Person:Matilda Richey (2)

Matilda Caroline Richey
b.1820 (?) South Carolina
d.Aft 19 Sep 1870
  1. Eliza Berryan Richey1808 - 1892
  2. Evelina McField Richey1810 - 1888
  3. Mary Alice Richey1812 - Est 1881
  4. Elizabeth Richey1814 -
  5. John Stuart Richey1816 - 1894
  6. James Thomas C Richey1818 -
  7. Matilda Caroline Richey1820 - Aft 1870
  8. Elvira Williams Richey1822 - 1887
  9. Martha Jane Richey1824 - Bef 1880
  10. Sarah Frances Richey1827 - 1910
  11. James Andrew Jackson Richey1830 - 1911
  • HWilliam B. StoutAbt 1807 - Abt 1867
  • WMatilda Caroline Richey1820 - Aft 1870
m. 1840 (?)
  1. William Stout1842 -
  2. Sarah Isabella Stout1843 - 1845
  3. Mary Helen Stout1845 - 1845
  4. George Stout1847 -
  5. Susan Elizabeth Stout1849 - 1850
  6. Benjamin Stout1853 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][4] Matilda Caroline Richey
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1820 (?) South Carolina
Alt Birth? 13 May 1820 South Carolina, United States
Marriage 1840 (?) to William B. Stout
Death? Aft 19 Sep 1870 1870 Census

Matilda Caroline Richey is the daughter of John Richey and Martha M _(?). She was born in South Carolina on 13 May 1820. She was brought to Jefferson, Alabama when her father purchased land there, and then on to Red River, Texas with her family where she met William B. Stout, the brother of Henry Stout. On 1 Dec 1840, he and Selen Stout married sisters, Matilda Caroline and Elvira Richey, both daughters of John RicheyS2. Her husband was a frontiers man, a captain of the Texas Rangers under the leadership of General Tarrant, and during these times, Selen Stout rode with them. They ranged along the Red River frontier and helped to protect the settlers and encourage new settlements. William B. Stout was responsible for the building of Fort Sherman and other fortifications. William B. was a member of the second Texas legislature, representing Red River County, which at that time covered most of northeast Texas. Later he was a member of the fifth legislature, representing Hopkins, Red River, Cook, and Fannin Counties. He served one term as Chief Justice of Red River County and was a prominent lawyer. During this time the principal mode of travel was the stagecoachS3. He was involved in many land deals and had amassed large land holdings, but due to his failing health and the impact of the Civil War, he lost most of it. He died in 1867.

After his death, Matilda is found with one of her sons on the 1870 Texas census dated 19 September 1870 after which there is no further record of her. It is believed that she died sometime after this date. They had at least four children.

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