Person:William McNabb (4)

  1. Andrew McNabb1695-1702 - 1797
  2. Patrick McNabbABT 1700 -
  3. William McNabb1702 - 1789
  • HWilliam McNabb1702 - 1789
  • WBetty AikenABT 1702 - 1740
m. ABT 1720
  1. Andrew McNabb1721 - 1784
  2. Baptist McNabb1723 - 1784
  3. John McNabb1725 - 1793
  4. Betty McNabb1729 - 1809
  5. David McNabb1733 -
  6. James McNabbBEF 1736 - 1810
  7. William McNabb1735 -
  8. Samuel McNabbABT 1740 - BEF 1789
Facts and Events
Name William McNabb
Gender Male
Birth? 1702 Glendochart, Perthshire, Scotland or Dansbury, Monroe Co Pa.
Marriage ABT 1720 to Betty Aiken
Death? 1789 Watauga Settlement, East Tennessee (now North Carolina)

William McNabb was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


William McNabb's land (Beverley Manor NW, 300 acres, 1749) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: land acquired by Samuel McNabb, William's son is located just to the north).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 541.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to William McNabb, 300 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner Samuel Downey, Adam Thompson's line; corner John Campbell; corner James Callison; Alexander McFeeter's line. Teste: John Lin, John Linn, Andrew McClure.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 364.--23d April, 1770. William ( ) McNabb and Martha ( ) to Jacob Gebhard (Gabhard, Gabherd, Gabhert, Gebhort), £10, 150 acres in Beverley Manor on North Branch of Christian's Creek; corner James McNab's, part of same tract; corner Samuel Downey; Adam Thompson's line; corner James McNab's, part of same tract. Delivered: Jacob Gabbert, February, 1779.
  • Page 391.--23d April, 1770. William ( ) McNabb and Martha ( ) to son, James McNabb, £10, 150 acres on North Fork of Christian's Creek in Beverley Manor; corner Alexander McFeeters; corner Samuel McNab's part of the tract. Teste: Jas. Ewing, Alexander McFeeters, Samuel McNabb, John ( ) Campbell. Delivered: James McNab, June, 1780.

Processioning List of 1760

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler's lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 281.--1760: Processioned by Jones Henderson, viz: For David and John Black, for Wm. McNab (son present), for Nathan Gilliland, for John Bigam, for Andrew Cowan (son present), for James Peerey, for Elijah McClenachan, for John Cowlter, for Andrew Scott (son present), for Samuel Caldwell.

Records of William McNabb in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 565.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to James Peevie, planter, 220 acres in Beverley Manor; formerly James Montgomery's; former survey of said Montgomery and Thomas Peevie's land; John Campbell's line; William McNabb's line; John Lynn's land. Teste: Thomas Henderson, Thomas Rutlidge, Robert Ramsey. Delivered: Thomas Kirkpatrick January 1st, 1752.
  • Page 654.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to John Campbell, 325 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner Adam Thomson and Andrew McClure; corner Thomas Peevy; William McNabb's line; Adam Thompson's line. Teste: Robert Wilson, William Baskins, John Lin.
  • Page 677.--2d March, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to Adam Thompson, 287 acres in Beverley Manor. In Beverley Manor, corner Samuel Downey, Wm. McNabb's and John Campbell's line; corner Andrew McClure, Sr. Teste: Chas. Dick, Thos. Wood.
  • Vol. 2 - MARRIAGE LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY - 1750--March 19, Robert Finia, William McNabb. (Note: this establishes the approximate marriage date for William McNabb's second marriage).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1752. - (316) Patrick Martin and Alexr. Richey to be overseers of road from Young's Mill to Alexr. Richey's smith shop, thence to Buchanan's mills, with these hands: Adam Thompson, Geo. Peary, Ro. Young, James Peary, John Campbell, John Buchanan, James Moody, Andrew Cowan, James Callison, John Jameson, Walter Smiley, James McCorkle, Ro. McCorkle, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. McNabb.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1753. - (414) John Buchanan, James Clark, Jacob Lockhart, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Berry, John Bartley, Wm. Martin, Josias Richards, William McFeeters, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young, William McClintock, Wm. Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield, Samuel Wallace, Robert Davis, Robert McClenon, James Moody, James Philips, Wm. Akry, Cornelius Donaho, George Peary, Adam Thompson, Thomas Peary, John Campbell, James Peary, Wm. McNab, Robert Scot, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Thomas Dunn, Francis Dunn, Major Scot, John Bigham, John Black, Samuel Downing, Alexr. McFeeters, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkle, John Vance, James Gilmore and Patrick Martin--to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754, Pt. 1. - Petitioners ask that the following be assigned to work the road from James Young's mill to John Buchanan's mill: John Buchanan, James Clark's tithables, Jacob Lockhart's tithables, Thomas Kirkpatrick's tithables, John Bertly, George Bertly, William Martin, Josias Richards, William McFetters' tithables, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young's tithables, William McClintog, William Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Moses A'Friel's tithables, Samuel Wallis, Robert Davis, Robert McClenan's tithables, James Moody's tithables, James Philips, William Eckrey, Corneles Donahow, Alexander Ritchey, to be overseer; Adam Thomson, to be overseer; George Peevy, Adam Thomson's tithables, Thomas Peevy, William McNabe, Robert Scoat, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Francis Dune, Mager Scoat, John Bingham's tithables, John Black's tithables, Samuel Downey, Alexander McFetters, Andrew Cowen, James McCorkell, John Vance, James Gilmor, Alexander Ritchie's tithables, Patrick Martin's tithables.
  • Page 188.--16th March, 1754. Beverley to Samuel Downey, 80 acres in Beverley Manor. Cor. Alex. McFeeters, Wm. McNabb's line; cor. said Downey's old survey.
  • Page 499.--22d November, 1753. Adam Thompson, planter, and Elizabeth to John Richey, blacksmith, 100 acres in Beverley Manor. Cor. Alex. Richey, Wm. McNabb's land. Teste: Wm. Ackery, Andrew Scott, James Sayers.
  • Page 304.--2d May, 1754. John Richey, blacksmith, to Adam Thompson, planter, £40, 100 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Alexander Richey's land; Wm. McNabb's line.
  • Page 307.--16th May, 1754. Adam Thompson, planter, to Samuel Kinkead (Kingkead), £6. 100 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Alexander Richey; Wm. McNabb's line. Delivered to Jno. Buchanan January, 1766.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (336) James Mateer, provisions. John Risk, provisions. Wm. Beard, provisions. Charles Erwin, provisions. Joseph Waughub, provisions. Thos. and John Brown, provisions. John Bodkin, provisions and horse impressed. Robert Hartgrove, horse killed. John Young, pasturage, horse impressed. John McPheeters, provisions. Wm. McNabb, provisions. John McKarney, provisions. Thos. Feemster, provisions.
  • Page 183.--21st May, 1768. James ( ) Peerie and Katharine to Thomas Scot, £5, 220 acres, corner former survey of Thomas Peerie, John Campbell's line, William McNabb's line, corner John Lynn. Teste: John Handly, Patrick Buchanan, William Bell. Delivered: Thomas Scott, 30th December, 1773.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1772 (B). - William Clark vs. William McNabb. Debt. Writ, January, 1712. Defendant lives in Botetourt.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 24, 1772. - (354) William McNabb-no inhabitant.
  • Page 334.--29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North -- Wm. McNab, No. Mountain. (Note: listed among many others).
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1780 (A). - Bennett vs. McNabb.--Chancery. Writ, 3d December, 1771. Benjamin Bennett (orator), eldest son and heir of Richard Bennett. Richard died intestate, 1743, leaving orator an infant. Shortly before his death he bought 300 acres in Beverley's Manor, but died before getting a deed. Richard's widow, Martha, married William McNabb. William McNabb put two of his sons, James and Samuel, in possession of the land. Bill for title and accounting of personal estate. Richard had other children besides Benjamin. William Thompson, aged 62 (deposes 16th May, 1773), was brother-in-law of Martha Bennett McNabb. (Note: this record establishes the identity of William McNabb's second wife, the widow of Richard Bennett).
  • Page 10.--18th March, 1783. Benjamin Bennett, of Rockbridge, son and heir-at-law of Richard Bennett, deceased, to Rev. Archibald Scott, 245 acres gained by Benjamin from Beverley by a suit in chancery in 1780 in Augusta County Court, being the plantation where Wm. McKnab and Jacob Gabert formerly lived.

Information on William McNabb

Husband: William McNabb
Born: 1702 at: Glendochart, Perthshire, Scotland or Dansbury, Monroe Co Pa.

Married: ABT. 1720 at:

  Died: 1789             at: Watauga Settlement, E. Tenn. (now NC)  
Father:William McNabb
       Other Spouses: Martha ?  


Wife: Betty Aiken
Born: ABT. 1702 at: Glendochart, Perthshire, Scotla
  Died: BEF. 1749        at:   
       Other Spouses: 


Name: John McNabb
  Born: BEF. 1721        at: Scotland  (Capt from Va of Centennial Army)DAR Patriot Book) 1  

Married: BEF. 1743 at: 1

  Died: 1817             at: Cocke Co Tenn (other death date March 27, 1793) 1  

Spouses: Mary ? NOTES

Name: Baptist McNabb
  Born: 1723             at: Glendochart, Perthshire, Scotland, Pa or Va.  

Married: BEF. 1745 at: Augusta Co Va.

  Died: 4 JAN 1784       at: Washington Co, NC (now Franklin Co Tenn)  

Spouses: Catharine Gray NOTES

Name: Betty McNabb
  Born: 1734             at: Scotland, Pa. or Va.  

Married: at:

  Died: 24 JUL 1809      at: Rockbridge, Va.  

Spouses: NOTES

Name: James McNabb
  Born: BEF. 1736        at: Scotland, Pa. or Va.  

Married: ABT. 1768 at:

  Died: 1810             at: Rockbridge Co Va.  

Spouses: Mary ? NOTES

Name: Samuel McNabb
  Born: ABT. 1740        at: Scotland, Pa. or Va.  Was an ensign in Va Troops May 1 1781, Oath Dec 31 1782  

Married: ABT. 1762 at:

  Died: BEF. 30 APR 1789 at: Rockbridge Co Va.  

Spouses: Isabella Jameson NOTES

Name: David McNabb
  Born: 1741             at: probably Va.  

Married: at:

  Died:                  at:   

Spouses: NOTES


1) McNabb, Cocke Co.FTW