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Source:Houston, 1882
Transcript:Houston Marriage Records, Blount County TN, 1796-1859
Transcript:James Houston (1757-1840) Family Bible, Maryville, Blount County, TN
Transcript:Houston's in the 1830 Blount County TN Census


General Sam Houston Lineage


The following identifies the main lines of Houston's present in Old Augusta. A more detailed lineage for the GSH line is available at General Sam Houston Lineage. A similar treatment is planned for the Mill Creek Hundred Houston's.

GSHperson:John Houston (15)The immigrant ancestor of the GSH line
Person:James Houston (42)Son of John (15). Remained behind in Ireland, studying to become a minister per Source:Houston, 1882
Person:Robert Houston (1)Son of John (15). Son Maj. Samuel remained in Rockbridge/Augusta, but after his death wife and children, including GSH, moved to Blount County TN. Limited data for other sons of Robert. No data on their dispersion
Person:John Houston (16)Son of John (15). Remained in Rockbridge/Augusta (R/A). Sons James, Rev. Samuel, and Mathew remained in R/A. Limited dispersion data for sons John (KY?/OH?), and William.
Person:Samuel Houston (7)Son of John (15). Moved first to Washington county VA, then Blount County TN, with son Robert. Son James remained in R/A. Son John Moved to Washington County. Sons William and Mathew moved to Blount County.
Person:Matthew Houston (1)Son of John (15). MOved to Blount County with most of his sons. Son John moved to Washington County.
Unknownperson:James Houston (17)Sometimes identified as a child of John (15), but this conflicts with Source:Houston, 1882 written by a ggrandson of John (15). According to the later account John did have a son James, but he died in Ireland after the rest of the famiily moved to America. Houston, 1882 may be in error on this, and James (17) may be the son who "died in Ireland, even though he is shown by some genealogists as coming to America, dying in Greene County, TN about 1820.

Another researcher states "James was listed as deceased in Ireland. However he was left to study the ministry. When he left the church to come to America, the church listed him as deceased in the faith." This could be a plausible explanation, but as it stands its an interpretational explanation, rather than a factual explanation. That is, while it explains the conflict, it does not provide evidence that the explanation is correct. This is a problem that needs further exploration.

Mill Creek Hundred LineagePerson:Archibald Houston (2)Settled in the Stover's Creek area near fatherinlaw, John Stephenson. Probably came to the area from Pennsylvania. Stovers Creek lies north of modern Augusta, just north of the modern Rockingham County border. At the time of settlement this area was part of Augusta County, and persons in the area appear in the Augusta County Records. Placed in Mill Creek Hundred Lineage based on unconfirmed YDNA test results fide User:Dan Woodruff.