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James Andrew Jackson Richey
  1. Eliza Berryan Richey1808 - 1892
  2. Evelina McField Richey1810 - 1888
  3. Mary Alice Richey1812 - Est 1881
  4. Elizabeth Richey1814 -
  5. John Stuart Richey1816 - 1894
  6. James Thomas C Richey1818 -
  7. Matilda Caroline Richey1820 - Aft 1870
  8. Elvira Williams Richey1822 - 1887
  9. Martha Jane Richey1824 - Bef 1880
  10. Sarah Frances Richey1827 - 1910
  11. James Andrew Jackson Richey1830 - 1911
m. 1854
  1. Charles Warren Richey1858 - 1928
  2. Elijah Truitt Richey1859 - 1938
  3. James Albert Richey1861 - 1928
  4. Nancy Ann Richey1866 - 1949
  5. Andrew M Richey1869 - 1869
  6. Joseph Perry Richey1872 - 1943
m. 25 Dec 1879
  1. William Hervy Richey1880 - 1881
  2. Earl Hudson Richey1882 - 1955
m. 22 Dec 1892
m. 5 Jan 1899
Facts and Events
Name[15] James Andrew Jackson Richey
Alt Name[20] Andrew Richey
Gender Male
Birth[12][13][18] 22 Apr 1830 Jefferson, Alabama, United States
Census[2] 1850 Republic of Texas
Property[15] 15 Feb 1854 Hopkins, Texas, United StatesPremption Class #20
Marriage 1854 Upshur, Texas, United Statesto Sarah Ann Truitt
Religion[3][4] 1855 Pine Forest, Hopkins, Texas, United StatesMethodist Church Trustee
Property[14] 1857 Pine Forest, Hopkins, Texas, United States
Military[16][17] 1863 Texas, CSAClarks Regiment, 14 Texas Infantry
Marriage 25 Dec 1879 Hopkins, Texas, United Statesto Susannah Hudson
Marriage 22 Dec 1892 Hopkins, Texas, United StatesBook 8, p 202
to Alice Clamentine Wright
Marriage 5 Jan 1899 Morris, Texas, United Statesto Lucinda Camilla Powell
Death[1][12][13] 29 Jan 1911 Omaha, Morris, Texas, United States
Burial[6][19][20] Omaha Cemetery, Omaha, Morris, Texas, United States
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Biography of James Andrew Jackson Richey

James Andrew Jackson Richey was born April 22, 1830 in Jefferson County, Alabama. His father purchased land in Jefferson County Alabama in December, 1821 and sold the land in December, 1837, see Person:John Richey (9). He was brought as a small child to Texas and it is believed that his father died in 1840 in Blossum Prairie, Texas, where his father's estate was entered into probate on 30 Sept 1840 in Red River County, TexasS1. James Andrew was living in Gilmer, Texas, Upshur County with his mother in 1850 when the 1850 federal census was taken S2. His family was associated with that of Wingate Truitt and he married Sarah Ann Truitt, daughter of Wingate, about 1855-56 (no marriage record has been found, probably because the Upshur county courthouse burned). Andrew and Sarah settled at Pine Forest sometime after 15 February 1854, where they lived on the James A. J. Richey "pre-emption" survey #20, dated July 16, 1857I6. In 1871, he received his patent #339, situated on Stout's Creek, waters of White Oak, and the waters of Sulphur Fork of Red River, near his brothers' John S. Richey surveyI5.

Along with his brother-in-law, Selen Stout, Andrew helped build the first church and school hewed out of heart timber on the banks of Stout Creek, which later came to be called the Bumble Bee School, named after the large number of bumble bees that built in the sweet gum logsS3. He was also a trustee of the Methodist church at Pine Forest when land was given by Thomas Willison for the "purpose of advancing the cause of religion in Stouts Creek Neighborhood"S3, S4.

In an interview with Earl Richey by Gerald Post in September, 1953, Earl said "his father never knew the taste of whiskey; that he had not yet raised a son who did not drink on occasion; and that he hoped Earl would be the first such son. (Earl was not). James Andrew J. Richey was said to sing rather well, but he did not lead in song and was supremely honest"S5.

James Andrew Jackson Richey served the Confederacy during the Civil War in Clark's Regiment, 14 Texas Infantry, Company I, as a shoemaker in shops at Gilmer, Texas and Arkadelphia, Arkansas. His confederate record reflects he served from 1861 to 1863I7,I8, however I have not shown all images.

Andrew and Sarah lived their lives on the James A. J. Richey survey at Pine Forest where they had six children. Sarah died 28 Dec 1878I4 and is buried at Pine Forest CemeteryS6, along with several of their children and grandchildren. Andrew then married Susannah M. Hudson 25 Dec 1879 in Hopkins Co., and they had two sons, William Hervy Richey, born Dec 9, 1880, and Earl Richey, born June 13, 1882I10. Williams Hervy Richey lived only a short time (died 27 May 1881) and is buried at at Pine Forest. Susannah died in 1892 in Hopkins County and is also buried at Pine ForestS6.

Andrew married a third time, Mrs. Alice Clemente Wright King, on December 22, 1892 in Hopkins CountyS7. Alice died in 1896 at the old Robert Junell place east of Pine ForestS9. Andrew then moved to Omaha, Morris County where he and Earl Richey lived with his son, Joseph Perry Richey. He married a fourth time in 1898, Lucina Camilla Powell Reese(Lula). Some genealogies reflect her birthdate as 1830, however, she would have been 63 and 69 when her daughters are born. Her birth date of 1850 was perhaps more accurate and that is the date reflected on her marker. It is incribed "Our Loving Mother 1850 - 1939". Lucina died 25 Dec 1939 (buried by Cast Funeral Home in Texarkana) and is buried in State Line Cemetery (3200 E. State Line Road) in Texarkana, Texas near her daughter, Elizabeth Reese Quarols ( b. 1893, d. 1926) and Dovie Reese Crabtree (b. 1899, d. 1982)S10.

He died at Omaha, Morris County, Texas, on January 29, 1911I4. He is buried in the Omaha City Cemetery near his sons family. His grave is marked with a marker obtained from his confederate service and a "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" markerI11,I12. I believe the "Citizen of the Republic of Texas" marker has since been stolen.

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