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Transcript.Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles
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Person:Francis Walker (24)
Walker YDNA Group 42


The patriarch of this line is Person:Francis Walker (24). According to family documentation [1] Francis was born in Donegal Ireland, where he married Rebecca Laird. Rebecca died there about 1795 and Francis remarried to Sarah Hetrick about 1797. The family immigrated to America about 1800 and settled in Albemarle County, Virginia. In 1831 Sarah died here, as did Francis the following year.

Several records for Francis and his children appear in Old Augusta Records, related to the settlement of his estate.

A person claiming descent from Francis has taken the FTDNA YDNA test. Those results place Francis line in Group 42 of the Walker YDNA project. There are currently a half dozen or so members of this group. The fact that they share a similar YDNA signature suggests that they share a common ancestor, presumably living in Ireland prior to the birth of Francis. Currently, there is no information to tie these lines together, and Francis is presumed to be an independent importation to America. Given his late importation to America (1800), there is no particular reason to suspect that any of the early Walker settlers of Old Augusta were related to Francis.


  1. This seems to be based on a family bible record, but the record itself has not been examined. While there's no reason to question this view, verification of the story line is needed.