williams death his wife Mary last name unknown, married James Stuart, probably in Cumberland County PA. The relationship of William Walker (186), died c 13 may 1757 in Cumberland County PA, to other Walkers in Old Augusta is not currently known.

WalkerWm. 13391762 FEBRUARY, 1762. Stewart vs. Cunningham.--James Stewart and Mary, his wife, late Mary Walker, administratrix of William Walker, deceased. James and Mary were from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
WalkerWilliam 3430 1763 Page 177.--8th July, 1763. Robert Williams, of Orange County, North

Carolina, to William Walker, of Bedford County, £33.18.3, 275 acres conveyed to Robert by James Patton, 17th December, 1753, on Craig's Creek. Teste: John Mills, David Looney. Delivered: William Walker, March,

Bedford County place of residence
WalkerWm. 13361764 MARCH, 1764 (B). Rowland vs. Walker.--Williarn Walker, of Augusta, also of Bedford Co. Too early to be Wigton
WalkerWilliam 34281765 Page 102.--20th August, 1765. Hugh Hays and Mary to William Walker,

£73.16, 176 acres in Beverley Manor; corner said Hays, Henry's line, Henry's and Purris's line. Teste: Mathew Huston, James Henry, John Weir. Delivered: Wm. Walker, August, 1767.

WalkerWilliamWilliam Walker (176) 2455 1767? Page 441.--Processioners' returns, by Thos. Shields and Jas. Meteire, viz: For Patt. Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for Robt. Willson, for Thos. Brown, for Wm. Thompson, for Pat. Hays, for John Ward, for Wm. Purrens (Purvens), for James Henry, for Nathl. Steele, for Geo. Bright, for Roben Mitchel, for Robt. Alexander, for Wm. Walker, List of processioned land owners looks to be for Beverley's Manor. Based on this location its likely that this is Person:William Walker (176)
WalkerWilliam 31101769 Page 235.--17th August, 1769. The estate of Col. James Patton, Dr.--

To William Thompson, an executor, 1757, cash paid Col. Wm. Walker, cash paid Col. Green,

WalkerWilliam 34961770 Page 262.--22d March. 1770. James Divier (Dever) and Betty to

Reuben Daniel, £50, 400 acres patented to James Dever, 20th May, 1763. Delivered: William Walker, 4th April, 1771.

WalkerWm. 1364 1771 NOVEMBER, 1771 (B). Boone vs. Campbell et als.--Brice Hanna failed and ran away. Charles Campbell, Alexander Moore, William Walker and James Walker were commissioners to have work done at New Providence Church in 1766. Brice Hanna was contractor.Connected to New Providence Presbyterian. Only William Walker in Wigton line old enough. See:Brice Hanna Story
WalkerWilliam 3515 1771 Page 497.--20th November, 1771. William Lowrie and Isabel and Robert

Lowrey, Sr., to James Henry, 170 acres of Borden's 92100, 160 acres of which was devised to Wm. Lowrie by his father John Lowrie, by will in Augusta, the remaining 10 acres sold by said Robert Lowry, John Weir's line, Edmiston's corner. Teste: Samuel Huston, William Walker, Robert Lowrey, Samuel Henry. Delivered: James Henry, 26th July, 1774. ƒƒƒ

WalkerWilliamWilliam 128 2105c1772 Walker vs. Preston--O. S. 93; N. S. 31--William Walker, late of

Washington County, died intestate, leaving widow, Elizabeth, and eight children, viz: Nancy (m. Wm. Gallehan), Betsey (m. Wm. Carmack), John, William, Peggy (m. Elijah Tancray), James (infant), Lucy (infant), Elsy (infant). At William's death all were infants except John. In 1773 Henry Dougherty made a settlement on Laurel Fork of Holston River. Dougherty sold to John Newland, who sold to James Crabtree, who sold to William Walker, deceased. William Crabtree deposes he knew the land as a hunter, 1772-1779. Mrs. Nancy Tate, a settler, deposes. Robert Fowler, a settler, 1779, deposes. James Crabtree, a settler, deposes, Robertson County, Tenn, 1805, that his deposition was formerly taken in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky. Aaron Lewis, a surveyor, deposes, 1804, in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky. Andrew Marshall deposes that John Dougherty left the county in 1778 and Henry Dougherty in 1779. James Crabtree deposes that in 1780 or 1781, Wm. Walker settled on Laurel Fork. Elisha Dungans, a settler, deposes that Wm. Walker in 1778 or 1779 moved to Middle Fork of Holston. James Tosh deposes he knew no improvement earlier than Parson Terry's. James Stokes lived on it at one time. Charles Thurman deposes he was married in June, 1790, and William Walker, died the winter before. Robert Dennison deposes that Henry and John Dougherty moved from this country in fall of 1779. Joseph Dougherty lived on Reed Creek. Deponent is brother-in-law to the Doughertys.

WalkerWilliamPerson:William Walker (172) 3522 1775 age 322.--Delivered: William Walker, farmer, November Court, 1775.Only appropriately aged Wm Walker known in the area at this time.
WalkerWilliamPerson:William Walker (172) 3548 1777 Page 422.--21st February, 1777. James Brownlow and Katherine ( ) to John McCullock. Teste: William Walker, Samuel Wier, Alexander Tedford.Only appropriately aged Wm Walker known in the area at this time.
WalkerWilliamPerson:William Walker (172) 3568 1782 Page 182.--2d November, 1782. William Buchanan, of Augusta, Robert Buchanan and Margaret, of Montgomery, George Buchanan and Margaraet, of Washington, to David Buchanan, of Augusta. James Buchanan, father of grantors, died seised of a tract on Walker's Creek, 415 acres, and devised same to the grantors and grantee. Teste: James Weir, William Walker, Joseph Wear. Walkers Creek Location, only appropriately aged Wm Walker known in the area at this time.
WalkerWilliamPerson:William Walker (176) 2359 and 3601783 Marriages by Rev. Samuel Brown, New Providence, July 31 1783, Wm. Walker and Mary Steward; [Continued across page boundary]
WalkerWilliamWilliam (176) 22851786 1786--October 21, Andrew Walker and Elizabeth McKinney. daughter of Alex. McKinney; witness, Alex. McKinney. Andrew is son of John Walker. Witnesses, William Walker, Arthur Graham, Wm. Bell.William 176 was a brother of Andrew son of Gunstocker John
WalkerWilliam 2363 1795 1795--August 25th, WilliamWalker and Elizabeth Caskell; Sent by Preston Brown. Dodd, Jordan. Virginia, Marriages, 1660-1800 gives her name as "Casteel"; Rootsweb identifies her as daughter of Abendego Casteel citing "CASTEEL FAMILY RESEARCH, Jean Brown, page 36 Marriages of Rockbridge Co VA"; See also KinNextions for decent summary of Abendego Casteel in SW VA, and line of descent. Possible kin of Jacob Castle?

WalkerWilliam 2129c1800 McDowell vs. McElhaney--O. S. 153; N. S. 54--John McIlhaney of

Rockbridge, died intestate, leaving widow, Mary, and infant children, viz: Strother, Sophia, Peggy, Elizabeth, Jean and Anne. "Whereas, Maj. John McKlehany did obtain a military land warrant of 4,000 acres for his services in the late war between Great Britain and America in the Virginia State line which has been surveyed and located within Kentucky." 2,000 acres he had sold to William Walker and 2,000 acres to James McDowell. See Action Pickett vs. McDowell.

WalkerWilliamPerson:William Walker (245) 2180-181c 1810 Walker's administrator vs. Jones's administrator--O, S. 226; N. S. 80--

Bill, 1810. Bill filed in Albemarle, 1813, by Walter Leake, administrator c. t. a. of Levi Jones, Elizabeth Jones, his widow, and Orlando, Lain and William Jones, infants of Lain Jones. Elizabeth was Elizabeth Clayton.
William Walker and Elizabeth conveyed to Lain Jones a tract of land and all their interest in a deed by Orlando Jones to John Clayton, 1771. Lain Jones was only child and heir of Orlando Jones, who died testate. Will dated 4th May, 1804.
William Walker and Elizabeth are both dead.
Defendants are, viz:

James, Andrew, Francis, Walker and Sally, his wife;
Andrew Laird and Eleanor, his wife (late Walker);
Charles Mosly and Jane, his wife, late Walker;
Francis, Josephus, Rebecca Walker,
and Daniel Couch.

Copy of a former bill filed in Albemarle by William Walker and Elizabeth, his wife, shows that on 27th November, 1771, in contemplation of a marriage between Orlando Jones, deceased, and Elizabeth (oratrix), daughter of John Clayton, deceased, a marriage contract was entered into. Conveys 400 acres in Albemarle and certain slaves.
In February, 1793, Orlando died without issue by Elizabeth, who married Walker in 1793.
Deed 27th November, 1771, by Orlando Jones of Albemarle and John Clayton of Gloucester.
Marriage settlement. Recorded in General Court, 30th April, 1772. Deed 19th May, 1795, by William Walker and Elizabeth to Lain Jones, 400 acres in Albemarle. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795.
Bill of revivor filed by heirs of Elizabeth Walker, viz: John Clayton, Nicholas Davis, Samuel B. Davis, Timberlake V. Davis, Catherine C. Meriwether, Edith Clay, Thomas Hughes, Henry Hughes, Susanna Hughes, Jasper Clayton, William B. Clayton, Arthur Davis.
Deed 30th May, 1795, by Lain Jones of Albemarle to William Walker, mortgage. Recorded in Albemarle, June, 1795.
Bill by James Walker, administrator c. t. a. of William Walker of Buckingham County.
Will of Orlando (Lain?) Jones dated 4thMay, 1804. Sons, Orlando, Lain and William; wife. Recorded in Albemarle, 1805, 4th February.
Joseph Coleman deposes: Orlando Jones died 1793, leaving Lain Jones, father of Orlando, Lain and William.

WalkerWilliam 3248 1815 Page 419.--13th March, 1815. David Buchanan's will--To wife,

Susannah; youngest daughter, Betsey; to daughter, Polly Hanna; son, James; son, Hugh; to daughter, Peggy Walker; daughter, Betsey Buchanan; to son, George, executor. Teste: James Clarke, James Buchanan, Sr., Archibald Smiley, Samuel Armstrong. 2d May, 1817. Codicil--Wife Susanna is dead. Teste: Wm. Walker, Alex. Buchanan. Proved, 23d November, 1818 Executor qualifies.