Person:William Robinson (139)

William Robinson, of the North Fork of the Roanoke, VA
b.ABT 1699 prob. Ireland
d.Bef. 18 March 1765 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1696
  1. James Robinsonabt 1696 - BEF 1776
  2. William Robinson, of the North Fork of the Roanoke, VAABT 1699 - Bef 1765
  3. John RobinsonAbt 1701 - 1756
  4. Thomas RobinsonABT 1703 - 1786
  5. Joseph RobinsonABT 1705 -
  6. Samuel RobinsonABT 1707 -
  7. Elizabeth 'Bettie' Robinson1712 - abt 1761
  • HWilliam Robinson, of the North Fork of the Roanoke, VAABT 1699 - Bef 1765
  • WMargaret Gorrellest 1730/35 -
m. est. 1749-1752
  1. James Robinsonest 1750-1760 -
  2. Martha Robinson1750-1760 -
  3. Margaret Robinson1755 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Robinson, of the North Fork of the Roanoke, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1699 prob. Ireland
Marriage est. 1749-1752 to Margaret Gorrell
Death? Bef. 18 March 1765 Augusta County, Virginia

William Robinson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records of William Robinson

  • Page 409.--20th August, 1765. Margaret Robinson's bond (with Wm. Bowyer, James Robertson, Wm. Christian) as administrator of Wm. Robinson. (Note: William Robinson did not leave a will in Augusta County, he apparently died intestate).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1765. - (440). Margaret Robinson qualified administratrix of husband, Wm. Robinson.
  • Page 217.--26th September, 1765. William Robinson's (above) estate appraised, by Walter Crockett, William Bryan, James Neelly.
  • Page 216.--22d June, 1769. Settlement recorded of William Robinson, deceased--Paid James Calloway, James Orrey, Richard Doged; cash received of Capt. Israel Christian; cash received of Col. Preston.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 22, 1769. - (224) Margaret Woods, late Margaret Robinson, widow of William Robinson. (Note: Margaret, William Robinson's wife had married Samuel Woods prior to this date).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1769 (A). - Samuel Woods and Margaret, late Margaret Robinson, Administratrix William Robinson, deceased, vs. William Simpson and James Robertson.-- Note by defendants to Margaret Robinson, 27th September, 1765. Writ, 29th June, 1769
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1769 (A). - Samuel Woods and Margaret, his wife, vs. William Simpson and James Robertson.--Margaret, late Margaret Robinson. administratrix of William Robinson, deceased.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1769 (B). - Samuel Woods and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Robinson, administratrix of William Robinson, deceased, vs. James Robinson.--Bond dated 27th September, 1765. Suit brought 29th June, 1769.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1770 (D). Samuel Woods and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Robinson, administratrix of William Robinson, deceased, vs. Anthony Bledsoe and Stephen Trigg.--29th June, 1769.
  • NOVEMBER 28, 1771. - . (307) William Christian, secunty for Margaret Robinson (widow and admx. of husband, Wm Robinson, but since intermarried with Saml. Wood).

Processioning Lists of 1755 & 1764

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 157.--27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next): William Robinson and John Wilson, in Cap. Vanse's Company on (page 158) Roan Oke; David Miller, Wm. Carravan, James Cloyd, Bryan McDonald, Jr., in Cap. Geo. Robinson's Company; Robert Montgomery and Thos. McFerrin in Cap. John McFerrin's Company; William Bryans and Thomas Tosh in Cap. James Campbell's Company; Henry Holston and Placherd Scilar, on Craig's Creek.
  • Page 377.--Processioners appointed as follows, viz (1764): William Robinson and James Robinson, from Heads of Roanoke to Fort Lewis. William Bryan and James Neilly, from Fort Lewis on Waters of Roan Oke. James Rowland and Joseph Montgomery, Thomas Ramsey and James Lawderdale, on Waters of Catawbo and James River on the South Side. James McGayvock, James Gilmore, John Poage, John Thompson, between Buffalo and James River. John Paxton, Abraham Brown, Andrew Miscampbell, Alex. Collier, between Buffalo and the North River to the North Mountain. Wm. Taylor, Thos. Paxton, Moses Whitesides, Jno. McClung, from North River to Beverley's line between the Great Road to the Court House and South Mountain. Andrew Hall, James Buchanan (son of William), Thos. Berry, James Trotter, from North River to Beverley's line between the Great Road to the Court House, by Cap. Bowyers and the North Mountain.
  • Page 385.--18th March, 1765: William and James Robinson processioned as follows, viz: For David Robinson and Robt. McGee, on North Fork Roanoke. Death of processioner William prevented further progress. (Note: William Robinson died prior to this date).

William Robinson wounded at Fort Vause in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - List of Persons killed, wounded or taken prisoner by the Enemy (Indians) - 1756: Wm. Robinson, at Fort Vance (Vause), wounded; Tho. Robinson, at Ft. Vanse wounded; Saml. Robinson, at Ft. Vanse, wounded.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - List of Persons killed, wounded or taken prisoner by the Enemy (Indians) - 1756: Wm. Robinson, at Fort Vanse, wounded; Tho. Robinson, at Ft. Vanse wounded; Saml. Robinson, at Ft. Vanse, wounded.
  • Page 550.--30th October, 1763. James Gorrell, of Baltimore County, Maryland, to William Robinson, of Augusta, power of attorney to convey to David Robinson, quantity as may be laid off by William and David, part of 620 acres on North Branch Roanoke, joining lands of Jno. Robinson and Tobias Bright, £79.10. Teste: Wm. Davis, Edward Thorp.
  • Vol. 2 - Fee Books of Augusta Court - 1764-- page 14, William Robinson, Roanoke, (March), Gorrell's power attorney.
  • Page 189.--2d February, 1765. James Gorrell by William Robinson, to David Robinson. James Gorrell, of Baltimore County, Maryland, consitituted William his attorney on 30th October, 1763. £79.10, 215 acres on North Branch Roanoke, part of 620 acres conveyed by Patton to William and James Gorrell, Tobias Bright's line, now in possession of Dr. Thomas Walker, John Robinson's land. Teste. Thomas Bames.
  • page 329 - Madison vs. Kennedy.-- William Robinson deposes 10th September, 1763, that in 1753 or 1754 his late brother, John Robinson, where deponent lives.
  • page 338 - Madison vs. Robinson.-- William Robinson was brother of John Robinson, who was murdered by the Indians. John Robinson sold land to Joseph Kennedy, who sold to McGavock, who sold to Madison. Land on Roanoke.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1773 (C). John Madison vs. Robinson.--Chancery. Writ dated 26th March, 1767. Defendants are James Montgomery and Mary, his wife, late Mary Robinson, widow of John Robinson, deceased. Elizabeth Robinson, an infant and only daughter of said John Robinson, deceased, and Mary Montgomery. James Robinson empowered his son John to buy 800 acres on Roanoke from George Robinson, and patent taken out in John's name, but John to convey a share to each of his brothers, according to James's' appointment. James died and John made a conveyance to his brother, William, but never conveyed to his brother Thomas. John died intestate in 1756, leaving a wife, Mary, and one daughter, Elizabeth, an infant and widow who has married James Montgomery. Thomas sold his right to Samuel Crockett and Crockett to Madison. Answer of Elizabeth, an infant, sworn to 6th August, 1771.
  • Vol. 2 - Alexander Montgomery and Elizabeth, his wife, vs. Madison--O. S. 105; N. S. 35--Bill, 2d August, 1805. Elizabeth is only daughter of John Robinson, who owned land on Roanoke and was killed by Indians about 1756, Elizabeth being then only two years old. Thomas Robinson was a brother of John. Alexander and Elizabeth married in 1772. (This suit is a sequel to suits in County Court, wherein it appears that James Robinson sent his son John from Pennsylvania to Virginia, to buy lands. &c., &c. See Co. Ct. notes.) Answers of Garnett and John H. Peyton show that they each married a daughter of Elizabeth and William Madison (who was son of John) Garnett married Agatha S., and John H. married Susanna. (Land is in Montgomery County.) Thomas Robinson lost his life at the big defeated Camps on the other side of Cumberland Mountain. All his family were either killed or taken prisoner. Orators live in Kentucky. Hugh Crockett deposes he came to the Roanoke country in 1749 and the Robinsons were already there. Hugh's sister married John Robinson? The Crocketts and Robinsons had been neighbors in Lancaster, Penn. Thomas, William, and Samuel were sons of James Robinson, who had six sons. Samuel Crockett was brother of Hugh. John Robinson came to Roanoke in 1743 or 1744. James Robinson, grandson of the original James, aged 67 years, deposes that previous to 1757 he lived in Augusta about 107 miles from the land in controversy. He moved to the Roanoke country in 1762 or 1763. John Robinson's wife, mother of oratrix Elizabeth, was Mary. William Davis deposes they were married 1752 or 1753. John was called Long John. William Davis deposes, 5th May, 1808, in Abingdon, that he was born 15th February, 1733, old style. John Draper, Sr., deposes, 5th April, 1806, that Jno. Robinson came to Roanoke in 1745. The sons of James were John, William, Samuel, Thomas, Joseph. John Draper's first wife was a sister of John Robinson's. He was married April, 1754. Col. William Robinson deposes, Fayette County, Kentucky, 27th April, 1806, that John Robinson owned the land, sold it to Kennedy for a negro which he had seen in possession of his sister, mother of Elizabeth. Col. William is brother of Col. David Robinson, lately deceased. James Robinson was dead when deponent first knew the family in 1751. John died in 1756. Mary Montgomery, mother of Elizabeth, deposes same time and place as above. James Montgomery, husband of Mary, deposes as above. Elizabeth and Alexr. were married in 1774. James married Mary in 1760.

Information on William Robinson

From post:

Posted by Evelyn Rowland Date: July 5, 2003

William Robinson, son of James Sr. and wife, Esther, died before August 20, 1765, when his widow, Margaret (Gorrell, dau. of James, Sr.) was appt'd Administrix of her husband's estate, with William Bowyer, James Robertson, and William Christian. (Chalkley Vol. 3, page 91) By June 29, 1769, Margaret was the wife of Samuel Woods, a neighbor, when they filed suit against Anthony Bledsoe and Stephen Trigg, she was the Admx. of Wiliam Robinson, dec'd estate (Chalkley Vol. 1, page 363). I don't have all of the children of William Robinson and wife Margaret Gorrell. I do have: 1. James Robertson, living in Botetourt county in 1783, "son of William Robinson". 2. Margaret Robinson, married by 10 August 1777, Alexander Robinson (1747-1802). They were living in Montgomery County, VA in 1777 and moved to Mercer County, KY in 1779, where Alexander was a member of the KY State Convention in 1788. I hope this helps you. Evelyn

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