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The following descendency diagram is based on published lineages in the Walker YDNA Project, Group 33, focusing on the Walker lineages associted with Cumberland County, PA. Supplemented by additional data taken from published familily descendancies, such as those found on Ancestry. Little of the data presented here has been independently verified, and the relationships shown should be considered as conjectural. The focus of this study is to identify male Walker descendants in the Cumberland seeking connections to other Walkers lineages in Group 33.

Color coding has been employed to indicate assumed birthplace, and the area where the individual either flourished, or died, as given by other researchers. Thus, a green outline around a name indicates birth in Ireland, while a field filled-in with beige indicates that they flourished or died in Lancaster County, PA.

The solid red line, with bolded names, indicates the descendency of the descendant who participated in the Walker DNA project. A wide black line indicates that direct evidence (such as a will) has been examined to verify the father-child relationship. Dates and names in red indicate possible discrepancies.


Egle presented data on the Walker families of Cumberland County in his "Egle's Notes and Queries". Egle does not indicate where he obtained his information, but we presume it came from family members. The following diagram presents this descendancy, and presumably reflects the views of the family in the late 19th Century. Some of the family connections shown can be confirmed by other data contained in county records (often presented by Egle in one or another of his articles.) Differences between Egle's presentation and the concensus view above are shown as "greyed" names. Egle, for example, includes no information about the family of Andrew Walker; the concensus view shows a number of male children, and these are shown in grey typeface.