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The "Walker-Waynick Papers" is a collection of letters and other documents preserved by a descendant of James Walker. Photocopies of this private collection were made by the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. They are stored as File No. PC 1456.1, North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Davidson County. The following transcriptions by Mark B Walker, were provided by Mary Ann Hubbell, 17 Sep 2009.

Letter 1

from John Walker to James Walker, 22 July 1793 

D Brother

I have recd the Silver Exactly as you wrote me and the Number of Pieces of Gold The Silver is three pounds thirteen Shillings The Gold is Eighteen pounds thirteen Shillings and Eight pense,

The Money Arising from my Tickets amount to Twenty Six pounds Eight Shillings and nine pence, which I think there is some remainder due me

Also there was a Ticket Upon John Williams, the amount I do not Recollect You will please write me the particulars respecting said Ticket

We are all well & Desire to be remembered to all Friends and should be glad, you would Step over the Hill and See us Some times

I am Your Loving Brother John & Ann Walker

The envelope bears the following text:

Mr. James Walker by John Rockingham County Walker North Carolina

Letter 2

from Daniel McClintock to James Walker, 11 December 1797

State of Pennsylvania Cumberland County December 11th 1797

Dear Sir | I am at this time ..... to mention a few things Respecting your affairs here I have not ..... you yet the Personal Estate of Hugh Torrance and my brothers .............. and Settle ... at the next Orphants Court Sheriff will be Saraha ............ next in the ..... find for to bring forward the Accounts the Inquiry held by the Sheriff on the land would not be accepted The Jury was in there Judgment I find Due to the Estate of Hugh Torrance and others more than the amount of the Personal Estate was at my brothers Decease Since It was first down Debts of Twenty years old .............. right against me in amount .... and my brother we have had no ?crops? this three years was ... .... the Hesian fly destroys our wheat ?very? much I have Sunk at least Two Dollars this three years by ....... to farm and neglecting my Other bisness my bisness here ........ Change of times has Reduced me to necessities I would not be ....... I would not for a thousand Pounds I had ?Reasins? tr..d or been Concerned in the busness the land would not by eight D.... to bring as much ......... ninty six My Judgment was Also ........ to Sell the land and let every one have their Desire but it was not the land of all the People I am concerned with I shall not make any ........ more at this time but Just inform you that times is so bad money ......... passed out of our Country for we nothing to Send to market I have been hard treated by my Partners in Philadelphia has been twice ........ by the Sheriff for not suffering==Letter 3==

Letter 3

Letter from Daniel McClintock to James Walker, 19 November 1799

Dear Sir

I take this Opertunity to inform you we are all in Our Usual health no Change has taken amonst Our friends Since John was here except the young Woman betsy who Served in the family since a Child was married About a year ago to a certain Jacob Waist a German who has been a Croper with us these two years past and about a week ago She had a Son The Situation of David Ralstons family is Such that Nancy had a Child to a man of the name of McGee Ann is Married to a James Marchbanks David has made a Change of his place for the place where Andrew Walker lived at the Creek -- With Respect to the property of Alexdr McClintock is this the personal property ammounted to 419 pounds The Debts of the Estate of Hugh Torrance and other Debts will about Settle a ballance with the personal Property The land Sems hard to be Sold at this time as a Gr..e Recourse is had to the Casanaga lands near to Lake Erie makes land not more than half the Value They were here three years ago I have attempted to Sell the Part of the land belonging to the Legaties but it is So Dull times here There is battle to be done Buckwheat has been Raised On the Uper part of the place and your Share is in the hands of John McFarlane My Bisness is of Such a Complicated nature in Such a Small epistle could not be mentioned Remember my Kind Regards to all Our friends I am With The Old Degree of Respect your Sincere freind Danl McClintock

N B I have forty five acres of Grain on the Uper part of the place and looks well it is by Crothers The third part comes to the Legaties D M C

The envelope bears the following text:

Mr James Walker Rockingham County North Carolina


Letter from James Walker to Daniel McClintock, 29 September 1801

Dear Sir 29 Sept 1801

Your last letter dated Nov 29th 1799 gave me but small satisfaction concerning the settlement alluded to

I am my family are all in good health at present I hope you and your family are all well -- should be glad to hear from you by return after ?bearer? Mr. Andrew Rice

I am ?Dear? for Your help Jas Walker

The envelope bears the following text:

Mr. Daniel McClintock Cumberland Coy Pensylvania

Letter 5

from Daniel and Jean McDannell to Ann Walker, 23 April 1805

Dear friends

We gladly imbrace this opertunity to write to you to leat you know that we are all well at present thanks to god for all his mercys to us hopeing that theis our few lines will find you all in the Same way we can inform with pleasure that we Recd aleatter from you bearing date May the 13 1804 which give us great satisfaction to hear of your health and well fair tho we Sympathise with you with the lose of your husband and son we likewise inform you that we Recd aletter from you bearing date february the 3th 1805 which likewise give us great Satisfaction to hear of your health and well fair you wrote to me to leat you know how your brother Alexander McClintocks Eastate Stood I Can inform you you tho not with pleasure that it Stands not in averry good way the Sheriff Cauld with Saraha McClintock last August and informed her that he had 301 pound against it with 25 dollars Cost them Shortly after that there was acourt of inquiry held in the hole place and it was Condemned to be Sold by the Sheriff we had to imploy anaturney who goat the Condemnation Seat aside for that time it was for bail that your brother Alexander Stood bound for your brother Daniel in Cannigogig wether proceded against the bail of your brother Daniel to See what was become of the personal Eastate of your brother Alexander McClintock Deceased and Chose five men to ?view? all accounts and after Siting two days on it the(y) found that there is awonting 301 (pounds) to be paid by the bail of your brother Daniel to the heirs of your brother Alexander McClintock and his widow we have done our beast to Sell the uper part but Cannot find amerchant for it and I belive it was beast so as there is so mutch Come against it and it Rents for verry little as there is neither house nor barn on it ? last? year we rented it for twenty pound and the year before that we rented the paster of it for Eleven dollars and this year there has not come one person forward to offer one cent for it yeat there is 130 pound of hugh torrance Eastate Standing back yeat and where that will come from I can hardley tell you there is 56 pound of it in your brother Daniel(s) hand and verry likely it will Remain there your brother Daniel(s) part of the Eastate was sold out by the Sheriff Some time agow and it is not liable to those ?demands? that has Since come against the rest of it as it was Sold before Judgment was obtained against the rest of the Eastate

Now Madam perhaps you will think alittle hard to geat such aleatter but it being the truth as far as I can recolect I thought it was beast to leat you know how the Eastate Stood in full tho if your brother Daniel was to write you aleatter it would be of another kind your friends hear is all in amidling way at this time last Summer was verry sickly hear and agreat many deaths in our County it was like ....... your friend David Ralstons family .... most all of them had it and the (y) are not Recovered of it yeat the old man him self Stood it and is as well as you cold expect your brother Daniel is but in a ..... way with it yeat Saraha McClintock is well my ..... all Joins in their love to you and yours So no more at present but Remains your well wishers whilst hear

Cumberland County
Daniel and Jean McDannell Miflin Township State of Pennsylvania
April the 23th 1805
Please to remember us to all our friends and you may inform them that our Sister Catherine is married to Thomas Jacob about one year agow
fail not to write to us all opertunity

(The envelope bears the following text:)

To Mrs. Ann Walker living in North Carolina Rockingham County to be leaft in Lenox Castle in Said County