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WeRelate contains about 990,000 current and historical places. Each place has a wiki page, where you can find out and contribute information about that location. The page also contains preferred and alternate names, alternate jurisdictions - both current and historical, latitude and longitude (for displaying on maps), municipalities that are contained within this place, other places that are related, a map of the area, and an area for textual comments such as historical information and research tips.

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Titling Conventions for Place Pages

A Place page title should follow the convention:

  • List each part of the place from lowest to highest jurisdiction: town/city, county/district, state/province, country. Omit the province for the UK and other countries where it's common to list the county directly under the country. Omit county/district in countries where it is rarely used. Information how places are organized for each country can be found on the country's homepage.
  • Don't abbreviate, and include the name of the country even if the country is United States.
  • The United States generally uses a 4-level jurisdictional hierarchy: town, county, state, country. Other countries may use a 3-level or even a 5-level hierarchy. See the country homepage for more information.
  • Places in European countries are generally listed according to the jurisdictional hierarchy that was in place around 1900. Again, see the country homepage for specifics.
  • Cemeteries are entered as places in WeRelate. The titling convention is Cemetery Name, City/Town, County, State, Country.

See the following pages for more information regarding place names:

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