Person:William Givens (25)

William Givens
d.2 February 1847 Union County, Kentucky
m. abt. 1742/43
  1. Ann GivensAbt 1744 - 1819
  2. William Givens, of Jackson's River1746 - 1793
  3. George Givens1747 - Bef 1815
  4. Agnes GivensAbt 1748 -
  5. Sarah GivensAbt 1752 -
  6. Samuel GivensAbt 1754 - Bef 1818
  7. Elizabeth GivensAbt 1755 - 1847
  8. Capt. John Givens, Jr.Abt 1756 - 1812
  9. Mary GivensAbt 1757 - 1859
  10. Robert Givens1759 - 1844
  11. William Givens1762 - 1847
  12. James Givens1764 - 1832
  13. Thomas Givens1767 - 1848
  14. Margaret GivensAbt 1769 -
m. 9 March 1789
  1. Elizabeth Givens1790 - 1836
  2. James Givens1801 -
  3. Elijah Lyle Givens1803 - 1883
  4. George Givens1805 -
  5. Nancy P. Givens1807 -
Facts and Events
Name William Givens
Gender Male
Birth? 18 May 1762 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 9 March 1789 Augusta County, Virginiato Rebecca Kenney
Death? 2 February 1847 Union County, Kentucky
Burial? Union Co., Kntc.
Other? Revolutionary War, private, Capt. John Dickey's Rifle Company, Col. William Campbell's ReMilitary

William Givens was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 2, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Givens, William - entered service in Augusta County, Virginia, where born on 5/18/1762; moved in 1789 to Fayette County, Kentucky, thence to Bourbon County, Kentucky, thence in 1809-1810 to Hopkins County, Kentucky, where he resided when granted Pension 1832 in Union County, Kentucky; soldier was brother of Captain John Givens. F-S31058, R1079.


!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Samuel Givens and His Kin by Jane Reichlein,

 p 29-32.

RESIDENCE: to Bourbon Co, KY abt 1790

           to Hopkins Co, KY abt 1810
           to Union Co, KY abt 1845.

MILITARY: In Revolutionary War.


  1.   Union County, Kentucky past and present. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1963)
    pg. 50.

    The Givens family that finally settled in Union County were of Scotch—Irish extraction, its forbears coming from Ireland to America about 1738. There were several families in that group. Numerous members of the Givens families served in the American Revolution, and several were given land grants in the wilderness of Kentucky by Virginia. William Givens came to Fayette County in 1789, thence to Bourbon County in 1809, later to Hopkins, and finally to Union County. He was born in Virginia in 1762, and was married in 1789 to Rebecca Kenney. There were eleven children. several of whom settled in Union County. Elijah Lyle Givens, a son of William Givens, was born in 1803 and died in 1883. He married Mary Gilium Waller, in 1829. The couple had six daughters and one son, Thomas Robert Givens, born in Union County in 1842. T. Givens married Frances E. Williams in 1867, and they became the parents of two sons. Mr. Givens was the owner of many full-blooded horses, among them one named Button, said to have been undefeated in any county fair contest. During the War between the Siates, guerillas stole Button; but after the war was over the horse was recovered in Livingston County. Mr. Givens owned 205 acres of land in Union County and was a successful farmer. A son, John Chamberlain Givens, served in the World War and died in 1938.

  2.   Givens, William S31058,, VA Line, sodierwas born in Augusta County, VA and lived there at enlistmen and 1789 he moved to Fayette County, KY then to Bourbon County, KY and in 1808 or 1810 he moved to Hopkins County KY and he lived there when he applied in Union County, KY on 18 Nov 1833, soldier's brother John served as a Captain in the Rev. War, a Thomas Givens aged about 67 in 1833 was living in Hopkins County, KY in 1833 and stated that he knew the soldier during the Rev.