Family:Henry Stout and Sarah Talbot (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 1818 (?) Hempstead County, Arkansas
Divorce[2] Bef 1852 Wood County?, Texas
1829 Texas
25 Dec 1875 Wood County, Texas
  1. Wood County (Texas) Genealogy Society
    "Stout, Henry B.", november 11 2011.

    Benjamin Franklin was third child of Sarah and Henry born before their divorce According to census of 1850 Sarah Stout was living with him in Hopkins Co Texas

  2. Divorce
    Henry Stout

    This case being called, Came the Plantiff and defendant by their attorneys and announced themselves ready for trial, whereupon Came a Jury of good and careful __ ___d F____: George Birdwell foreman, and eleven others who were duly sworn to try the issue joined between Plantiff and Defendant. After the examination [of?] witnesses, in behalf of the Plantiff and under the charge of the Court, the jury retired to Consider of this verdict, and returning brought into Court the following verdict. To wit: "We the Jury find for the Plantiff and S___ that the facts and allegations contained and set forth in her petition are true. Signed, George Birdwell, foreman." Wherefore it is considered[?], ajudged, and decreed by the Court, that the marriage Bonds heretofore existing between the Plantiff, Mary T. Stout, and Henry Stout, Defendant, be disolved, and that they be ajudged ____ and single. And it is further Considered[?] by the Court that the Plantiff Mary T. Stout have and regain[?] of and from the Defendant Henry Stout Costs of suit in this behalf[?] __p___ded, and that execution _____ for the same.

    [no dates on copy]