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Old Chester encompasses a large area in southeastern Pennsylvania, including modern Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties. Multiple lines of Walkers are known from the area prior to the Revolution.



The Wigton WalkersThis line is detailed in Source:White, 1902, Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland. The Wigton Walkers are believed to have initially settled between 1726 and 1730 in or near the Nottingham Lots, either in Chester County, PA, or modern Cecil County, MD. YDNA results for descendants of this line show them to be composed to two separate lineages, corresponding to YDNA Groups 8 and 33 of the Walker YDNA project. It is unclear which of these two lines actually descend from John Walker of Wigton Scotland.
John Walker IIWhite 1902 tells us that John II and wife Katherine Rutherford are buried in the Cemetery of the Nottingham Presbyterian Meeting House. This cemetery no longer survives, but is known to have been located in Rising Sun, Cecil County MD. No direct evidence for John II, wife Katherine, various nephews said to have come to America with him, or most of his children, has been identified. The only exception is for son John Walker III, and wife Ann Houston, for whom some evidence exists confirming their presence in the area.
John Walker IIIJohn III, b. 1705, probably in Ireland or Scotland, married Ann Houston on or near the Nottingham Lots in Old Chester. White 1902 tells us that he moved south into the Valley of VA, settling near Staunton, and near kind on Walkers Creek. From here he moved south during the F&I about 1756, settling in what is now Caswell County NC. When southwest Virginia opened up for settlement, he moved there, settling on Sinking Creek between Castles' Woods and the modern community of Dungannon. He died there sometime between about 1775 and 1778. A single surviving son, John IV, is believed to have moved to Blount County TN, along with brotherinlaw William Cowan. A grandson, William, was captured by Indians at about age 11, grew to adulthood among the Wyandotte Indians, and became a tribal leader. His children relocated with the other Wyandotte when they moved south to the area near modern Kansas City.
Samuel Walker


Chester Valley Walkers Lewis Walker, a Welsh Quaker, settled in the Chester Valley, near Radnor, Chester County, about 1692 His descendants are detailed in Source:Streets, 1896. As of October 2009 no YDNA results have been reported for this lineage.
Person:Lewis Walker (3)Immigrant Ancestor, settled c1692 near Radnor, in Chester Valley, outside Phildadelphia
Daniel WalkerEstablished Valley Forge
Joseph WalkerRemained in Chester Valley
Enoch WalkerRemained in Chester Valley
Person:Abel Walker (2)About 1747 Able relocated to Winchester Virginia, son Issac to NC
Isaac WalkerRemained in Chester Valley, Some children to York County, PA


Letterkenney Walkers

YDNA Walker Group 33
The lineage of this group is given in Source:Egle's Notes and Queries, written about 1900. This group is said to be descended from a Robert Walker of Letterkenny, Ireland [1]. Descendants of this Robert Walker emigrated from Ireland by 1735, settling in the "Path Valley" in what is now Cumberland, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties. At the time of settlement these areas were within Lancaster County; as a result, they are often described as being from Lancaster. YDNA results for descendants traceing their lineage to the Cumberland County Walkers show that they match Walker YDNA Group 33, indicating that they are related in some way to the line of John Walker III of the Walkers Creek Branch of the Wigton Walkers. The nature of that relationship is currently being worked on. This group can be subdivided into two distinct components: 1. Path Valley Walkers West of the Susquehanna including William and Robert initially in Cumberland County; 2. Swatera Creek Walkers including early immigrants Andrew (?), James, and Henry in Lebanon and Dauphin Counties. 3. Undocumented Letterkenney Walkers, of whom little is known, presumed to have settled in PA. (Samuel and Andrew)
Path Valley Walkers
Person:William Walker (186)Immigrant, Settled in west of the Susquehanna, in Cumberland County, E. Pennsboro TWP on Conodoguinet Creek
Person:Robert Walker (52)Immigrant, Settled in west of the Susquehanna, in Cumberland County, E. Pennsboro TWP
Swatera Creek Walkers
Archibald1751, E1 Derry, Dauphin, Tax. Probably Archibald, son of James the immigrant, of Swatera Creek branch
Archibald1751 Londonderry, Dauphin, Tax. Probably a member of Swatera Creek branch of Letterkenney Walkers
Person:James Walker (161)Immigrant, Settled east of the Susquehanna, in modern Dauphin County, on the east bank of Swatera Creek, north of Hershey
Person:Henry Walker (43)Immigrant, Settled east of the Susquehanna, in modern Dauphin County, on the east bank of Swatera Creek, north of Hershey
Undocumented Letterkenney Walkers
Andrew Immigrant, of whom little is known. An Andrew Walker settled on the west side of the Swatera near James and Henry, and may be either the immigrant, or his son Andrew, or someone else yet again.
SamuelIdentified by Egle as one of the immigrant brothers, but family knew nothing about him. Some believe this Samuel to be Samuel the Orphan of Caswell County NC. if so, then his proximity to John Walker III of the Wigton line needs to be explained. Possibly John III or his father John II is an otherwise unrecognized brother in the Letterkenney Walker Lineage. In anycase, the YDNA signature for descends of Samuel the Orphan, John III, and some of the Letterkenney Walkers indicates a close family relationship of some sort.


Alexander of Malin

YDNA Walker Group 6
See: Notebook:Alexander Walker of Malin. YDNA Walker Group 6] Alexander left a family bible and other documents to show that he came in 1739 from Malin, Ireland (north of Londonderry, on coast) to the Brandywine Creek area of Chester County. About 1761 he resettled to Path Valley in then Cumberland County, now Fannin Township of Franklin County. Because of his relatively late arrival in areas through which other Walker passed, as well as precise dating of his arrival in Chester and Franklin Counties, his line should be relatively easy to isolate from other lines.
Person:Alexander Walker (33)Settled about 1761 in Franklin County, Fannet township,
John Walker Son of Alexander 33,
Robert Walker Son of Alexander 33,
Samuel WalkerSon of Alexander 33,
Person:James Walker (143)Son of Alexander 33, Died in Fannet Township
David WalkerSon of Alexander 33,


Appoquiniminck Creek WalkersWalkers of DelawareWalkers in this group seem to be descended from John Walker (240) and wife Dorthy who settled on Appoquiniminck Creek Delaware at a an early date.
Person:John Walker (240)Immigrant Ancestor. Lived in Delaware portion of Sassafras Hundred, Appoquiniminck Creek, poss Duck Creek. Will dated and probated 1686/7, wife Dorthy remarried to Walter Smith.
Person:John Walker (239) Lived on Georges Creek, New Castle Hundred, DE. Wife Wybregh/Wybergia. Had son Hugh (14). Possible son William. Died by 1698.
Person:John Walker (289)1697-1742
Person:John Walker (273)Col John Walker 1727/1796, son of John (289), b. Bohemia Creek, New Castle, DE,
married Elizabeth Watson, 1751 Hamshire, VA, YDNA Walker Project Group 5. died Rutherford County, NC
Person:Hugh Walker (14) Lived in Millford Hundred, Cecil County. Died 1744. Son of John (239). Had sons Hugh (remained in area, but did not apparently marry) and Samuel (who moved to Orange/Frederick County VA.)
Person:John Walker (268)Lived Kent DE,
Married Mary Paynter in 1685; died c1707


PersonYearLocation and SourceNote/Possible Affinity
Unassociated. Land, tax and other records exist that show the presence of Walkers in other areas of Old Chester which have not been immediately associated with any particular line. Currently, within the context of the Tapestry, the family connections for either of these "unassociated" Walkers are unknown. Some of them may be connected to one or another of the existing known lines. Further work is needed to sort these folks out. Most of these seem to be associated with the Letterkenney Walkers
Abraham1751Hopewell tax list, Cumberland CountyMost likely Abraham, son of James son of Robert the immigrant, of the Cumberland Branch
Alexander1751Lurgan Twp, Franklin, tax AssessmentPresumably this is Alexander of Malin
person:Alexander Walker (43) 1746Will, Goshen Twp, Chester CountyWheelwright
Andrew1751W. Hanover, Dauphin, TaxProbably Andrew of Swatera Creek branch of Letterkenney Walkers
David1751W. Derry, Dauphin, TaxProbably David son of James son of James the Immigrant, of the Swatera Creek branch
Henry1751Londonderry, Dauphin, Taxthe immigrant, of the Swatera Creek Branch
James1751E Derry, Dauphin, TaxJames the Immigrant or James son of James the immigrant of the Swatera Creek branch
James1751Londonderry, Dauphin, TaxJames the Immigrant or James son of James the immigrant of the Swatera Creek branch
James1751Hopewell, Cumberland, TaxJames., son of Robert the Immigrant, of the Cumberland Branch
John1751Londonderry, Dauphin, TaxUnknown, or John son of Henry the Immigrant,
John1751E Derry, Dauphin, TaxUnknown, or John son of Henry the Immigrant
Peter1751Hopewell, Cumberland, taxUnknown
Robert1751E. Pennsboro, Cumberland, taxRobert the immigrant or his son Robert, of the Cumberland Branch
Robert1751W. Pennsboro, Cumberland, taxRobert the immigrant or his son Robert, of the Cumberland Branch
Samuel1751Hopewell, Cumberland, TaxSamuel son of James son of Robert the immigrant, of the Cumberland Branch
William1751Hopewell, Cumberland, Taxmost likely William the son of Person:William Walker (186)of the Cumberland Branch
William1751E. Pennsboro, Cumberland, taxMost likely Person:William Walker (186) the immigrant, or his son William of the Cumberland Branch
William1751Lurgan, Franklin, taxUnknown, possibly a son of William the immigrant,or Robert the immigrant
Person:Phillip Walker (6)1775Living in Lack Township, PA Juanita County, in 1775; brother =Person:John Walker (264); in Orange and/or Alamance County NC after 1780