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John Stuart Richey
  1. Eliza Berryan Richey1808 - 1892
  2. Evelina McField Richey1810 - 1888
  3. Mary Alice Richey1812 - Est 1881
  4. Elizabeth Richey1814 -
  5. John Stuart Richey1816 - 1894
  6. James Thomas C Richey1818 -
  7. Matilda Caroline Richey1820 - Aft 1870
  8. Elvira Williams Richey1822 - 1887
  9. Martha Jane Richey1824 - Bef 1880
  10. Sarah Frances Richey1827 - 1910
  11. James Andrew Jackson Richey1830 - 1911
m. 30 Apr 1840
  1. Josephine Richey1842 -
  2. Andrew Jackson Richey1844 -
  3. M A Richey1846 -
  4. Mary M Richey1849 - 1859
  5. Misalina Hazel Saphronia Richey1849 - 1934
  6. Elizabeth Richey1852 -
  7. Mahala Richey1855 -
  8. John Page Richey1859 - 1904
  9. William Stuart Richey1864 - 1955
  10. Joseph Webster Richey1866 - 1958
Facts and Events
Name John Stuart Richey
Alt Name Stuart Richey
Gender Male
Birth[8] 26 Feb 1816 Pendleton County, South Carolina
Military[1] 1820 AlabamaIndian Creek War
Property[2] 7 Nov 1839 Red River, Republic of TexasLand Grant
Marriage 30 Apr 1840 Clarksville, Red River, Texas, United Statesto Elizabeth Stout
Census[3] 1850 Upshur County, Texas
Census[4] 1860 Hopkins County, Texas
Census[5] 1870 Hopkins County, Texas
Census[6] 1880 Hopkins County, Texas
Death[8] 27 Aug 1894 Evans Point, Hopkins County, Texas
Burial[7] Pine Forest Cemetery, Hopkins County, Texas

Biography of John Stuart Richey

John Stuart Richey was born 26 February 1816 in Pendleton (old county) South Carolina. John Stuart Richey was brought as a small child from South Carolina to Jefferson County, Alabama where he lived at Springville, Alabama. He purchased the NE 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 25, Township 15, Range 1W and sold his land on February 18, 1836I1, when his family decided to seek free land in Texas in 1839.

During the American Revolution, the Creek Indians supported the British. They signed a peace treaty with the U. S. in 1790 but in 1813, instigated by the British, they took up arms against the Americans. After a bloody campaign the Indians were crushed and a treaty was signed at Fort Jackson, Mississippi (campaign 1811-1814).

Later a second war was fought during 1829-1837, which forced all remaining tribes to sell all their remaining territory. In 1828, after additional battles, they agreed to move beyond the Mississippi River to Indian Territory clearing Florida and Alabama. This tribe removal was called the "Indian Trail of Tears" and was later to become Oklahoma and the five Civilized Tribes. John Stuart Richey served in this second Creek Indian War, and the removal, with Captain McAdory's Company and the Alabama Mtd. VolunteersI3.

John Stuart Richey arrived in Texas with his father, John Richey, and applied for a headright land grant of 320 acres, 1 Nov 1839. Since he was single he was only entitled to 320 acresS2. He received his certificate #95 in 1839I10. He married Elizabeth Jane Stout, the daughter of Henry Stout and Sarah Talbot (see Family:Henry Stout and Sarah Talbot (1)) at her father's residence, on 30 April 1840 at Cut Hand Creek, Red River County, TexasI3. They lived in Red River for two years, moving to Titus county where they lived for four years.

He moved to Daingerfield, Upshur County where land based on family headright certificate in the Stouts Creek in 1841 where he lived for about eight yearsI3. It was during this time that he joined Captain Henry Stout's company under General E. H . Tarrant in July, 1841 for service to the Republic of TexasI9 to remove Indians from Denton and Tarrant County. He was paid $30.00 for this service in 1 September, 1851S7.

John Stuart Richey moved onto his personal headright soon afterward and he lived in Hopkins county forty-one more yearsI3. Corn, cotton, cows and other livestock were produced on J. S. Richey's farm. J. S. Richey sold acreage to relatives to encourage settlements, but he retained 50 acres of his original patent for his family.

John Stuart Richey died 27 August 1894. Elizabeth filed for his Indian Creek War Pension after his death. In her application she states that she had not remarried since his death and that he is buried in Pine Forest CemeteryI3. Andrew J. Richey, also gave a notorized statement that he was a brother to John S. Richey. He states he attended the wedding at Henry Stouts residence, she was Henry Stout's daughter, and they were married on 30 April, 1840. He further testifies that Texas was a Republic then and did not offer a marriage licenseS4. John S Richey's original marker is lost due to a flood at the cemetery in the 1940'sI10. Elizabeth died 1897. An historical marker has been placed at Pine Forest in their honor with a designation of a "Citizen of the Republic of Texas". The exact whereabouts of the graves are lost. See Pine Forest Cemetery here: [1].

John S Richey signed his part to his mother, Martha, in the estate of his father, John Richey:

Children's Signing 11 Nov 1844: John Richey Estate
Children's Signing 11 Nov 1844: John Richey Estate
Image Gallery
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    In the 1860 census, John Stuart Richey's family was living close to Elizabeth's brother, Selen Stout (next page of census). He is also living on his headright: John S Richey Survey.

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    In the 1870 census, John Richey's family is living next door to his brother's family, Andrew Jackson Richey. in Hopkins County.

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    In the 1880 census, Stout and his brother Andrew are living next to him as he has sold parts of his headright to other family members.

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