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I am researching my ancestors as well as all descendants of five families who are on my ancestral tree. The five families are:

Arthur OWEN and Elizabeth LEE - married in England ca. Jun 1787 and came to Prince Eward Island

Emil BOSTROM (Emmanuel Svensson) and his three wives, Nellie ROSENQUIST (Nilla Jonsdotter), Augusta ELMQUIST and Matilda BLUMGREN - all of Swedish descent who were in Minnesota, united States

Charles OULTON and Abigail FILLMORE - married 22 Sep 1768 in Cumberland Co, then part of Nov Scotia, but now in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada

Jesse STRANG and Sarah WRIGHT - Loyalists, came to Prince Edward Island, Canada and married there 24 Oct 1787

Charles WELSH and Lois BELL - came to Prince Edward Island from Ireland ca 1814 and married there 29 Jun 1819

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