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There are several indications that certain Walkers in the Carolina Cradle, came to the area from Cumberland County, PA.

1. A James Walker left a will dated 21 May 1803, identifying his wife Ann. Family letters [1] dealing with an estate settlement reveal that Ann's maiden name was "McClintock", and that the family came to Rockingham from Cumberland County, PA.
2. On the 26th day of October, 1832, James Walker, a resident of Adams County, Ohio, then age of 77 declared that "...He first entered the service of the United States as a volunteer militia man the first day of February that time he lived with his father in Orange County, North Carolina (since Caswell County N. C.)....Shortly after the close of the War this Declarant moved to Pennsylvania. He resided there a short time, and then removed to Rockbridge County Virginia, where he resided about 13 years. He removed from Rockbridge Virginia to Adams County of Ohio, where he has continued to reside till the present time." In answer to a specific question James testified that he was born "In Cumberland County Pennsylvania on the second of March 1755."
3. Towards the end of the 19th century brothers James and Joseph Walker left separate "vanity biographies", [2] giving their personal story, including complementary family background. Both identify their parents as "Joseph Walker and Elizabeth Whitley", and note that they were born in Rockbridge County, VA. James notes that his grandfather James Walker was a veteran of the Revolution, and adds that "The Walkers and Whitleys moved from Virginia to Highland County, Ohio, in 1812". Joseph notes that he was born in Adams County Oh, in 1825. The fact they Joseph was born in Adams County, but his parents came to the area from Rockbridge County VA, is consistent with identifying their grandfather James the Revolutionary War veteran born in CUmberland County, PA.
4. YDNA evidence shows that a descendant of one of the Cumberland County Walkers matches YDNA data from a descendant of Samuel Walker of Hogans Creek in what is now Caswell County, NC, as well as that of John Walker III of the Wigton Walker line who lived in this same area about 1756-1770.
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