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Source:Houston, 1882


Register. Houstons in Old Augusta
Transcript:Houston Marriage Records, Blount County TN, 1796-1859
Transcript:James Houston (1757-1840) Family Bible, Maryville, Blount County, TN
Houston Rev. War pension Applications on Southern Campaigns


The General Sam Houston Lineage (commonly designated here as the GSH Lineage), is named for one of its best known member, General Sam Houston of Texas, the son of Major Samuel Houston, and the Great Grandson of the immigrant ancestor Person:John Houston (15)

Our primary source of information about the early history of this family in America is from Source:Houston, 1882, prepared by the Reverand Samuel Houston, a second cousin of GSH. Houston made extensive use of family papers, correspondence, and oral family history in laying out the family history. He did not make extensive use of non-family original source documents, and so verification and validation of his genealogy is particularly needed, particularly for the information about the early family history. Much of what he tells us about his immediate family is most likely accurate, but confirming information about earlier generations, especially prior to their appearance in Old Augusta, Virginia about 1748, is critically needed.

Lineage History

According to a manuscript "found among the papers of Rev. Samuel Houston, of Rockbridge County, VA, the father of the writer"

John Houston, my grandfather, came from Ireland with his family when my father was nine years of age, about seventeen hundred and thirty-five (1735), bringing with him his mother, and wife, and all of his children excepting the oldest son (James), who...was studying for the ministry but died soon after the family left him, of consumption. Source:Houston, 1882:7.

We can easily document the presence of the family on Borden's Grant (then Old Augusta, now Rockbridge County) through court records beginning no later than 1748, documenting them prior to that date has proven difficult. Houston, 1882, simply places the family in Pennsylvania, but does not specify where in Pennsylvania they were living. Many genealogists place them in Lancaster County, while others place them further west in Cumberland County. Documentation supporting these placements is very limited, and additional work is needed to trace their early history in Pennsylvania.

The Houston's remained in Old Augusta until just before the Revolution. At that time some branches moved south into Southwest Virginina, settling in the Holston watershed near Saltville. Around the turn of the century, some of these Southwest Virginia Houston's moved to the Smoky Mountain area in Tennessee, settling primarily in Blount County. Here they were joined by additional Houston's coming south from Old Augusta. Among the later was the family of General Sam Houston. At least one branch of the GSH lineage moved to Kentucky before 1800.


The following descendancy is based on Source:Houston, 1882 with some additions based on original source documentation. The diagram provides an overview of the early branches of the family, focusing primarily on the male lines.

Color coding shows geographic distribution of various family members. Bolded text, and heavy black lines indicates data and relationships that have been independently verified with original source documentation. Page numbers provide reference to Houston, 1882. Numbers in parenthesis ( ) correspond to relate person index [e.g., (15) indicates [[Person:John Houston (15) on WeRaleate.] Documentation is an ongoing process; it is likely that this diagram will be modified as additional information comes to light, and confirming sources are found.


General Sam Houston Lineage. Largely based on Source:Houston, 1882, supplemented with other sources. The focus of this listing is on the male lineages, though daughters are sometimes entered to meet specific needs as they come up. Where page numbers are shown links have been established to the appropriate page of Ancestry's version of Source:Houston, 1882. Where no page number is given, the page number and link remains to be added. However, if a "-" appears in the page column, the individuals shown have no entry in Houston, 1882. Some entries have color coding, as follows: Coding in left hand columns giving name of person:
Grandson of John (15)
Person lived out life in Ireland
Person lived out life in Augusta/Rockbridge County
Person lived out life Southwest Virginia or in Blount County TN/surrounding area.
Coding in far right column:
No substantive information has been found
Person is not believed to have had descendants. May have died young, unmarried, or simply never had children. This is mostly based on Houston, 1882 comments, which may or may not be accurate.

PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue

p14person:John Houston (15)1690-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c1754The immigrant ancestor of the GSH line; Last name of Wife was "Cunningham"; Houston, 1882, p14; Mothers name unknown, but Hoiuston, 1882 gives her DOB as 1650. Father's name may have been John, but Houston 1882 is not positive of even that; 5 sons
I. Person:James Houston (42)1715-1736Son of John (15). Remained behind in Ireland, studying to become a minister per Source:Houston, 1882; died unmarried
II. Person:Robert Houston (1)c1720-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c1760 Son of John (15). Son Maj. Samuel remained in Rockbridge/Augusta, but after his death wife and children, including GSH, moved to Blount County TN. Limited data for other sons of Robert. No data on their dispersion
III. Person:John Houston (16)c1726/1716?-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-1798Son of John (15). Remained in Rockbridge/Augusta (R/A). Sons James, Rev. Samuel, and Mathew remained in R/A. Limited dispersion data for sons John (KY?/OH?), and William.
IV. Person:Samuel Houston (7)c1728-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c17701770-c1786c1786-1797Son of John (15). Moved first to Washington county VA, then Blount County TN, with son Robert. Son James remained in R/A. Son John Moved to Washington County. Sons William and Mathew moved to Blount County.
V. Person:Matthew Houston (1)c1730-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c17701770-c1786c1786-1790Son of John (15). Moved to Blount County with most of his sons. Son John moved to Washington County.

I. James

Group/PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue
p18I. James (42)1715-c1736Presumed died in Ireland, no known descendants

II. Robert

GSH Lineage

Group/PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue
p22 II. Person:Robert Houston (1)c1720-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c1760 Margaret [Mary] Davidson. Robert's Will identifies his wife as "Mary". Houston 1882 identifies her as Margaret. Many genealogists resolve this discrepancy by giving her name as "Mary Margaret". It seems likely that Houston 1882 was in error, and her name was Mary. This couple had eight children per Roberts will, but only five of them are identified in Houston 1882. The matter is further confused by the fact that Houston, 1882 further identifies Roberts wife as "Margaret Davidson, daughter of Samuel and Ann Dunlap". That might indicate that Margaret/Mary was previoiusly married but available evidence (See:Person:Mary Davidson (77)) suggests that Houston simply erred, and that Roberts wife was Mary Davidson daughter of Robert Davidson and wife Ann Dunlap.
p23 A. Person:John Houston (20)1749-d1809?m1769 Ann Logan; Ann may have moved to TN after death of John c1809
-1. Elizabeth b1766
-2. Robert 23 2 Feb 1770 D1850 IndianaSam Houston Mem Mus. "born Feb. 2, 1770, died Mar. 14, 1850 in Indiana. He died of cancer. He never married."
-3. Mary (Betty J?) 21 Dec 1771
-4. Esther 7 Apr 1774
-5. William b1776-d1814Polly Poague; ten children; From: Sam Houston Memorial Museum William Houston - born Dec. 30, 1776, died August 25, 1814, Lexington, Virginia. He married Polly Poague Feb. 21, 1805. William lived in Lexington, Virginia, was a soldier in the War of 1812. He took sick in Norfolk, Virginia, returned home and died. His widow, Polly, moved to Vernon, Jennings Co., Indiana, in 1825 after the death of her husband. Later she married Samuel A. Lattimore. William and Polly had 4 children.
- a. James Poague 1809-??-d1820Most have him dying unmarried about 1820; Others show him marrying 1866 and dying in Shelbyville KY. Per Sam houston Mem. Museum

"James P. Houston (son of William Houston and Polly Poague) born Dec. 29, 1809, married May 15, 1866. He was thrown from a horse and killed."

- b. William Logan 1813d1900 IndianaFanie Lybrook, 10 children; Per Sam Houston Mem. Mus "William Logan Houston (son of William Houston and Polly Poague) born May 12, 1813, Lexington, VA, married Oct. 7, 1834 to Fannie Lybrook. They resided in Lewisville, Henry Co., IN. They had 10 children. "
- c. John Franklin 18051834 Ms Cartright, 10 children, lived in Indiana
- d. Jane A. 1809-1809died at birth

23 B. Person:Samuel Houston (8) bc1745-d1807Family to Blount County TN after his death in 1807=Elizabeth Paxton daughter of John Paxton. Died away from home, in Allegheny Co, VA; 6 sons
24Paxton bc1787>1807-d1810No Issue
25Robert 22 Died without issue after 1812
25Person:James Houston (21)[1788 or1797-1807][c1807-?]Nasville TN-d1836]= [1819 ln Maury TN] Rebecca G. Herndon; Was a merchant for sometime in Blount County TN, settled afterward in Nashville, where he died. [Houston, 1882 gives little information, but a number of genealogists identify several sons who married.
25Person:John Houston (21)They lived in Memphis TN for many years, and raised a family there After the death of his only (?) son, two or three of his daughters continued their residence there.
25General Sam Houston1793d1863 Texas3 marriages, 8 children by third
34Williamb1791>1807-?Mary Ball, 5 children; Lived Memphis TN, died away from home in Washington DC; Letter Sam Houston to wife Margaret L., 23 Mar 1846 confirms five children of brother William and mary Ball, names not stated.]; Fled to Washington DC during the Civil War. 1850/1860 census gives his DOB as 1802. 1850 census gives her DOB as 1836, and her middle initial as "E". 5 Children age 6 to 14 in 1850

- a. Sallie [b1836]
35 b. Mary [b.1836=1) ___ Pittman, 2) ____ Carr
35 c. William [b1840]lived in Philadelphia
- d. Claude [b1842/44 Memphis]DOB in 1850 Census is 1842; 1860 gives it as 1844; one or the othr ennumerators probably reversed theorder of birth of the children,
- e. Eugene [b1842/44 Memphis]pilot on Mississippi; DOB in 1850 Census is 1844; 1860 gives it as 1842; one or the othr ennumerators probably reversed theorder of birth of the children,

p44C. Margaret=James Hopkins
p45D. Esther=James McKee
-E. AnnNot Listed in Houston 1882, but included in Robert's Will
p47F. MaryJohn Letcher
-G. Elizabeth
-H. JamesNot Listed in Houston 1882, but included in Robert's Will

III. John

Group/PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue

p120III. John Houstonc1726/1716?-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-1798=Sarah Todd; died in Logan County KY while visiting son; wife Sarah died in Blount County TN. in 1795; Death of wife in Blount County seems inconsistent with his residence in Augusta County.
p120A. Jamesbc1754=Elizabeth Weir
p1221. George 1782-1819Never Married
p1222. William 1786-1868=1) Elizabeth H. FInley; =2) =Susan Wier
p124James No account of him
p124George W. =Annetta l. Wilson
p124John Franklin
p124William Howard =Elizabeth H. Irvine
p1203. Hugh 1812????dBuffalo NY No substantive Information
p125B. John (19)1750Little known. To Kentucky or Ohio [YDNA descendant traces the line to Abbeville, SC, spouse =Lydia Armstrong]; Some identify a son Alexander Richard Houston by Susannah Clark; and trace descent trhough their son James Aurelius; YDNA results suggest this is incorrect, and that James Aurelius descends from a William Houston of Sarceta, SC.
p126C. Rev. Samuel (10) b1758-d1839 =1) Peggy Hall (no chldren); 2) Margaret Walker dau. of Joseph Walker son of Jane Moore; Presbyterian Minister, served churches in NC, Blount County TN, and Augusta, VA. In later life he lived in Rockbridge County.
p1511. Samuel Rutherford Houston b1806WV 1842->1881=1) Marry Russell Rowland; 2) Margaret Parks Paxton
p164Rutherford Rowland= Maggie Steele; Born in Turkey c1836, returned to Rockbridge at age 4, resided in Botetourt Co VA. One male child, Harry R.
p166William Paxton
p167Samuel Adger
p168Adamantius Corey
p173James Bernard
p174Hubert Todd
p.1752. John (31) b1809-d1879=1) Martha Wilson; =2) Lizzie Steele. Lived in Rural Valley, Rockbridge County
Samuel WillsonWent west to seek his fortune in Cal, NV, and ND. "Last account of him was that he was mining in the Black Hills..."
Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker=Bolivar Leach, of Rockbridge, Nine children.
p180Mary RowlandNever Married, died of typhoid fever.
p180Bettie Stuart=John Luster; lived in Baltimore, MD
p181HoraceWent to TN and married his cousin Miss Wilson
Ella Moormanref p. 121 for more information on her, but no information given on that page.
Janetta M. =Boyd B. Sterrett, Lived Paris Illinois, No Children
Jennie C.=___Swink; Lived in Rockbridge, two or three children
Martha H.=___Cottingham; Lived in Baltimore Maryland. ONe child
Leroy D.minister, little known
Robert Bruce (15)

p182D. WilliamMerchant. Went north to purchase goods and never returned
p182E. Robert (5)b1786by 1798-d18631)____Matthews; 2) Mary Jane Neeley
p183A. JohnMerchant Near Carlisle KY, lived to great age
p183B. AlexanderDied in Ohio<
p183 C. Matthew NeelyMoved to MO
p183F. Mathewb1762-d1847=Patsy McCloyd
1. Andrew C.b1762-=Mary Ann Russell
a. Matthew HenryTo Kentucky
b. Charles Haleremained in Rockbridge
c. John DavidTo Kentucky
p1862. David Gardner=Nancy Dix; Several of the children died young of Scarlet Fever,or during the Civil War
a. Joseph C.died young
b. William died young, or perhaps in Civil War
p. 187 c. D. Gardnerdied at Gettyburg, 4 July 1863
d. RutherfordNo substantive information but died as an adult
e. Thomas=Emma C. Houston; Went to Texas after 1874
f. Edward
g. Andrewdied young, or perhaps in Civil War
h. Henry
p.1923. Mathew Hale1810
a. William W.=Mary Waddell; To Ohio
b. Rev. Mathew Hale
c. Archibald W.Killed in Civil War
d. John W.KY in 1881=Mary Durnam;
e. Henry
f. Alexander
g. Cloyd

IV. Samuel

PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue
p209IV. Person:Samuel Houston (7) c1728-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c17701770-c1786c1786-1797=1753 or 1754 Elizabeth McCroskey
p210A. John 41b1754-d1825d SWVA=1793 Mary Jones; Lived near Seven Mile Ford in SWVA; Most genealigsits give his DOD as 1825, either in Smyth County or Rockbridge County; DOM seems late for someone born in 1754.
1. JohnNo information
2. JamesNo information
3. Robert (15)=Margaret Cunningham;
a. RobertNo Information
b. JamesNo Information
c. CalvinNo Information
d. AlexanderNo Information
e. 5 othersNo Information

4. MartinNo information
5. SamuelNo information
p210B. James (20)b17571781-c1790by 1796 [22 Dec 1840]*1) =1780 Esther Houston in Augusta VA, 2) =1796 Mary Gillespie in Blount County TN; 3) Mrs Jane Kilburn, two daughters and a son by first marriage; eight by third; probablly none by second. note duplication of some given names. This may be due to "name recycling", but it seems likely that there are some errors in Houston, 1882's list.
p2141. Patsey b1783[d.1805] =1799 John Gillespie (see p. 89). TN. Marr. give it as 16 oct 1799; Houston 1882: gives it as 1779, which is presumably in error. Patsy is a nickname for Martha. Note that there were two "Martha Houston's" in this family; The second Martha married William Woods in 1726. This Martha is probably by James Second marriage, assuming that James named two separate daughters "Martha".
p2142. Betsey b1786d1809 =1799 Robert Gillespie (see p. 87)
3 Robertb. 1788-d1815 Bermuda died young adult, probably unmarried.
p2144 Melindab1787-d1809 [died unmarried]
p2145 Esther Jane G[illespie][1792]-1844 =1810 Samuel Cowan
p2156 HettieKnox County = 1816 Haywood Bennett; Lived in Knox County, 9 miles w. of Knoxville
p2157 Lucindab1796d1850 Missouri City TX =[4 Dec] 1816 Rev. James Gallagher
p2178 Phebe Mb 1800-d1888 Maryville =1825 Rober Tedford
p2189 [Mary] Pollyb18081895 Illinois=1826 Rev. Hilary Patrick; Text gives DOM as 1826, but DOD as 1805 in Illinois
21310 Samuel F.died young
p21911 Martha (Patsy) G. =1826 Rev. Wm. Woods; Large family, but dispersed. No substantive data.
p21912 Betsey Gillespie =1830 James Tedford, merchant; six children
p21913 Melinda G[illespie][b1818]-d[1878]=Rev. Ralph E[rksine] Tedford. Both died 1778
p21914 Sydney Nd Indiana 1892 =Rev. John S. Craig; to Indiana by 1870 bgcolor=lightsteelblue
p220C. Robertb1760 d8123, Knox County=1) Elizabeth Lochard inAugusta; 2) Martha Blackburn; Lived 8 miles SE of Knoxville on French Broad
p2221 William L.
p2222 Samuel died young in Alabama
p2223 James died unmarried in Blount County
p2224 Mathew Family moved to Iowa
p2225 John died unmarried in Knox County
p2236 Robert =Dorthy Cressewll in Blount,
p2237 George Blackburn =Lamanda Monday; to Iowa and Kansas
p2238 Joseph Erasmaus1807 =Eliza McC. Hair, Settled in Madisonville, Monroe Co TN
p2259 Loch E.1809 (Knox County) =Mary Sue Parrish; Mississippi
p229 10 Samuel Moore=Mary P. Hendon; To Alabama; to St. Louis after the Civil War
p232D. William b1767 =Mary Black daughter of Joseph Black
Jack=Patsie Gillespie; This is probably John Houston who married Patsie Gillespie per Blount Marriage Records. Martha's full name is given in various genealogies as "Martha "Patsie" Lyle Gillespie. The couple movced to Shelfby County TN, settling near Eads, where he died May 1863.
Samuel =Jane Cowan
Joseph =Esther Cusack
Betsie M. =Jas McNeely; Blount Marriage Records
Polly =Nelson Wright
Rebecca =Jefferson Young
Hettie =John Nickolls
E. Mathewb1772-d1788 Died Young

V. Mathew

Group/PagePersonIrelandPAAugustaSWVABlount TNKentuckyElsewhereSpouse/Issue

.233V. Person:Matthew Houston (1) c1730-c1733c1733-c1740c1740-c17701770-c1786c1786-17901790-=Martha Lyle
234A. John (20) bc 1759 Died age 70=Rachel Balch, settled on Pistol Creek, Blount County TN
1. JamesDied young
2. Robert=Margaret Cunningham; children Robert, James, Calcin, Alexander + 5 others
a. Robert
b. James
c. Calvin
d. Alexander
e. 5 others
3. MatthewDied young
4. John=Ellen Houston. No children
5. Patsie/Betsey=1799 Robert Gillespie Houston 1881 has her as Patsy, Marriage record gives her as Betsey. Presumed to be same couple.
6. Anna=James Houston gs of Mathew Houston"Children Besie Ann, Martha, Phebe, Rachel James Addison, and Mary
7. Betsie/BettieDIed at 17
2388. Margaret=John Aiken; two children. names unknown

p238B. Samuel Houston b1760-1774d18341792 =Nancy Gillespie dau of Wm. Gillespie
p2391. William=Margaret Swann
p241 2. Hettie Blount, Monroe, Bradley Co TN=Andrew Cowan
p241 3. Mary Davidson.Greene Co TN, Morgan Co. Alabama, Purdy, Tn, MS; d. 1878=1819 Hezakiah Mitchell
p2454. Mathew Cyrusb1799p236; in Al. by 1819=1823 1) Esther Houston Gillespie; =2) Martha Lyle Gillespie
p2595. Robert Finleyb1802, m 1826>1881 in Meridian MS=1826 Ann Gillespie d of John Gillespie
p.2756. Johnm1829to Texas?<td>=1829 Ann White in Blount County; to Texas
p.2757. Samuel A.=1)Letitia talbot, =2) ___Echols
p.2768. Cyrenato Texas=James Echols
p2769. Luther G.d, 1863. =Jane Strode
p27610. James Died in infancy

p276C. James (44) =Phebe McClung; lived on Pistol Creek, Blount County, TN
1. Robert Addisondied age 21
2. James=1816 Ann Houston dau of John Houston=Rachel Balch
3. Matthew McClung=1821 Polly GIllespie dau of John Gillespie
4. Hettie =Wm Lowry
5. Ann m1822=1822 Andrew C. Montgomery

p279D. Mathew To KY, then OH, Shaker=Margaret Cloyd; may have reconverted to Presbytertianism late in life,
1. Archibald No Substantive Data
2. Romaine No Substantive Data

p282E. Robert killed at Citico Depot, while crossing Little River TN
p281F. Esther =Maj. James Houston qv, in Blount County by 1790
p282G. Margaret James Gillespie son of William Gillespie, 6 children