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Family pages are designed to contain information about a family, meaning a husband, wife, and their children. Each family page is partnered with a talk page that serves as a message board for genealogists researching that family.

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Person vs. Family Pages

Different from most genealogy websites, WeRelate has separate pages for people and families. Having separate pages for families gives you a page on which to record the family's history: facts, events, sources, photos, etc.

Once you have created a Family page, you'll want to create Person page for the husband, wife, and children of that family. To create a Person page, edit the Family page and click on the "Find/add" link under the Husband, Wife, or Children heading.

Sample Family Page

Family page
Featured Family Page
Helping Out

WeRelate is a dynamic community and for it to be successful volunteers are needed to help out in a variety of ways. Consider some of the things you can do:

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