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Person pages are designed to contain historical information about a deceased person. You can create person pages for each of your ancestors, using those pages to record dates, places, photos, stories, and more. Each person page has a talk page that serves as a message board for genealogists researching that person.

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Things To Do
Titling Conventions for Person Pages
  • A Person page title should follow the convention:
Person:Firstname Lastname (##) where ## is an automatically-generated index number to make sure each person page is unique. When you are adding a new person, you do not need to enter a ##; the system will do that for you. Do not use middle names or titles (either before or after the name). You can enter this information in the ALTERNATE name field after the page's creation. (See help page)
  • For Medieval genealogy, especially in cases where your ancestor has a page on Wikipedia, another naming convention has been put into place. Please see the Guidelines for use of Wikipedia.
Dating Conventions for Person Pages
  • To avoid ambiguity, please write dates as day month year; e.g., 19 Mar 1874.
  • Please be as specific as possible with your dates. If you're unsure of an exact date, you can write "About year", "Before year", "After year", etc.
What About Living People?

WeRelate's policy does not permit the creation of pages for living people*. In the past, WeRelate has permitted import of living people with pages titled Living Surname, which you may still see on the site. You can help by marking any pages you find with the Speedy Delete template {{Speedy Delete|Living}}.

*The one exception to this policy is for famous and notable people that have a Wikipedia page listing. WeRelate pages may be created for them.

Help Files & FAQ's
Sample Person Page

Person page
Featured Person Page

Samuel D. Daniels (1832-1900)
Civil War Soldier (Pennsylvania)

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  8. William Martin Taylor
  9. George Cleveland Tuttle
  10. Charles Albert Quinnell
  11. John Lewis
  12. William H. Smith
  13. Nicholas Porter Earp
  14. Benjamin Franklin Dean
  15. Louis XVI of France
  16. James Andrew Jackson Richey
  17. Charles Samuel Addams
  18. Michel Maran Benoit
  19. Ferdinando II de' Medici
  20. Jean Baptiste Rodrigue
  21. President George Washington
  22. Deacon William Ward
  23. James Snow
  24. Gen. John Sevier
  25. William McMorries
  26. Brig. Gen. William Russell
  27. Francis Cooke
  28. James Kerr
  29. Nora Stanton Blatch
  30. Robert Burton Poling
  31. Elbert Beecher Nixon
  32. John Walker III
  33. Mary Blandy
  34. Jesse Lichty Beal
  35. Edgar Walton Irish
  36. Amos Wright Hill
  37. Isaac Allerton
  38. Sgt Abraham Doolittle
  39. Hans Eriksen Myhre
  40. Charlotte Dingman
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Person vs. Family Pages

Different from most genealogy websites, WeRelate has separate pages for people and families. Having separate pages for families gives you a page on which to record the family's history: facts, events, sources, photos, etc.

Once you have created a Person page for someone, you'll probably want to create family pages for that person's parents and siblings and for their spouse and children. To create a family page, edit the Person page and click on the "Find/add" link under the appropriate family heading.

Sample Pedigree Map

Pedigree map
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