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Intermediate source:Ancestry
Original Source:Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.


Register. Houstons in Old Augusta
Transcript:James Houston (1757-1840) Family Bible, Maryville, Blount County, TN


Most of these Houston marriages are believed to involve members of General Sam Houston Lineage. See:Register. Houstons in Old Augusta for a thumbnail outline of early members of this family. There appear to be two separate sources mixed into this data. Evidence for this is the fact that some of the marriages appear twice. For example, a "J A Houston" is shown as marrying a "Mary J Mcreynolds" on 16 Sep 1856, but on the same date there is a nearly identical entry for "J A Houston" marrying "M I Mcreynolds". Clearly these are duplicate entries, albeit with some degree of typographical error with regard to the name of the wife. Perhaps these differences come from different records: e.g., a ministers returns, and a list of marriage licenses. Since the original microfilm apparently does not identify the specific source of the information for each record, we are left largely to our own devices.


Original DataSupplementary information
Houston*SpouseDOMLikely Parents of HoustonsNotesProbable WeRelate Card
James Houston Mary Gillespie 6 Oct 1796 Son of Rev. Samuel Houston (7) and Mary McCroskeyBible Record gives DOM as 10 Oct 1791Person:James Houston (20)
Betsey Houston Robert Gillespie 7 Feb 1799Daughter of James Houston (20) and Mary Gillespie Confirmed in Bible Record
Patsey Houston John Z Gillespie 7 Feb 1799Daughter of James Houston (20) and Mary Gillespie Confirmed in Bible Record
Jane Houston Samuel Cowan 18 Jul 1810Daughter of James Houston (20)

Confirmed in Bible Record

Betsy Houston James Mcneeley 14 Jul 1812Daughter of William Houston and Mary Black
Anna Houston James Houston 17 Oct 1816Dau of John Houston =Rachel BalchPerson:Anna Houston (2)
Esther F Houston Andrew Cowan 25 Sep 1816Samuel Houston and Nancy GillespiePerson:Esther Houston (13)
Esther L Houston Haywood G Bennett 13 Nov 1816Daughter of James Houston (20) Confirmed in Bible Record
Lucinda C Houston James Goliher 4 Dec 1816Daughter of James Houston (20) BIble Record gives date as 11 Dec 1816
James Houston Anna Houston 17 Oct 1816Son of James Houston and Phoebe McClungPerson:James Houston (45)
John Houston Patsy Gillespie 16 Oct 1817 son of William Houston=Mary BlackPerson:John Houston (42)
Mary D Houston Hezekiah Mitchell 18 Mar 1819dau Samuel Houston=Nancy Gillespie
Mary Houston Allen W Davis 7 Mar 1820No Data; Allen William Allen (1797-1855 was son of John Davis 1768-1841 and Sarah Campbell Allen 1743-1800
Eliza Ann Houston Saml A Moore 21 Jun 1821dau Person:John Houston (20)=Ann Logan
Matthew M Houston Mary Gillespie 29 Nov 1821Son of James Houston =Phoebe McClung
Samuel Houston Nancy Stephens 24 May 1821No Data; Nancy (1801-?) was the dau of John Stephens (1760-1810) and Lucy Collins (1772-1810)
Ann M Houston Andrew C Montgomery 24 Oct 1822dau dau of John Houston=Rachel BalchHouston 1882 gives DOM as 1816
Mathew C Houston Esther H Gillespie 1 Aug 182son of Samuel Houston =Nancy Gillespie
Margaret Houston John Eakin 11 Mar 1823Dau of John Houston =Rachel Balch; Houston 1881 gives his name as John Aiken
Hetty Houston William Lowery 13 Dec 1825Variously identified as the daughter of Mathew Houston=Martha Lyle, and William Houston=Mary Black; Houston 1882 identifies her as the daughter of James Houston (44)=Phoebe McLung.presumed to be correct
Phoebe M Houston [Pheobe Houston] Robert Tedford 10 Aug 1825Dau of James Houston (20)=1) Mary GillespieDOM Confirmed by Bible recordPerson:Phoebe Houston (1)
Samuel Houston Ann Huchison 15 Feb 1825No substantive data
Mary Houston Hillery Patrick 28 Jul 1826Most genealogists on Ancestry identify her as the daughter of James (20); this marriage is included in James (20)'s family bible record, but that bible record also shows daughter Mary as dying in 1820. Bible record gives date as 16 Feb 1826
Patsy Houston William W Woods 16 Feb 1826Dau Person:James Houston (20) by Esther HoustonConfirmed with Bible RecordPerson:Martha Houston (7)
Robert Houston Dorothy Creswell 9 Aug 1826Son of Robert Houston and Eliza LockhartPerson:Robert Houston (11)
Robert F Houston Ann Gillespie 13 Apr 1826son of Samuel Houston = Nancy Gillespie
John Houston Ann G White 16 Jul 1829son of Samuel Houston = Nancy Gillespie
Hetty Houston Edward H Nichols 17 Feb 1831
Rebeckah R Houston Thomas J Young 21 Jul 1831
John Houston Elinor Wilson 17 Dec 1835
Jane Houston William Anderson 11 Oct 1836
Joseph B Houston Huldah D Cusick 7 Dec 1837
Malinda G Houston Ralph E Tedford 12 Apr 1838Bible record gives DOM as 12 April 1838
Sidney N Houston John S Craig 13 May 1841Confirmed with Bible Record
John Houston Olivia C Duncan 28 Dec 1841
Betsy Ann Houston Beard H Means 2 Feb 1843
Elizabeth R Houston Robert Pickens 29 Dec 1846
Harriet Houston Samuel H Mcmurry 4 Dec 1855
Harriett Houston Samuel H Mccamy 4 Dec 1855Duplicate record
Harriett Houston Saml H Mcmurry 4 Dec 1855
P M Houston Jno Griffitts 25 Nov 1856Duplicate record
Phebe M Houston John Griffetts Jr. 25 Nov 1856
J A Houston Mary J Mcreynolds 16 Sep 1856Duplicate record
J A Houston M I Mcreynolds 16 Sep 1856
P P Houston Sarah W Steele 4 Nov 1856Duplicate record
P P Houston S W Steele 4 Nov 1856
R L Houston P H Mcclung 25 Nov 1858
Rachel L Houston James H Mcclung 25 Nov 1858

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