Source:Holman, Mary Lovering. Ancestry of Colonel John Harrington Stevens and His Wife, Frances Helen Miller

Source Ancestry of Colonel John Harrington Stevens and his wife, Frances Helen Miller
Compiled for Helen Pendleton (Winston) Pillsbury
Author Holman, Mary Lovering
Holman, Winifred Lovering
Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston
Surname Atwater, Bacon, Ball, Barney, Bemis, Betts, Bigge, Bliss, Blott, Burt, Butterworth, Carpenter, Carter, Chapman, Clapp, Cloice, Collins, Comstock, Converse, Dixon, Dunster, Edwards, Fletcher, Ford, Francis, Freeman, Gawkroger, George, Goodrich, Graves, Green, Grumman, Gunne, Hanford, Harrington', Hatherly, Hawley, Hayward, Holton, Hubbard, Johnson, Josselyn, Kendal, Ketcham, King, Knight, Larkin, Linton, Loker Alias Riddlesdale, Lyman, Lyon, March, McCollum, Miles, Miller, Nettleton, Newton, Parsons, Peirce, Platt, Pomeroy, Prescott, Read, Remington, Sawyer, Sayre, Sheldon, Smith, Stevens, Stowe, Strong, Sutton, Taylor, Thompson, Throope, Tidd, Tomes, Towne, Try, Wakefield, Walker, Waters, Watts, Weeks, Welles, Wells, Whitcomb, Wilder, Willard, Witt, Woodford, Woodward
Subject Family tree
Publication information
Type Book
Publisher Rumford Press
Date issued 1948, 1952
Place issued Concord, New Hampshire
Number of Volumes 2
Holman, Mary Lovering; Winifred Lovering Holman; and Helen Pendleton Winston Pillsbury. Ancestry of Colonel John Harrington Stevens and his wife, Frances Helen Miller: Compiled for Helen Pendleton (Winston) Pillsbury. (Concord, New Hampshire: Rumford Press, 1948, 1952).
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Thomas, Cyprian and Mary Stevens (probably brothers and sister) immigrated about 1658 from England to Charlestown, Massachusetts. It was earlier thought that they were children of Col. Thomas Stevens of Devonshire, England, but more recent investigations show this to be erroneous; instead they were probably from near Bocking, Essex County. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere. Some descendants immigrated to Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. Includes some ancestors and relatives in England to the mid-1500s or earlier.

Volume 2

The publication of the Stevens Miller Ancestry began in the Fall of 1948; after the book was printed and some copies distributed, I discovered the identity of Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas4 Green, and then accomplished research on her ancestry, which comprised eight new families. Later, Deliverance, wife of John Wakefield Jr., was found to be a Tarne. Therefore, Mrs. Charles Stinson Pillsbury, who has contributed so generously to the field of published genealogies, decided to print this new ancestry as a small second volume to the above mentioned work. …

Lexington, Massachusetts. Winifred Lovering Holman, S.B., F.A.S.G. October 1952

CONTENTS Green (revised chapters), Morse, Jasper, Badcock, Drury, Rice I, Weare, Gooch, Rice II, Frost, Moore