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John Row, Gloucester, Massachusetts [29 September 2016]


I am Denise Penta, a direct descendant of John Row who was born approximately 1607 and married Bridget. I would like to offer, if you yet have it, a list of Row Descendants and can bring you to what I have collected over the years. My mother was the last of the children of John and Minnie Rowe of Gloucester, MA. She lived to be 34 days short of 100 years old.

The Wives of the Rowe’s

John Row (1607) Husband of : Bridget Jeggles (B: Southwold, England 1619 – 1680) (2nd marriage William Coleman) Mother’s maiden name: unknown

Hugh Row (1647) Husband of : Mary Prince (B: Gloucester 1658 – 1723) (2nd marriage Capt Isaac Elwell) Accused Witch ( her mother Margaret Skillings also an accused Witch)

Joseph Row (1687) Husband of : Abigail Smith (B: Chebaco Parish, Ipswich 1687 - ?) Mother’s maiden name: unknown

Joseph Row (1712) Husband of : Sara Patee (B: Gloucester 1726 – 1756) Mother’s maiden name: Collins

Joseph Row ~ Rowe (1743) Husband of : Anna Hodgkins (B: Gloucester 1750 - ?) (1st marriage William Carter) Mothers maiden name: Low

William Rowe (1786) Husband of : Betsey DeCamp (B: Manchester. NH 1796 – 1818) (1st marriage Henry Wotton) Mother’s maiden name: Joynt

Capt William Henry Rowe (1815) Husband of : Charlotte Webb (B: Liverpool, NS 1817 – 1913) Mother’s maiden name: unknown

Capt John W Rowe (1842) Husband of : Frances A Harty (B: Gloucester 1844 – after 1900) Mother’s maiden name: Parsons John Wyatt Rowe (1876) Husband of : Minnie J DeMarque (B: Chicopee Falls, Springfield 1981 – 1937) Mother’s maiden name: Powers--Beauport01930 16:44, 29 September 2016 (UTC)