Person:William Jeggles (1)

William Jeggles
b.abt 1590 England
m. abt 1614
  1. Capt. unknown Jegglesabt 1615 - aft 1659
  2. Daniel Jegglesabt 1617 - 1658
  3. Capt. Thomas Jegglesabt 1622 - aft 1686
  4. Elizabeth Jegglesabt 1623 - aft 1675
  5. William Jegglesabt 1627 - 1674
  • HWilliam Jegglesabt 1590 - 1659
  • WElizabeth - bef 1667
m. aft 1637
Facts and Events
Name William Jeggles
Alt Name William Jiggles
Alt Name William Giggles
Gender Male
Birth[4][6][7][18] abt 1590 Englanddate needs original source documentation place possibly in Southwold, Suffolk
Marriage abt 1614 England(Original source documentation needed.)
to Mary , (Original source documentation needed.)
Other 10 Jun 1619  Speculative child?: Bridget Unknown (138) 
with Mary , (Original source documentation needed.)
Residence[2] 1636 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage aft 1637 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States(Original source documentation needed.) Elizabeth could be William's first wife.
to Elizabeth
Religion[3] 1648 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesmember of First Church
Other[8] Dec 1649 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statessworn freeman
Death[2][4][5] May 1659 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[2] Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesShipwright
Probate[1] 28 Jun 1659 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesinventory of estate, ordered that estate remain in hands of widow Elizabeth


Reality and Mythology in the Life of William Jeggles

There is much about William Jeggles and his family that has been widely reported and accepted as true. Much of that information comes from an undocumented source and may be more mythology than reality. Separating what is documented from what is not documented may lead to more research that will help clarify William's life story.

What is Known About William Jeggles

William Jeggles was in Salem, Essex County, Massachusets by 1636. He was not one of the "old planters", but may have been part of an influx of new settlers at that time. Among the properties William owned was a one acre lot on the South River. [2][8]

William was also granted one acre of marshland in Dec. 1637, at which time there were 8 people in his family in Salem.[2]

In 1648 William was listed as a member of the First Church in Salem.[3] On Dec 1649 he was sworn as a freeman (full voting citizen) of Salem.[8]

William died in May 1659,[2] and his estate was entered into probate on 28 Jun 1659.[1] At that time, William had a wife named Elizabeth, and five surviving children, one of them living in England. He owned probably about 12 acres of land; books, carpenter tools; and was sole owner of a ketch named William. At the time his widow Elizabeth died, she owned about 2 acres of land, and there were five surviving children.[9]

William Jeggle's Origins and Family

William Jeggles probably came fromn the area around the boundary for Suffolk and Norfolk in England. Jeggles is not a common name, and other individuals with that name in the same time period seem to be located in that area.[7][18] (See William and Elizabeth Giggles of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.)

William's only documented wife is Elizabeth, and there is nothing in the court/probate records to suggest that she was a second wife and not the mother of his children. Other people by the name of Jeggles who lived in Salem at this time include Daniel, Mary, Thomas, and William ("from Virginia"). Because of the rarity of Jeggles as a surname, they can be assumed to be members of William's family. William ("who came from Virginia") is identified as a son in the probate record of William's widow Elizabeth. Daniel and Thomas can also be inferred to be sons of William, by their ages and activities. Mary's relationship to William is not documented, nor can it be inferred based on the single reference to her (as a member of the First Church in 1637). Pearly[2] adds a daughter Elizabeth to William's family. Although he does not cite a source for Elizabeth directly, his work generally holds up when compared to original sources, and he would appear to have found a source for her in 1675, perhaps in Malden. Pearly does not include either Daniel or Mary in the list of William's children. Finally, if William had a family of eight in 1637, and five living children and a wife at the time of his death, one of whom was in England, then two of his children would appear to predecease him.

One speculative family for William would include his wife Elizabeth, an unnamed son in England, sons William, Daniel and Thomas in Salem, daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and one other unnamed children.

Problems with Raymon Meyers Tingley's Genealogy

Raymon Meyers Tingley published a genealogy for the Jeggles family, among others, that has no documentation or source citations. Some of it is reasonably accurate, some is obviously speculation, and some has no known basis whatsoever. Other information in Tingley, where sources are similarly unavailable, has been described as "invented"[16] and even "fraudulent".[17] Comparing Tingley's "information" with what is actually known about William and his family leads to a number of questions.

For William, the source for his date of birth is unclear. Is this speculation? As speculation, it seems reasonable, but the basis for the speculation needs to be stated.
For William's wives, Tingley has obviously assumed that the Mary Jeggles who was listed as a church member in 1637 was William's wife, not his daughter. That assumption may be reasonable, but entails additional assumptions: that Mary died, that William remarried, and that there was in Salem at that time an Elizabeth, presumably a widow, who was available for (re)marriage. Somewhere, in those assumptions, there might be documentation, but it is needed before the assumptions can be treated as more than assumptions or speculations.
That William's oldest son was living in England in 1659 is documented. That his name and date of birth are as stated by Tingley is not. One would expect William's oldest son to be named William. What evidence is there that the William who came from Virginia is not the oldest son?
That Daniel Jeggles existed is documented, and the assumption that he is William's son is reasonable. There needs to be some support for his birth and death dates, however. Was his "room" [land] at Winter Harbour given to another, perhaps explaining the reported death date?
Unless appropriate documentation can be found, Bridget as the daughter of William seems to be conjured out of thin air. There is no indication that the wife of John Rowe was a daughter of William Jeggles, nor that William had a daughter named Bridget. The identification/relationship of Bridget has been questioned by other researchers as well.[11][12] If the mother of William's children was named Mary, then one would expect that William's oldest daughter was also named Mary. That there is such an expectation is evidenced by the fact that some researchers have added Mary as an alternate or second name to Bridget[13]
Hugh as another son of William, like Bridget, appears to have no known supporting documentation, and may not even exist.
Elizabeth, as the widow of a Mr. Green, has been suggested by Perley[2], and presumably could be documented. Her husband is not, however the Ralph Green who was the father of John b. in Boston in 1642. That Ralph Green was married to a daughter of a Robert Blott of Boston and died before1662.[17] His widow remarried. The child born in Malden in 1653 would appear to be the child of a different Ralph Green.[14][15] Whether he was also the child of Elizabeth Jeggles is a question that needs to be answered by documentation. Tingley's information for Elizabeth appears to consist of whatever is convenient and looks somewhat reasonable, but has no real verification.
Thomas, whose birth date was probably 1622, based on court records, has been documented
William as the son of William has been documented, as has his date of death. His age at death, however, currently lacks documentation, and his date of birth should be treated with extreme caution.

The information reported by Tingley clearly includes unspecified assumptions, and what today is sometimes called "dash and grab" genealogy -- if you see something that looks like it might fit, grab it and run on without bothering to verify what you've grabbed. It could be that Tingley had sources for some of his assumptions and other information, but they need to be found and reported. In the meantime, it is perhaps best to treat his undocumented information as speculative and more likely as unfounded mythology.

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